How Effective is Facebook Advertising

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Have you ever noticed the ads on Facebook? Have you ever wondered how effective is Facebook advertising? Have you ever clicked on a Facebook ad?

My answer to all three of those questions was a resounding yes.

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I have seen ads on Facebook, lots of them. As a full-time blogger, I wondered whether or not Facebook would be an effective marketing tool to implement in my own business

Yes, I have clicked on Facebook ads for several reasons:

  • I was genuinely interested in more information on that particular offer
  • I wanted to see where the click would take me (opt-in to a newsletter or a sales page)
  • curiosity

As an affiliate marketer, I am very interested in all things advertising. I enjoy checking out other people’s strategies to see if I can learn something new that may help grow my own business and what doesn’t work

Other times, I am just a consumer interested in something and I am willing to click for info on that product or service.

Facebook advertising trends

Facebook advertising trends will continue to be both positive and negative.

What that means is that Facebook wants its advertisers to be successful, so they will continue advertising and Facebook will continue to be profitable.

This means they will be implementing better tools to help advertisers make their campaigns more effective.

They are also working on giving advertisers additional opportunities to connect with their target audience.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work

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There is a significant difference between paid search and paid social advertising.

Paid search(contextual advertising) helps prospective customers find you or your business.

Paid social helps you and your business find your prospective customers.

The way Facebook helps your business find your prospective customers is by allowing you to target specific audiences based on specific interests and demographics.

This gets your ads in front of the most likely people to be interested in your product or service.

First, you must determine your campaign objective, this could be anything:

  • driving traffic to your website
  • downloading your ap
  • generating leads
  • or increasing sales

Once you have determined your campaign objective you then tell Facebook what audience segment to show your ads to. This is based on a wide range of interests, behaviours and various demographics that you select. Your ads will then only be shown to those people.

You can also have Facebook create a look-alike audience based on existing customers profile information that you provide based on your existing customers. Facebook will then only show your ads to people that have the same traits you chose.

This means your ads are seen only by the people who are most likely to be interested. Of course, you need to create highly effective ads which are another topic entirely.

What Makes Facebook Ads so Effective

How Effective is Facebook Advertising - social media platforms

Facebook has a global audience of approximately 1.5 BILLION people. That is actually about one-fifth of the entire world’s population. no other social network has such a large reach.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Facebook’s number of users continues to grow rapidly.

This is very important to advertisers because with an audience this large you can easily be very specific on who sees your ads.

Being highly targeted in who sees your ads is a much more efficient use of your advertising budget than just showing ads to everybody and hoping someone is interested.

Another reason that Facebook is seeing such growth in both users and advertisers is that it is continually adapting to the habits of its users and is making itself available on multiple devices.

This is important because almost half of all Facebook users do not use a desktop. More and more people are using various mobile devices.

If your advertising platform can’t be viewed on mobile you are missing out on much of the market.

Are Facebook Ads Worth The Cost

How Effective is Facebook Advertising - moneyThere are many elements to take into account within an advertising campaign:

  • potential reach
  • ad creative
  • video vs print

The biggest factor is usually as simple as cold, hard numbers. How much did you spend vs how much did you make.

Because the audience can be so finely targeted, Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms available today IF you understand how to use it effectively.

You need to monitor the metrics within your Facebook ad account and keep an eye on those numbers.

If your strategy is to drive clicks and lower costs with the volume of people are reaching then you need to pay attention to the relevance score.

If your goal is leads and conversions that have the potential of developing into customers then you would focus on the CPA.

Make changes when necessary, don’t just place an ad and leave it.

You need to be constantly monitoring and testing different strategies, different copy, different visuals. Effective testing is key.

Use Campaign Strategies to Boost your ROI

How Effective is Facebook Advertising - ROI chart

Tracking is a key fundamental to know whether a campaign is effective or not.

Ensure your Facebook pixel is effectively embedded into your website to effectively track visitors that have come to your site through Facebook.

This little piece of code can allow you to track someone who has:

  • been on your pricing page
  • gallery
  • subscribed to a newsletter

By building your ads around your campaign objectives, target audiences specifically, being highly creative and constant monitoring you can significantly boost your ROI.

Should I Try Facebook Advertising

When effectively implemented Facebook makes sense as a viable, advertising platform.

I like the fact that you can create such detailed targeting allowing you to get your ads in front of the most likely to convert makes sense to me.

A well-written ad for a high ticket quality item advertised on Facebook can have outstanding results within a couple of weeks. One can go from no sales to making 2 grand in a month to over 100 grand in a year.

I would recommend taking a course to fully learn and understand Facebook marketing before the beginning. There are several courses available online and I encourage you to check out my review here.

The course that Fullstaq offers is quite in-depth and you will have a thorough understanding of Facebook advertising.

Final Thoughts

So how effective is Facebook advertising?

In my opinion, it can be very effective if you understand how it works and creates effective advertising campaigns.

Whether you have a local business or an online business I believe if properly trained Facebook could be an effective platform to add to your advertising strategy.

Proper training is crucial with anything online including social media marketing.

Facebook advertising is very different from print or billboard advertising and the rules of the game are completely different.

Learning how to make an effective ad copy for social media takes time and training.

There is no doubt that the ability to highly target your audience as Facebook offers is a highly effective strategy.

So go ahead, take a course and implement Facebook advertising as a strategy to increase your ROI.

Please leave your comments or questions below.

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4 thoughts on “How Effective is Facebook Advertising”

  1. Facebook ads were once very effective and affordable. Now they are not very affordable, still effective if used with proper strategies though. Many people keep a very small budget (like $100/month) and expect miracles to happen. With that small budget, miracles don’t happen and people think that FB is not effective. Thank you for the course link, I will check it out.

    • That is true, there was a time when Facebook advertising was the way to go because you can target specific people, places or interests at fraction of the cost of ads in the paper or magazine.

      Even though Facebook has grown to be even more effective, the cost to advertise with them has gone up as well. On top of that, they can just shut you down for no reason. I have to say I did see some ads do very well under the $100 and even at around $30 a day, however, the ad copy and the product have to be a very good match for the audience which is very difficult to do for a newbie. It takes years to learn to write good ad copy for a product.

      Most of the time though when a good ad starts running Facebook seems to get nervous or something because they just shut it down. Of course, restarting it doesn’t mean it will perform the same as before because of Facebook’s algorithm changes. Hey, if one got the budget and the time you can do very well with Facebook ads.

      But the thing is, there are other ways to get advertising on social media and for FREE. And when it’s free you can leave them running, forever. You can even go back to the ad and make changes to it without affecting the advertising of it, not like Facebook where any changes to the ad will kill the ad.

      By all means, check out the WA training, they cover all the free social media advertising and walk you through setting it up like a pro with simple step by step easy to follow video lessons.
      I will be on the inside to guide you and answer any questions you may have.
      Keep in mind if you go premium within 7 days of signing up you will get the first month for only $19 which is an amazing deal. I hate to see you miss out on the special.

      Thanks for dropping by Prav and I wish you all the best in your online business venture.

  2. Thank you for this post. It explained things I did not even think of with regards to facebook!
    How much does it cost to run facebook ads on the lower end of the scale?
    I am definitely going to look in to that training course!

    • Hi Brianna, thank you for dropping by today. To run an ad on FaceBook you would have to spend at least $5 per day minimum. This won’t get you very far unless it’s a one-time ad to get more exposure to your website. This doesn’t allow for testing and doesn’t give FaceBook much money to advertise with which would mean your ad getting turned off. When an ad with FaceBook gets turned off it kinda stops working and your results are not accurate. The true minimum that you can spend that you can expect results is $20 a day. This will allow you to run 3 to 4 ads for testing and always turning off the worse ad. Once an ad starts to work for you then expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 per day. Big advertisers can easily spend 20 to 30 grand a day on FaceBook once they start getting results.

      I hope this asswered your question for you. If not please let me know.

      The training course is Wealthy Affiliate which covers all the basics and then some that you need to make money online. If you use the link I provided you will also save 60% on your first month and I will be on the inside to help you along with your training. Have a look at the course, it’s free and let me know what you think about it.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment Brianna.


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