Balance Between Personal Life and Work – When Working from Home

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It was easy to maintain that “Balance between personal life and work” when I still had a JOB. Since becoming a full time Blogger those lines have blurred substantially.

I slipped into the habit of working in my pajamas, and continuing to work well into the evening. Great for achieving more tasks in business but at what cost?

For one I neglected cooking great meals in favour of grabbing something quick. Put off repairs or even cleaning the house and would only keep up on the little things like dishes.

But the big one that is felt the most is neglecting spending time with family and friends. And when I realized…

…there were times when – I hadn’t left the house all week.

Working from home is supposed to be adding to your quality of life not taking away from it.

Since then I have made some drastic changes that was in need to help keep things balanced.

So here’s a few pointers I would like to share with you to help maintain your balance.


Have a Designated Work Space

Balance Between Personal Life and Work - When Working from Home - my office space
My office space

Find an area in your home that’s your Work space.

It’s important to make that distinction between work and the rest of your house.

It is important for your mindset, when you go to that work space your mind knows to focus on your work. Likewise when you leave that area your mind relaxes and turns business off.

It may sound easier than it is, you just want to keep doing more to watch your numbers grow.

Having time off is extremely important so you don’t burnout.


Set Work Hours

Nobody says you have to work 9 – 5 but choose what hours will be your business hours and stick to that as much as you can.

Let friends and family know what your work hours are and ask them to not disturb you during those hours unless it is an emergency.

Make sure you stick to the schedule you set for yourself and show up to your work space on time. Don’t be late for your own business.

This creates the habit of “going to Work” so your mind can more easily get focused on your work tasks.

Also keep in mind there will be the odd occasion when you have to break the schedule. This is to be expected just pick it up again when you can.


Get Dressed

Put some work clothes on. No I don’t mean put on that business suit or dress and full make-up,  unless that puts you in your business mindset – then by all means get gussied up.

You can just wear something comfortable yet attractive, being sure you are not wearing what you slept in.

The objective here is to feel your best and look presentable if you need to hop on a video conference.

Taking the time to actually get dressed for work helps put you in the right mind set for getting down to work and completing some of that to do list.


Take Breaks

To maintain that creative mindset necessary for working from home be sure to take regular breaks.Balance Between Personal Life and Work - When Working from Home

Grab a coffee or better yet some water. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to maintaining mental clarity.

Take the time to prepare yourself a nutritious lunch, your brain will thank you. It is hard to stay focused on work if your stomach is growling.

Go ahead take the break eat your lunch then maybe a walk outside. When you get back to your work space you will feel ready to tackle more tasks with renewed energy.

But don’t over do it, if you eat to much or work out too hard you may just be ready for a nap.


Set Boundaries

It is important that you let family and friends know your work hours and ask them call or visit when you are not working.

Practice saying no to things that sap your energy but don’t add value to either your work life or family/social life.

Be sure to keep yourself on track and don’t allow yourself to quickly throw a load in the washer when it is working hours.

Be firm with yourself and only do work related tasks during working hours.

Schedule everything, house, family and friend related for after work.


Take Time Off

Time off is just that…  “TIME OFF”. Shut down the computer, leave the room and close the door if you can. You are now on your own time so play with the kids, spend time with your partner or go for a coffee with a friend.

Read another 30 pages in that book you’re working on. If you looking for suggestions on what to read check out my small list of books I recommend here.

It is ok to periodically take a vacation. This is important to relax and recharge so when you get back to work you can do so with energetic enthusiasm.

Resist the urge to sneak back into the office to “just check this one detail”. It is too easy to fall into that trap and be constantly working, especially if you enjoy your work.

Running Facebook ads I couldn’t leave the computer screen, always checking on how well the ad was performing. The more leads I got the harder it was to leave. It’s best to just let it run.


Make Time for Exercise

Balance Between Personal Life and Work - When Working from Home - running
Taking a nice easy run

Exercise should be a priority in every day.

Not only is it good for the body but it is good for the mind.

According to Wikipedia, exercise can help prevent diseases, improve strength for protection and even prevents aging. It also develops or improves the cardiovascular system to prevent heart diseases.

You can stand up , stretch and get a bit of Vitamin D by walking your dog or just walk around the block or head to your favorite park after lunch for a brisk walk or just some fresh air.

You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you feel and are ready to tackle the rest of the days tasks easily and with more mental clarity.



Establishing and maintaining a healthy balance between personal life and work when you work from home can be accomplished with a little effort and planning.

As a full time blogger I have spent too much time working while neglecting house and family obligations. I wouldn’t recommend that route.

Life is so much more fulfilling when I take the time to schedule all aspects of my life and be present in each moment.

  • If it is work time keep your mind on work.
  • If it is family time be present in the moment and enjoy that time making memories.

Follow the guidelines I set here and you will be well on your way to a more balanced, fulfilled life.

If you are interested in a blogging career check out my review on #1 recommendation for home business here.

Best of luck in creating a balance between your personal life and work.

If you have any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them, please add them below.

Thank’s for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Balance Between Personal Life and Work – When Working from Home”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this detailed approach. I think its information is even more important within the current pandemic environment. There are about to be a number of people in the UK working from home who are used to working in an office environment.

    Personally I find scheduling elements into my work day is what works for me – I schedule my gym time and my lunch. When I’m working for me (and not on someone else’s timetable) I set a series of ninety minute time slots with defined goals to achieve. I learned this was my most effective way of working while I was last studying alongside a full time job.


    • Yes Lisa we are finding the same situation here in North America as well. It’s going to be a big adjustment to a lot of people. There was even some talk about continuing some of the high school classes online so they can graduate with the credits.

      Sounds like you already know the importance of a schedule and taking a break, good for you Lisa.
      Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us,

  2. The balance is very difficult when working from home. My family goes to work and school in the morning and comes home afternoon. My work schedule is while they are gone most days. I have a quiet house to work and can get a lot done.
    Having a set schedule of working hours lets you make a to-do list that can be done daily. Do you think that a list of task that needs to be done daily can help with family time, only work until task are done and then you are finished for the day?

    • Hi John, that’s a very good question. My answer is, it depends on how many tasks and how long it takes to complete the tasks. For example if it takes you until midnight to complete the tasks then no it won’t work. However it would work if you don’t have a lot of tasks or they are not so long to take you past a time frame. You could also use both methods together, if you get your tasks done earlier then you have more free time but you never go past a certain time.

      Thank you John and best wishes to you and your family


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