What Is Fast Fortune Club About – Review

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Welcome to my review on What Is Fast Fortune Club About.

This product is based on using an investment newsletter to help you to make wise decisions on investing.

The owner claims you can make a lot of money with very little effort using his tips and knowledge. This has not been proven and we will take a good look at this product to determine if it’s legit.

Hi, I am Richard and I do reviews on making money products to determine if they are good, bad or ugly.

I am not associated with Fast Fortune Club in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this program then keep reading as I reveal the truth and save you time and money.

Congrats for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it, this is a great step in avoiding scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on “How To Know A Scam” here, this will help you spot most of the scams out there.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from Fast Fortune Club and the chances of you making money with it.

Here we go…

What Is Fast Fortune Club About - Only three of these situations have surfaced in the past

Fast Fortune Club

Owner: Tom Gentile / Money Map Press

Product: Investment Advisory Newsletter

Cost: $599 per year

Summary:  As you can see by the above ad he comes across as a legit guy delivering an awesome product. The problem is, as it is with all programs is that you have to spend money to find out if it works or not. The information they share is not exactly trustworthy to take the risk and invest in what they say.


First, you have to understand that the Fast Fortune Club is just a program to deliver Investment Newsletter to people. They claim to be America’s #1 trader which has not been proven by anyone or organization. This is a very expensive newsletter, their annual subscription is $599. If you look up the complaints about this company you will find plenty. All the legit firms out there do not have a good word about this program.

All you will get for your money is a newsletter that supposes to give advice about investing. The company’s newsletters come from its parent company called Money Map Press.

What Is Fast Fortune Club About - A Radical New Way You Can Boost Your Wealth

Money Map’s Other Shady Programs

Money Map Press has several other programs as well which are not on the up and up shall we say.

Along with the newsletters that you receive with the membership which share advice on investment decisions, market research and even trading signals, you will get:

The Fast Fortune Personal Money Calendar: This shows you how to confidently predict simple options based on consistent trading patterns.

The Fast Fortune Million Dollar Masterclass: You get access to a monthly masterclass about different trading strategies, secrets, and techniques.

The First Fortune Payday Appointments and Alerts: These work hand-in-hand with the Money Calendar and will provide you with specific recommendations and research to make trades.

The Fast Fortune Text Message Notifications: You’ll be notified when FFC receives new information about trading events right to your phone.

The Fast Fortune Club Quick Start Cash Course: A 7 part video showing you the different types of trading. You will also learn about the terminology of trading and how to set up an account.

The Fast Fortune Roundtable: This is an online live discussion here you can submit your questions to Tom where he will answer in real-time.

The Fast Fortune Podcast: Tome records a podcast that plans out the mission for the upcoming week every Friday.

The Fast Fortune Network: You will gain access to the network where you can share ideas and questions with others.

The Fast Fortune Annual Summit: Tom sets up a training summit every year where members get a chance to learn from each other and those that run the business.

The Fast Fortune Progress Reports: You will receive a report each week that shows you how all the recommendations are doing and your profit report.


About The Owner of Fast Fortune Club

The owner is Tom Gentile with 30 years of experience trading in securities, stocks for the future. He became famous back in 1993 when he and a group started up a company called Optionetics. This company was an options trading education company that was sold in 2009 to Charles Schwab.

He made it to a millionaire however he didn’t show up again until this company.

What Is Fast Fortune Club About - Become $15,000 Richer in 30 Days or Less

Who Is Fast Fortune Club For?

No doubt the program does have a lot of good information in it, the question is…

… is it worth the $599 they are charging for it?

There are other investments available that cost a lot less like Agora Financial for $99 albeit they do not offer the same amount of resources as Fast Fortune Club does. Do you need the extra stuff or is it just fill?

Just so you know this product is NOT recommended by the majority of investors.

I DO NOT recommend this to anyone on a tight budget or looking to play around with the markets.

Because of the cost, I DO NOT recommend this program.

If you are looking for a legit way to make money online check out the program that works for me here.

Fast Fortune Hidden Truth

As I have already mentioned above, this is a part of the Money Map Club which has other products that are well known to the public. These other products have pissed off a lot of his customers that claim, “Tom Gentile is a liar and a fake.”

A lot of the reviews on this product I have seen state the same thing about Tom, he pushes products at you to action which he has not completed proper research beforehand. He exaggerates the value of the product to invest in and in the end, it doesn’t perform even close to his claim.

Most people’s comments advise not to trust anything he recommends to invest in. I suggest doing your own research to avoid losing a lot of money.

Others complain the markets are not the same and the strategy he still uses no longer works yet he keeps putting out the same advice.

Fast Fortune Club’s Over-Hyped Claims

Let’s be a little realistic here, no one can predict the stock market. If you are interested in investing with a high risk then it’s hard to complain when it doesn’t go in your favour.

Take a look at their ad above “These Five Stocks Are Entering Hyperdrive…”

There is no evidence that this is true and you are having to take their word for it. Sure anyone can predict a company is going to climb or fall by looking at real-life situations.

It does not mean that it will actually happen and there is no telling when it will stop either.

On top of that…

This product exaggerates their claims by advertising they are the experts and make it sound like you can’t go wrong with his advice. Anyone can claim to make any amounts of money in a stock, it doesn’t mean it will happen.

Look, when you got someone telling you every week to invest in a stock that is going to take off, what do you do?

You do some of your own research first and get others’ opinions.

Anyone looking to buy this product should test his theory out first on a dry run just to see how accurate his information really is so you know what you are dealing with percentage-wise.

Would you invest if he has a 50% accuracy?


Comprehensive investment and trading program

Expert Training Recommendations

Increase your trading skills

Increases your knowledge of investing

Covers the majority of the trading types

Has a live Q&A weekly session



Unrealistic money claims

Poor Reputation from parent company

Risk of losing a lot of money

Many negative complaints about losing money on his decision

Many claims he gives advice without researching

Little evidence that he is an expert trader

Fast Fortune Club – Final Verdict

In my review What is Fast Fortune Club About I covered a lot of vital information, you should be aware of before trusting your money in his word.

After all, there are many that have gotten burned on his prediction.

Here are some of the key points.

First… This product is not a Scam because they serve you a newsletter and training on investing which is exactly what they said they would do.

They over-hyped the claims of making money with their newsletter making you believe they are the best to listen to which is far from the truth.

His advice he shares via text is recommended to not be taken seriously by many who have lost a lot of money with him.

The parent company is known to have shady products for investing which raises a Red Flag to me. This alone should make one question their ethics.

The price you are paying for this unreliable investing advice is way too high, there is plenty of advice at much lower costs and higher trust.

For the above reasons, I would NOT RECOMMEND Fast Fortune Club to anyone.

Are you looking to make money? Then check out my #1 recommendation for making money online the right way.

This is the program that works very well for me.

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  1. Hi Rick,

    I’m so relieved that I’ve come across your review on Fast Fortune Club before signing up for it! I looked really good when I was searching for legit ways to make money online. Because it had a creator with a face, I thought I would be lucky to join this platform. But now I’ve read your review and looked at its pros and cons. You have saved me from losing alot of money. I thank you very much sir.

    I will read your review on your recommended program of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you so much!

    • I am very happy I saved you from losing a lot of money and you are very welcome Habib. Thank you for commenting and letting me know, I appreciate it.
      If you are looking for an excellent training program that is easy to learn but most important it actually works then yes check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

      Once you sign up for your free account you can get started on your training immediately. There is plenty of support and I will be on the inside if you have any questions.
      You are going to love it, enjoy the training Habib.


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