What Is the Best Way to Start a Blog?

What Is the Best Way to Start a Blog? - Man typing on laptop

There are several ways to make money online which I will cover many of them including¬†what is the best way to start a blog. If there is one thing we can all can take away from 2020 it is the fact working from home is here to stay. COVID plus the internet has changed the … Read more

What Is Brain Power?

What Is Brain Power? - The Brain

So what is brain power? I grew up hearing things like “Use your brainpower”, or “Stop watching so much tv, you’ll never improve your brainpower that way”. What did they mean? Are there really things we can do to improve our brainpower? Does our brainpower change as we age? As an avid blogger, I needed … Read more

What Is The Universal Law Of Attraction?

What Is The Universal Law Of Attraction? Ancient Stones

Do you really know What is the universal Law of attraction?” Oh sure, most of us have a basic idea and therefore we think we know. I thought I did! Most understand the basic concept of how it goes but something is not quite grasping. Why do I think this? For one, a thought is: … Read more

Should I Get A Financial Advisor?

Should I Get A Financial Advisor? - Calculator

I understand the necessity of saving and investing for retirement but I have to ask, should I get a financial advisor? Do I really know enough about finances to be able to make wise choices with investments? Seriously though, I know how to budget and save but when it comes to investing that seems like … Read more

Why is Reading Books Important?

Why is Reading Books Important?

We all learned at a very young age that reading is essential however I never truly understood the benefits of reading. After some research, I discovered the truth as to why is reading books important. Oh sure we learn to read and write in school and those skills are needed to take our examinations to … Read more

What is Wealth Building?

What Is Wealth?

We all have our own ideas on what is wealth-building however I am pretty sure there are some things we do all agree on. And I am sure there are some that just don’t even give it any thought. Well, I can tell you this much, every single successful business person think about wealth building. … Read more

What Is The Best FREE Keyword Research Tool?

What is the best free keyword research tool - Review

If you’re new to online marketing you are probably wondering what is the best free keyword research tool to use. When I first began to build a website I had no idea what a keyword research tool was let alone how it could really be of benefit to me. Once I learned how vital keyword … Read more

Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - opening a gift

Christmas will be here before we know it and with the world still battling COVID many of us are scrambling to find thoughtful inexpensive Christmas gifts. Some of us are crafty and able to make attractive gifts at home. Others may not be so crafty but don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of … Read more

Why It Is Important To Have A Hobby?

Why It Is Important To Have A Hobby? - Basketball as a hobby

As I watch my children and their kids navigate through their busy life it becomes evident why it is important to have a hobby. What do I mean? Let me explain myself. Have you ever asked someone what their hobby is? Chances are if that person is under 40 their answers would be, “Hobby? Who … Read more

Why Good Mental Health Is Important

Why Good Mental Health Is Important - girl stretching

Globally, we have been battling this COVID pandemic with lockdowns and Social Isolation for way too long and we need to understand why good mental health is important during this time. As humans, we are very social creatures and this isolation is adding many health issues. Many are finding it hard to cope with it … Read more