What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? – Scam or what?

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Welcome to What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? – Is it a SCAM or WHAT???

I came across this program that took me off my feet. The first thing I thought was, “What!”… Fully Automated? I gotta check this out”

It was only a matter of time before all we have to do is sign up for a program/training and the program does the rest. That is bringing money into our bank account on auto while you go about doing what you want to do.

This program is not new and in fact, it’s the second much-improved version. But let me tell you, it’s taken a lot of people’s interest and bloody well right if it holds up to its promise.

And that’s what we are about to find out…

First off, let me be clear here, I want you to know that I am not associated with Affiliate Bots in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program then keep reading as I reveal the truth.

I wish to congratulate you for taking the time to research the product prior to purchasing it. This is the best way to avoid those scams while searching for a legit program to make money online with.

I will cover what you can expect from Affiliate Bots 2.05 and the chances of you making money with it.

There is no doubt this training has its perks as well as faults, which I will cover right now.

OK, let’s get into it…

Affiliate Bots 2.05

What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About - Affiliate Software box

Owner: Chris X

Product: Affiliate Marketing Training/program

Cost: $17

Level Of Experience: Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Bots, both the first and newer version (this one) are the same concept with the newer version having more improved search engines and not only more intelligent automatic software but plenty more of them. Bots have been used since computers were first invented. They were used to keep an eye on machinery, warn the operators if something is wrong. These are just programs just like the one in your car that does specific things automatically. But not like the first ones, bots or programs today are much more complicated and contain more intelligence than any operating system just 5 years ago.

Bots in the last few years were used by all the big players to scan and learn everything they need to know to help them make the right decision.

Today this same power that was once only accessible to those with the big bucks is now available to anyone. And the difference today is that you don’t even need to make the decision, the bot can do it for you more efficiently saving you time and money.

Affiliate Bots is a complete program package with several types of Bots acting together to help you to be a better affiliate marketer. This is not a beginner’s program and for a beginner, I would recommend my #1 recommendation below.

For the experienced, this program is designed to make your life easier by finding the products that people are looking for and delivering them to those that are looking for them which equates to more sales.

The first version of affiliate bots came out in November 2018 and they upgraded it just 3 months later to version 2.0. There were some small tweaks to their automatic software making it more effective. It was created by Chris X who happened to be well known to the affiliate world.

What Chris has done here is to bring together 37 powerful software tools into one fully functional software powerhouse. This allows anyone with some affiliate experience that is not making money today to bring them up to par with the big boys, giving them the best possible setup for their affiliate business.

This is a truly automatic system where you only need to know the basics of affiliate marketing to make it work.

Who Is This Chris X Anyway?

Well, it turns out that Chris X is a real person, yeah I was surprised as much as you are. In fact, he got started into affiliate marketing back in 2006 and he did very well for himself and for others as well. It turns out that this guy loves to help people and when he builds a product to help others he puts a lot into it to ensure they work as he intended or better.

He now makes well over 1 million a year as an affiliate and even more selling his own products like this one.

He based the structure of his Affiliate Bots software to mimic the way he makes money as an affiliate. In other words, the software works the same way he does to make money as an affiliate.

He was also very successful in selling his other programs over the years however in my opinion this one totally tops out as the best software package he’s done.

And the best part is most affiliate marketers are loving it, especially for such a low price right?

Ok, let’s have a look at the training…What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? - CB 10K sold

Affiliate Bots TrainingWhat Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? - Affiliate Bots Training

He ensures to cover all areas in the training where he believes the affiliate needs it the most. To make it a whole lot easier to get started making money, all the emails and landing pages are already done for you along with numerous other things that just speed up the whole process for you.

He believes the sooner you start making money the higher your success rate is going to be.

There is no free trial, so you pay the $17 to gain access to 37 Software Bots plus the training.

Once you pay your $17 you are given the following bonuses:

  • an easy to follow 37 pg guide in getting started
  • a 100 pg Training PDF on marketing profits
  • Chris’s very own secrets in getting traffic in the form of videos
  • several  training videos on how to use all this software to its full potential
  • 3 bonus systems
  • you are also included in on any upgrades he comes out with for free.

As I have mentioned the power is in software automation. The Software combines 37 different pieces of automatic software into one giving you the greatest power on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Bots 2.05 is an upgrade to affiliate Bots 1 which has become their top-selling offer. They have had 6 months in the Clickbank top 10 with no slowing down. They sold over 2100 units in the month of April alone and it keeps getting stronger. The bots include some INSANE new software tools which focus on the biggest issue for most affiliate marketers which are the traffic, websites and affiliates.

Chris X thought of everything with this software. He even broke the rules with ClickBank by giving him access not to one but 6 different hotlinks to market with. This allows for a different link for each landing page and yes you have access to 6 landing pages to use.

They also have a contest where they take $19 grand and pay it out to the affiliates as Affiliate Promos. There are no minimum sales to meet and you can make from $75 up to $1000 just on the promos. They are in the process of adding another $2000 for a speed contest as well as $3000 for a Cash Contest where you can make up to $1500 just on the prizes.

It’s definitely nice to see them give some of it back in for a change. What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? - Affiliate Bots Automatic Software Package

Here’s How Affiliate Bots 2.05 Works

You Find the New Product Launches on CB, Warrior, JVZoo & PayDotCom: View Google & YouTube SEO competition, Track & View All JV email updates & Filter By Keyword, Price, Commission JV Prizes & More!

You have 6 different hyperlinks to choose from however they are not just a different link but based on your goals:

  1. Used for most lists and Warm Traffic: This is their top converting funnel. It’s based upon the video & long copy.
  2. This one is used for the BIZ OPP Lists & Cold Traffic (VSL): This contains a VSL Page for ‘make money online’
  3. Can promote DJK $97: this is a direct offer to your customers on how to create and sell a product.
  4. You can promote Affiliate Funnel Bots (new for April): This is one software that creates squeeze pages for affiliate + resells rights offers.
  5. Use to promote affiliate Video Bots (new for may): This is 4 software that turns any website or affiliate program into videos so you can get free YouTube traffic for your site.
  6. You can promote Affiliate Traffic Bots (New for June): This contains 6 software for getting buyer traffic from PPC and SEO

Number one is the most used uplink especially just starting out.

Affiliate Bot Contests

If you get the most sales in that week then you just earned yourself another $1000. And they even have 5 placements so if you can’t make it to the first place you still have 4 more chances to make a little extra on your efforts.

He also has a contest for the total units sold below.

Also with 5 opportunities to win.

EMAIL Swipes

They also include the email swipes along with the best headline to use. They have different email swipes for all hoplinks as well as different formats.

You also get Affiliate Autobots Swipes. These are the ones you choose to give to the bot to run for you.

Of course, you don’t’ have to use them all, you just view the hoplinks and pick one. They advise to start with the first one and expand out later to the other hoplinks. Depending on the hoplink you choose will detect which email swipe and landing page you will use.

It may sound confusing now but to my surprise, it was very straightforward. Everything has a nice orderly flow to it.

Let’s have a look at some of the Bot’s

The bots are used for different marketing purposes and depending on what the goal of your campaign is.

Here is a brief description of some of the bots:

CB 250 is used to find the top-performing CB products that produce 7 figures a month in sales.

Warrior 250: This one will find the top 250 affiliate programs on WarriorPlus.

IMAffiliate Bot: Shows you the highest converting affiliate product in the last 6 months

ChristmasAffiliate Bot: This one is great around Christmas time to find the most popular items on demand for the holiday seasons and then determine the best product to sell.

– Domainaveli: This one helps you to find alternative keywords for your URL

Auto Affiliate Ads: It will help you to locate the banner ads for the products on ClickBank

Hosting Affiliate Bot: This one lists the best Hosting programs out there.

Launch Pluse: This is a very unique and powerful program. It will inform you of the product launch date, the payout, it’s ratings as well as the popularity.

King Of The Zone: This bot will keep you informed of the top 200 Amazon Affiliate products on their site.

– AutoMail Software: This will allow you to build your emails from the templates provided and then launch them automatically.

– Flip DB: It will find 360 websites that makeup to 26k / mth from Flippa. Flippa Is an Auction site.

– 1 Click Affiliate: This bot will allow you to generate sales letters. Like all autofill or correct programs, they will have to be checked before using them.

– Resell Database Software: Here is a bot that will collect or put together a full list of the top sites that are offering Affiliate Marketers digital products for reselling.

– Rapid Video Ranker: Here is another great tool that will help you to create that high conversion sales video using test slides.

– 1 Click Video Pages: This one will help you to create a video landing page for the product you are promoting.

So you get all this powerful information along with the best software out there to get your business making money as fast as possible while the bots do their thing – and you only have to pay $17 bucks to sign up?

Oh, and by the way, that is a ONE TIME purchase, not every month…

Who Can Benefit From Affiliate Bots?

This no doubt is a great product, and to be charging only $17 for the whole thing is insanely a great deal for anyone. But in my opinion, I believe it to be more designed or suited towards the experienced marketer.

I am not saying a beginner wouldn’t benefit from this, just that they may have some struggles with it because the material may be foreign to them, causing frustrations along the way.

So with that said I believe that anyone with experience in affiliate marketing would benefit highly from this training.

The advantages that the bots give the average affiliate marketer are very powerful and at such a low cost you can’t go wrong with this one.

But if you’re new to affiliate marketing then click here for a product more suited to newbies.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. The training is excellent and covers everything you need to know
  2. The automatic bots will help to get you to making money sooner
  3. It’s just such a low cost for what you get in quality and quantity. The cost to purchase everything you get outside of this program would cost thousands.
  4. This one you can’t go wrong with, it’s designed for every affiliate marketer out there.
  5. Chris is out to help others succeed in affiliate marketing as he has and it shows in this product. Everything about this product is for the affiliate marketer to succeed.
  6. With such a great product there is an excellent support team to answer any questions you may have no matter how small they may be.

However, as good as a product it is, it does have it’s Cons:

  1. It’s not designed with the beginner in mind. This would be even a better product if it had enough material to cover the beginner as well.
  2. Unless you are very familiar with affiliate marketing you will find yourself getting lost and frustrated. A lot of the material doesn’t go into enough detail and they assume you either already know it or you can find out on your own. So don’t expect this program to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, it won’t.
  3. Outrageously cheap for what you get making it appear to be of less value.
  4. By having so much automation it tends to steel away a part of the fun stuff of being an affiliate marketer. It’s kinda like playing your favourite game and have everything done for you so you just sit back and watch, or not even. Or like having one of those automatic knitting machines.


So to answer What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? – Scam or what?

I think it was pretty clear that it’s not a scam and in fact, it’s an awesome product at a fantastic price.

Affiliate Bots training is of high quality, very affordable, and effective in taking you to the next level. If you are a struggling affiliate marketer then this just may be what you need to start seeing results.

With that in mind as I have mentioned, I believe it’s more geared towards the experienced affiliate marketer and not the beginner

If you are a beginner at affiliate marketing here is an excellent training product for you, you can even try it out for FREE

This is a great way to test the waters to see if affiliate marketing is for you.

This is the program that is working very well for me.




Affiliate Bots






Overall quality



  • Excellent Training
  • Great Automatic Software
  • Fantastic Price


  • Not For The Beginner
  • Must already know Affiliate Marketing
  • Missing Some Basic Training

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4 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate Bots 2.05 About? – Scam or what?”

  1. Hi, this was a really great thorough review for Affiliate Bots, it does sound like a really good product for experienced affiliate marketers.

    I’m still really new to affiliate marketing myself so some of it has lost me a little but also I’m really intrigued so I will be definitely returning to your review in the future.

    • Thanks for reading my article Amy. I am pleased you enjoyed it, for sure you can always come back and check it out when you gain more experience. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a program that will teach you the foundation of affiliate marketing you can’t go wrong with Wealthy Affiliate. You will get to learn a lot of the basic principles behind affiliate marketing and you can learn it for free. If you prefer to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it.
      All the best Amy

  2. Affiliate Bots seems to be an excellent platform with really good ratings.

    I agree it’s a suitable platform to move onto once you have learned the basics of affiliate marketing as you mentioned. And you say I can learn the basics of affiliate marketing using Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE membership? Sound’s like a win-win situation this sounds great to me. And you think I can make tons of money with these two programs?

    Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information I really appreciated it. I have been thinking and looking to do something online but just didn’t know where to start. And so confusing with all the options out there. Your article saved me a ton of time and money I am sure.

    • Hi Habib thank you for reading my article. I am very pleased you enjoyed it’s content and found it valuable. To answer your question yes it is a win-win situation. I don’t know about a Ton of money lol but yes you can make enough to quite your day job and a lot more over time and that is just with Wealthy Affiliate program. Besure to use the like I provided, not only will it give me a little for sharing the content but you will also save 60% on your first month if you decide to go premium which I a sure you will. It really is that good.

      The program Affiliate Bots can take you from making a good income to not only making money faster but also more of it. Besure to start with the Wealthy Affiliate first and take your time to learn affiliate marketing before starting Affiliate Bots. Once you have the basics down you will have no problem with Affiliate Bots afterwards.

      I will be on the inside to help you along your journey when you sign up.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Habib.


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