Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

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Christmas will be here before we know it and with the world still battling COVID many of us are scrambling to find

thoughtful inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Some of us are crafty and able to make attractive gifts at home.

Others may not be so crafty but don’t let that stop you.

There are plenty of great gift ideas that can be easily put together even when you are operating on a tight budget.

A great Christmas gift doesn’t have to be expensive.

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that are well suited to the recipient.

In other words, you (the gift giver) take the time to recognize what the gift recipient likes, or could really use or would enjoy looking at.

In this article, we will discuss several gift ideas that I have either made myself or received from others at various times that were valued far beyond the monetary value.

Washable Face Masks

This year with the world still battling COVID why not get a loved one some washable, fabric face masks.

There are several patterns online to make your own if you are able to sew.

You can choose any fabric you like from solid colours to fun prints.

Don’t worry if you don’t sew, you can reach out to local craft groups, I am sure you can find someone who either already makes them and is willing to sell some to you.

They really don’t take long to make and are not difficult.

Home Baking

Who doesn’t love some home-baked goodies?Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - home baking

We have 3 sons who live on the other side of the country so getting together for Christmas does not usually happen regardless of COVID.

I mail a parcel every year that always contains some home baking.

This year I sent our youngest son half a Cherry cake, Banana bread and some cookies in his parcel.

One of my other sons has Celiac disease so I made him gluten-free peanut butter cookies and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Those were always his favourites as a kid and he still loves them.

It doesn’t take long to bake up a treat and package it up as a gift.

Paint a PictureThoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - painting by our son

One year one of our sons painted a fabulous mountain picture and I got it framed for my husband for a Christmas gift.

The fact that our son painted it makes it priceless to us and it is proudly displayed in our living room.

Paint supplies can be ordered online or purchased locally.

Check out some old Bob Ross videos and learn to paint something.

There are even paint by number kits that really look fabulous these days.

Learning to paint could be a ton of fun.

Reindeer 6-PackThoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - reindeer six-pack

If you have someone who enjoys beer or coolers why not jazz up a six-pack.

Glue on some eyes, a red nose and use brown pipe cleaners to make antlers on any type of beer or cooler.

You can find everything needed except the beer at your local craft shop.

Any guy would likely appreciate this gift.

Basket of Favorite Home Preserves

Every spring and summer I grow a vegetable garden so my fall is busy making home preserves.

Last year my oldest son and his family received a basket filled with home preserves.

My basket contained Dill Pickles, Lady Ashburnham pickles, strawberry jam, grape jelly and salsa, all homemade of course.

They really appreciated it because my daughter-in-law doesn’t have the time to make all those homemade treats.

Spa Basket

Why not give your mother, sister, wife or daughter a spa basket.

This is simply a basket filled with various bubble baths, bath bombs, Epsom salts, a loofah, pumice stone, scented candles or maybe even a gift certificate for a massage. That massage doesn’t have to be at a massage parlor, it could be delivered by you.

You can easily learn how to give an effective massage online.

You can often find endless ideas in your local drugstore.

You may even be able to find some items at the local Dollar store.

Kitchen Utensils

If you know someone who loves to cook or bake why give them kitchen utensils.

They can be attractively wrapped in kitchen towels or oven mitts.

Add a favourite recipe and there you go.

Baking pans with a spatula or mixing spoon and a coveted cookie recipe make a great gift.

Photo Collage

Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - photo collage

Our oldest son has been giving us photo collages as a gift each Christmas since they had children.

Some years they had the photos printed into a book.

Last year it was several photos in a frame that is proudly displayed in our living room.

We love pics of our grandkids.

The point is, these are the most treasured gifts we have received.

Knit or Crocheted Hats, Mitts, Scarves or Socks

If you know how to knit why not make some homemade mittens, hats, scarves or socks.

Patterns are easily found for every skill level from beginner to advanced.

A simple scarf could be whipped up in just a few days.

Most hats only take a few hours to create.

Local craft shops also offer a selection of handmade gifts so don’t be discouraged if you don’t knit or crochet yourself.

I have always told my children ” Where there is a will, there is a way.”

If you can’t knit, ask someone who can. I am sure they will oblige your request.

Sketch a photoThoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts - sketched photo by our son

One year our youngest son gave us a beautiful sketched photo he made.

When he was in school I noticed he could draw well but never really thought anything of it.

Several years after he graduated he was struggling with some hard times and battling depression.

During his recovery, he picked up that old sketchpad and it really helped him through his healing.

When he gave us that sketch I was amazed at how well he could sketch. It means a lot because it’s a footprint in the sand of his journey through life.

That too is proudly on the wall for all to see.


Perhaps you or someone you love is interested in learning a new skill.

Why not register them for that cooking class or a term of karate instruction. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu ( even has online classes that are very affordable and can be done in the comforts of your own home. This would be great for a couple of kids in the same family.

Maybe the local art college is offering an evening painting class.


Do you have someone that may have an interest in business or online webpage design?

If someone is interested in learning to start an online website or blog why not sign them up for some free training. They get all the lessons required to build their webpage to make money online.

This is a great way to get introduced to online marketing and it won’t even cost anything.

Or better yet sign yourself up and discover it really isn’t that difficult to get started online and earn yourself a few extra dollars (a great gift to yourself).

You can learn more about the free training that got me started here.

The best time to learn about web page building and online marketing is when they are young.


Many are experiencing financial difficulties because of COVID this year which makes finding thoughtful, inexpensive Christmas gifts essential.

I have always believed the best gift is anything one uses their mind and hands to create is best. I know everyone just loves my baked goods.

In my opinion, COVID has taught us to get back to our roots and make our gifts or put much more thought into the gift to ensure it is just what the recipient either wants or needs.

But the bottom line is we never know what we are really going to enjoy until we give it a try.

Ideas are only limited by your imagination.

The craft ideas are endless, I am sure you will find something you are able to make.

Most communities have local craft stores if you really and truly can’t make something yourself.

In times like this, I believe one of the best gifts you can give yourself and others is an opportunity to live the life you want.

What better way to help than to give FREE Lessons to build an online business and never have to depend on a job again.

Take your time to really think about giving that gift they would really enjoy.

Keep safe and have a Very Merry Christmas to you all.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts”

  1. Hi Rick,

    Christmas is here and the world is still battling with COVID, many of us are wondering to gift our loved ones with inexpensive Christmas gifts. So here are a few ideas which you can afford even if you are operating on a tight budget. Always try to gift what the recipient would love or adore it.

    You can gift washable face masks as a sign that you care for them, they can be self sewed or ordered from local craft groups. Home-baked goodies are great to gift as it gives an emotional touch to loved ones. Gifting a self-painted portrait is also another amazing idea while gifting which they can display at their homes and adore it.

    Reindeer 6-pack for the ones who love beer or coolers, glue on some eyes, red nose, and attach antlers to make it look creative. Basket of home preserves is also good with grape jelly, pickles, strawberry jam, and salsa all homemade. Kitchen utensils for bakers, photo collage the most treasured gift, knit/ crocheted hats, mitts, scarves, or socks.

    Or you could help someone who needs advice or help for their future decisions like an entrepreneur. So get your hands on all these amazing ideas and surprise your loved ones this season of joy.

    • Hi Samantha thanks for dropping by and sharing your ideas with us on some of the inexpensive gifts we can all share. Another great way is to spend more time with those people when you can. One, not only is it a great gift in itself but you also get to find out more of what they can use. For example, if you are handy with your hands you can offer to fix something that may be broken of theirs. There are plenty of things one can think of if they put their mind to it. One of my favourite items to receive is a homemade birthday or Christmas card by the grandkids. A homemade card shows love and creativity which we all love to see in a child.

      Thanks again for dropping by,


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