What Is Abundant Wealth

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We have heard of wealth and we have heard of abundance but what is abundant wealth? While these two words seem to have a similar meaning, but the fact is they are entirely different. It seems we would all love to have an abundance of wealth but what about abundance in other areas of our lives?

To know what we truly want an abundance of in our lives, we must first understand the difference between abundance and wealth…

… only then can we determine the best course of action required to acquire abundant wealth.


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So What is Wealth?

Wikipedia describes wealth as an abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions that can be easily converted into a form usable for transactions.

When we are striving to accumulate wealth, we are specifically looking for financial rewards. In other words, we are only looking for ways to make more money and increase our financial worth. We want tangible monetary gains.

When we focus solely on our bank balance or investment portfolio we begin to feel very poor as we lose focus of the big picture.

The problem with only seeking wealth is that there are so many more aspects of our lives than just financial.

I don’t know about you but I want to experience life’s riches in all areas of my life.

Let’s be realistic, it’s not the money we want but what it can give us for money in itself self has no value.


What is Abundance?

What is Abundant WealthIf we wish to become better off in every aspect of our lives, we should be focusing on abundance rather than just wealth

Money can come as a result of the abundance you create for the rest of your life.

Abundance can come in many forms:

  • an abundance of love
  • an abundance of friendships
  • an abundance of creativity
  • an abundance of financial wealth

Why limit ourselves to a single dream when we can achieve that dream while pursuing others?

What? Wait a minute, say that again!!

Sometimes we may feel that the abundance of the Universe is somehow missing us, usually, that is because we don’t allow ourselves to think and dream in unlimited ways.

We limit our thoughts and goals to the things that already exist in our lives rather than allowing ourselves to expand our vision and truly dream of greater opportunities

There is no limit to the abundance of the Universe and no matter who you are or where you are from you can participate in this abundance but you first need to open your mind, feel it, believe it and expect it.


Develop an Abundance of Consciousness

To attract abundance, you need to be aware it exists and believe you can connect with it and attract it into your life even if you currently don’t see evidence of it in your current life.

This is consciousness or a feeling and belief that you are a part of it.

Being consciously aware of the worlds’ abundance surrounding us all and you will quickly notice and recognize the opportunities that are around you daily. Seizing these opportunities is what will bring us closer to our goals.

An abundance of consciousness will help break through our old limiting beliefs and help us see the many opportunities as well as the bigger picture.

Attract Abundance

What is Abundant Wealth


  1. Gratitude – it is important to be truly thankful for what we already have. Find ways to bless others by sharing some of what you already have.
  2. Dream – it all begins with a dream. Every great person started with a dream. So go ahead dream, ask yourself “what if” and don’t limit yourself. Don’t let dreams die, fan the flames. Dream big and see where it takes you.
  3. Mindset – wealthy people live in a world of abundance, poor people live in a world of limitations. To break free and become wealthy, you need to get rid of limitations. You need to believe you can accomplish anything you want.
  4. Empowerment – write down 2 lists of things you believe about yourself in 2 columns. On one side write down positive things about yourself, things that empower you and make you feel good about yourself. On the other side write down the negative things about yourself, the things that make you feel bad and demotivate you. Decide you will believe the positive, empowering beliefs, this will help you move forward
  5. Quit excuses – your future is important, Don’t make excuses of why you can’t do something, instead creatively look for ways you can do it.
  6. Realize your potential – the great thing about potential is that it tends to build creating a snowball effect. It just takes a little effort to start but once started it just keeps compounding. Get started.
  7. Attract opportunity – when you become an attractive person, the opportunity seems to be attractive to you and you won’t lack for ways of improving every area of your life. Improving yourself and your skills will continue to attract more and more opportunities into your life in every area of life.
  8. Commitment – once you commit to living your dreams you will realize an abundance of accessible opportunities that have been right in front of you the whole time, you just didn’t recognize them before.
  9. Be Never satisfied – once you achieve a goal, set another. Constantly be striving for more, doing better, constantly improving
  10. Pay it forward – The abundance mindset works by the principle of, you have to give to get. Give praise, thankfulness, recognition, knowledge and money because you know there is plenty to go around. What you give away will come back to you a thousand times over.


These simple principles are effective and are commonly referred to as The Law of Attraction and it works. People all over the world have been putting these principles to work and manifesting abundant wealth into their lives.



It may have taken me a few years to get it but I believe I now have a clearer understanding of What is Abundant Wealth and that new-found knowledge will enable me to participate in the wealth of the universe.

I already employ many of the suggestions in my daily life and strongly urge you to do the same, it won’t hurt.

I am thankful every day for the many blessings I already have received such as a loving husband and family, a warm home to live in, food to eat, good health, the ability to make my income online rather than at a traditional job and many more.

Reading daily is a key component to self-improvement and I recommend it, at least a half-hour per day.

Practice the tips mentioned above to attract abundance into your own life.

Believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. Be sure to dream BIG.

Thanks for dropping by, please leave your comments. I look forward to hearing about your abundant wealth.


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4 thoughts on “What Is Abundant Wealth”

  1. Great post. Although money plays a huge role in our happiness and worries, our spiritual and personal health is greatly important. As people thrive for success, their them as a person should also be improving for the better.

    • Yes in most cases I believe this to be true, as their growth in the business grows so does their wealth along with a stronger mind set.

      Thanks for dropping by Brian and leaving a comment, I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for this post
    Very well written. I know that an abundance mindset is needed for wealth and it is what I have been able to use in life to help me achieve many success like sports and financial (although I am still moving forward there).

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment Thabo. Yes, just because you found your awesome mindset it does not mean everything works out for you on that day. We need it throughout our journey and of course at times you will also lose it. The solution is practice in losing it and finding it again for we can never stay in state of mind but flow like water.

      Thanks for dropping by.


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