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Welcome to What Is Now Lifestyle About.

Now Lifestyle has one of my favourite mottos… Live, Love and Laugh. But the question is, does this company offer the opportunity to Live Love and Laugh? In other words, can you live your dream life engaging in this program?

That is exactly what we are going to find out in this review.

And, just to be clear, I am not associated with Now Lifestyle in any way so you know this review is a true and honest review from me.

Congrats for taking the time to research this product before purchasing it, this is a great step in avoiding scams.

I will also be going into detail about the product so you know exactly what to expect if you join and the chances of you making money with it.

Let’s get started…

What Is Now Lifestyle About - helping business grow online

The Now Lifestyle Program

Owner:   Joel Therien

Product:   Health And Wellness MLM

Cost:    $49 or $99 or $299 per month

Best For:   No one in my opinion

Summary:  This program (Now Lifestyle) is another multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity that targets the health industry. As you may already know I am not a big fan of MLM’s and always advise others to stay away from them because the majority that I have experienced you will spend more time and money on it than you will get out of it.

This one, of course, may prove themselves to be worthy however to me it’s not looking good because the membership fee is very high to join.

Recommend:   No


What Is Now Lifestyle About?

As I mentioned, Now Lifestyle is an MLM company targeting the health industry. They launched this program back in February of 2017 and is still around so there are plenty of members joining it.

Joel is not new to marketing in fact he has launched several other MLM opportunities over the years:

  • 7 Minute Workout
  • Pure Leverage
  • Got Backup

He also has a company that sells:

  • web hosting service
  • email marketing services
  • and some other marketing tools

The company is called Global Virtual Opportunities and operates out of the same address as Now Lifestyle which is in San Antonio, Texas.

Here is a snapshot of a few services that are offered from Global Virtual Opportunities.

What Is Now Lifestyle About - The best all in one marketing platform

And here is the site which is offering MLM membership to a gym.

What Is Now Lifestyle About - Now Lifestyle fake HeadquartersRemember, they both are operating out of the same address. This is definitely not the norm to see a gym and tech service operating out of the same location.

Let’s get back to the Now Lifestyle since that is what this review is about.

Now Lifestyle Opportunity

The Now Lifestyle MLM opportunity has three products they promote:

  1. The Now Body health and wellness membership program
  2. Nutrition supplements
  3. Business Automation Tools

Let’s cover these in more detail, shall we…

Now Body Health And Wellness Membership

This membership gives you access to over 800 workout videos produced by Joel Therien. He also provides a customized workout routine to suit everyone’s needs.

The good thing about this one is that you can create a free membership. To do that you must answer various questions about your health and the goals you are shooting for.

The free membership gives you your first customized 10-day routine and an opportunity to track your food intake and your workout activity. To get the full workout routine you have to upgrade to the $49 a month.

What The Program Offers

The workouts only last 7 minutes for 3 workouts per week. An important thing to note here is that this workout was not designed by Joel.

Its concept was designed by Chris Jordan back in 2014. In fact, it was originally featured by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2013 and later featured by the New York Times and others.

In my experience of working out, it takes more than 7 minutes 3 times a week to lose weight. In fact, Joel does not even claim you will lose weight with it, he states that you will eliminate obesity and even diabetes with it.

What Is Now Lifestyle About - health and wellness program

His statement is overhyped.

Now Lifestyle Nutrition Supplement Line

What Is Now Lifestyle About - whey protein bottle

As I mentioned they also sell nutritional supplements as protein powder, energy capsules and health pills.

Personally, I do not take any products including protein without first having it checked by a legit company outside of the manufacturer.

There are just too many products on the market that are stuffed with fill, decreasing the true value of the product.

And having to be a member to purchase their product also raises a red flag. If your product is good and sells well then you would offer it to more customers however that is not the case with this company.

And any health pills that are not created by a legit health organization are not something you should be purchasing.

Now Lifestyle Marketing Automation Tools

They also offer some automation tools you can use to promote.

Their Autoresponder is one of them which is important when it comes to running a business via the email system. This will send out emails automatically to potential clients. However, when not done right it can also flag your account as a spammer and get blocked from sending altogether.

As a free member, you can only add 10 subscribers to your list so this is not of much use as a free member. To get their 5000 list capability you will have to be a paid member.

The second tool they list is the lead capture tool. Again it’s useless to the free member. As a paid member you can use it to promote their products for them which will also capture their email into the autoresponder for you. The landing pages are already done for you so you will be competing against everyone else in the system.

The Template Builder is the third tool that allows you to build your own capture or landing pages and not depend on theirs.

All this for the $49 per month which is not bad however keep in mind it doesn’t work without advertising or bringing people into the landing page.

Now Lifestyle Compensation Plan

As we know this is an MLM that has the opportunity for you to make money on both direct sales and recruiting. This is pretty much just like any other MLM opportunity out there which goes like this…

You buy the products yourself and offer them to others for a commission.

To do this of course you are given all the tools necessary to promote and capture the email. Everything is already created for you and all you have to do is promote it by advertising. There is one slight catch, you have to purchase the product yourself in order to promote it. That’s MLM for you.

All MLM’s make it so that they make the money and you make just enough to make you think the big bucks are coming which never happens.

Earning Money With Now Lifestyle

You can earn money in three ways with Now Lifestyle.

Direct Commissions – this is based on personal sales you make which pays a 50% commission.

Matching Bonus – Get 50% of what your direct referrals earn in a month.

Binary Commissions – The binary model places an affiliate at the top of the downline and a maximum of two affiliates directly under them. With two legs under you, you can go as deep as you like.

Perhaps this chart can explain it a little easier.

What Is Now Lifestyle About - compensation plan chart

You recruit four people into one leg and two into another leg, you just earned a cycle.

Each cycle pays out up to $20 with a maximum of $20,000 per month.

But in order to qualify for the income, you must personally refer two people (one per leg) and continue to bring one new referral indirectly each month up to six. You must maintain 6 referrals in your downline to qualify.

Of course, you still have to be paying your $49 a month as well.

There are also a few back end products you can earn from as well:

  1. Email Marketing Mastery
  2. Nobody Certification
  3. Now lifestyle Seminar Retreat

All these hold a 50% commission on direct sales and 5% from your referrals.

Now Lifestyle Disclaimer

This one you should be worried about.

In his disclaimer, he says that Joel Therien will skim 5% of all commission payouts.

That means when you do go claim your commissions that he says you earned, he then takes back another 5% for himself. This is not legal by any means for he did not do anything to earn the commission.

By the way when (not if, when) you decide you had enough of his BS, by quitting you just forfeit any commissions owning to you.

He is already making all kinds of money from you and then he takes 5 % for himself and doesn’t pay you when you quiet.

Does this sound like someone you want to do business with?

Is Now Lifestyle A Scam?

No, it’s not considered a scam (believe it or not) for the simple reason that they do have a product or service to sell. This clears them from the legal aspects of things however just because they LOOK legit, are they in the public’s eyes?

I do like the idea that you can try it for free.

When you do look deeper one does get a different picture.

Fake Corporate Office

When I used Google to take a look at the office building I discovered there is no office. I mean they have a picture up displaying the office but according to Google, that building appears to be empty.

To me, this is making it a scam by lying to their customers. Because of this, I would not even trust a single product in their lines.

On the business side of things, it will get a little more tricky to make a lot of money with it and when you look at the numbers of recruits to how much you can make, the company is really the one making all the money.

This is typical of all MLM’s and if you’re looking to make money then I would not recommend this product.

Click here to learn how I make a living online.

Everything I sell I get a full commission and I am not forced to spend money on products to get my earnings. I also don’t have to recruit anyone or have my own product.

Now Lifestyle is based on recruiting members.

This is the oldest trick in the books, set it up so the customers think they can make money with it and they will do our recruiting for us.

You may be able to make a few bucks with Now Lifestyle however don’t expect to make a living off of it.

It’s easy to put numbers on paper but it’s a whole different story when it comes to having to find recruits each month just to qualify to earn money. I would be surprised if anyone actually makes any money with this program.

No Payout

Remember, when you don’t get enough recruits for the month you don’t get paid.

As an affiliate marketer, you should get paid for every sale you make and if you don’t because of some rule then to me it looks and feels like a scam.

They also don’t tell you how much you will make because they hide all the pricing and make the calculations confusing. This gives them full power over how much they are will to pay you. There are just too many loopholes just like all the other MLM’s.

That’s my opinion and for that reason, I do not recommend Now Lifestyle to anyone.

If you are looking for a way to make money, here is a better option for you…

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6 thoughts on “What Is Now Lifestyle About”

  1. hi,

    Thanks for this review of “Now Lifestyle”, as you mention in the review… to not get paid for every sale seems a little strange. However, im sure some people would find this opportunity attractive.

    Thanks for a great review, but I think Ill give this one a miss.

    Looking forward to the next post, what would you recommend to someone who is looking to earn money online?

    • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Yes, you are absolutely right, some will still do it because it will give them the feeling of success.

      We are all born to be a salesperson. Look how kids try to convince their parents to give us or let us do something we want.

      When we work for ourself there is satisfaction that takes place because we need to talk to others and share good things with them. When we offer a product it’s the same as offering a beautiful head of cabbage to them. You feel grateful for just being able to help others.

      This is what we get when we sell products to others. We fear it because we are not using it in today’s workforce.

      Most of those that get started with an MLM will soon quit however they will always look at it as a great experience because of the people in it.

      But once they find themselves a good business model to follow they are even happier because they are getting paid to have fun.

      I wish you all the best
      Take care

  2. Hello there! I too like to live, love, and laugh, so I’m already interested in what the “Now Lifestyle” can add to that! However, after reading your summary of how it works, I must agree that the program really doesn’t sound good for anyone (except maybe the owners). Even though this can be tested and tried on for free, I am going to follow your advice and pass on it. Thanks for all the insight!

    • Hi Aly, thanks for dropping by. No, the program is not very good, not even worth learning the contents they have to offer.
      You can learn the basics of affiliate marketing and blogging all in one with the Top Recommended program here. It’s fantastic for anyone just getting started and you can keep going for a small fee which is a fraction of what these scammers charge for garbage.
      You are very welcome, I have plenty of other reviews on other programs which may suit others of their liking however most always prefer the Top Recommended Program and for good reason.

      -It has a whole lot more content than the fake ones
      -The training is one of the best you will find
      -And it’s all for free

      Thanks for leaving a comment I appreciate it.

  3. Wow , this article was really educative and also a huge eye opener as well, I really enjoyed it and it hit me differently because I work the 9 to 5 and it hardly let me have time for myself so opportunities like these mean a whole lot to me . Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece, I must say that I really appreciate it.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it and found it to be helpful.
      Yes, many of us work the 9-5 until we get fed up been treated like a puppet and want to escape the rat race. But when we do we are hit by so many of the scams that it can be very discouraging to keep going.
      Hopefully, my site will help many to find the program that works for them. I know you are another that I have saved from the scams so that makes it worthwhile for me to keep reviewing these products.

      Thanks for dropping by and I wish you all the best.

      P.S. If you are still looking for a program you need to check out my Top Recommended Program. You can even try it for free. Enjoy


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