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Welcome to my Zmartbit review.

I never did like the idea of giving away my hard-earned cash for some imaginary object called BitCoin.

And this program they call ZmartBit is not very smart to invest in because it has very little to do with BitCoin.

Perhaps a better word for this would be the PonziCoin.

But let’s not kid ourselves here, these crooks are smart, and getting more clever by the day as they dream up another scam to steal money from us.

And this Zmartbit home page takes the look and feel of a real true legitimate business to invest in.

But you know, to the keen eye, one can easily detect the tell-tail signs of a Ponzi scheme.

I want you to know that I am not associated with Zmartbit in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program then keep reading as I reveal the truth.

In fact, you’re about to see an old trick from the ’60s come back to life to get your money.

Congratulations by the way for taking the time to research before purchasing it. This is the best way to avoid scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on How To Know A Scam here, this will help you identify the tel-tail signs of a scam.

So, in this review I will go over what Zmartbit is all about and the chances of you making money with it.

OK, let’s get started…


Owner:   Unavailable

Product:   Cryptocurrency Investing

Cost:    $260 up to $42,210 depending on the membership level

Best For:   No one (this is a Ponzi Scheme and should be avoided)

Summary:  This program looked very legit at the beginning however as we dug deeper into the structure or how it all works things started to look a lot more suspicious. The RED FLAGS started to pop up and the more we dug the more Red Flags we encounter. For one, they put a lot of energy into recruiting members by using incentives as well as many others we will get into.

Recommend:   No

Here’s My Top Recommended Training

What Is ZmartBit About?

ZmartBit claims that they educate people on cryptocurrency investments and offer to invest through their company.

They do that by using an old scheme called Multilevel Marketing (MLM) where you have to pay to join their system and then recruit heavily in order to make money from the recruiters.

This old scheme even has a name to it called the Ponzi Scheme that promises rewards based on enrolling ever-larger numbers of people. This is also called Pyramid Scheme.

A Ponzi Scheme: 

is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. It leads victims to believe that profits are on their way but never arrive.

There is nothing more to the whole program just like the ones created over 100 years ago. Same tactics, same setup, same scam, just different words or concepts used.

Because it’s illegal the creator or owner can be fined and or jailed.

When I tried to check out the creator…

…guess what… I could not find anything on the creator or owner which is no surprise, right.

Because they are avoiding legal action they try and stay hidden. You can’t even find out who created the site, all you can come up with is that it’s a private site that was created in Sept 2019.

This also gives us another important clue, that is, it’s not a company but a private individual. Therefore it’s not a company like they try to claim they are.

We need to share this so others don’t fall into this trap.

ZmartBit Has No Product Line

And as you may expect ZmartBit has no product to even sell. The whole thing is just based on a pile of words with nothing to back them up.

Actually, all they have is the membership. It’s like someone coming up to you and offering you to go into business with them but they don’t have a product. Just give me x amount of dollars and you are in business. Now go find others to join and I will give you a cut.

In case you didn’t know it, this is illegal.

How You Make Money With ZmartBit

Well, first you have to sign up and become a member which costs $260. Now you are a member great but it’s not enough yet.

They have a money-making level system or buying position where the more you invest (higher membership position) with them the more potential to make more money.

And the highest position will cost you over $40,000.

No, it gets better…

All payments are done through Bitcoin, which is both joining and receiving money.

Not only does this protect THEM from the FTC taking it away when they shut them down. It also protects them from any transactions thereby making it look like nothing took place in court if it got that far.

And of course, as a member, you will never see your money again.

Now, ain’t you glad you did your research first?

Can You Make Money With ZmartBit?

You know what, I am willing to bet that there are some of you out there who don’t really care if it’s illegal as long as it makes you money.

Well, for those few, I am delighted to say that it may give you a little money in return however you will never make a profit unless you are one of the top recruiters who bring in thousands of new investors which for one is only something like half of percent of the members.

Remember, there is no other way of making money with this thing other than recruiting other members who have that kind of money to spend.

Why Is ZmartBit Still Around

That is a very good question because the FTC does try and find illegal companies and shut them down however they don’t look hard enough if you ask me.

ZmartBit created a Cryptocurrency University which is nothing but a made-up pile of useless information. It’s this training that is saving them from the FTC’s shutting them down. The FTC actually believes ZmartBit has a product or service to offer for the money.

Don’t worry they will eventually get caught. And when they do all the owner will do is shut it down and open it again in another name and bring in tons of money again.

Meanwhile, all those folks that spent their money to join lose it all.

ZmartBit Compensation Chart

Here is how ZmartBits’s compensation scheme works which is on a 4×4 plan. You recruit 4 and get your 4 to recruit 4 as the chart shows below.

This pyramid is the same for all of them, the higher you go the more recruits you have under you and therefore you get paid more commission as see in the below chart…

Looking at the chart you may be thinking to yourself, “mmmm, that looks like pretty good income.” right?

ZmartBit’s Hidden Truth

As you can clearly see, this is a pyramid scheme

… where you pay to join a program and then have to recruit members to join and get them to recruit members in order for you to make money.

In the beginning, they have it set up to make money, and good money fast. As you progress you go up the ranks by paying more to go up.

What system do you know of where you have to pay to get promoted? And then you have to do the work to make the money.

Anyhow, the whole thing just keeps repeating itself and keep in mind, all your money is in bitcoin.

Also, keep in mind that THEY are holding the so-called bitcoin for you. You have no proof that they are holding your monies in the form of bitcoin. And if there is no proof then it is not happening.

ZmartBit’s Education Program

It’s more like the lack of an education program. The only reason they have this education so it looks like they have a product to offer for the money which is a requirement by the FTC in order to show they are not a pyramid scheme.

And besides, who would pay for the same education over and over. Come on FTC wake the F up and start protecting the people like you are suppose to.

Sorry, but training is enough and they will get shut down in due time which you will lose everything.

Also, you are learning nothing about the Bitcoin industry or even investing in it.

ZmartBit’s Reviews Show The True Colour

According to many of the reviews, many believe the two people involved in this scheme are Mack Mills and Greg Perdriel.

These two shady characters were involved with several other programs that were just like this one. Breg Perdriel was involved in the bitconnect a few years back where a lot of people lost a lot of money to this crook.

Here is what one person said, “Another red flag is when Mack Mills and Greg Perdriel are involved you know it’s a scam. Zmartbit will never last.

Many believe that Bitconnect, CloudToken and now this ZmartBit are all scams and were all created by the same shady character’s Mack Mills and Greg Perdriel.

I have no way of confirming these allegations and am not even going to waste my time on these two.

People have made these comments for good reason, they are trying to tell us something and we should listen.

What I like About ZmartBit

  • There is nothing that I like about this scam and I believe it should be shut down and those involved in creating it put in jail.

What I don’t Like About ZmartBit

  • They have a fake educational program
  • It’s a pyramid scheme
  • You have to pay a lot of money to make money
  • Everything you do make is in their bitcoin which does not exist.
  • It is believed the creators of this program are involved in other scams

Here’s How I Make A Living Online?

I hope you found my article Zmartbit review helpful and educational, enough to keep you safe from it.

Getting involved with a pyramid scheme will never make you any money. Not only does it cost you more to be involved in one but it also steals a lot of time away from you that you can be putting into a legit business.

I have been making my living online now for the past 3 years and I can tell you this from the bottom of my heart.

The best way to make a living online is with Affiliate Marketing which is what I do.


  • you don’t need a product
  • you are not tied to any product to promote
  • there is no recruiting like in Zmartbit
  • you get to hold on to your own money
  • you don’t have to pay a fee for a membership
  • pay raises come naturally as more people find your site
  • it is the lowest entry-level into online marketing

The best part is that everything you do towards your own business never goes away. No one will shut you down because it is illegal or they closed their doors on you.

And you will always have an income even while you sleep or go on vacation.

If you are ready to learn the secrets of what I do click here now!







Overall Quality



  • Non Found


  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Very Expensive
  • Fake Educational Program

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4 thoughts on “Zmartbit review”

  1. It’s amazing (not in a good way) how these scammers find a way to wrap a pile of garbage into a shiny paper and then sell it to us as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make money. I mean, come on man. I hate pyramid schemes disguised into some investing opportunity.

    Yeah, Bitcoin is hot these days so why not trick people to invest into it and then force them to recruit more gullible suckers to make even more money. That’s basically what I’ve got about Zmartbit. It’s evident that this is a scam and your review just helped me to see what I already knew.

    I’m always wary about these schemes as I have burned a lot of cash in the past thinking that I’ll be getting rich soon. But it never happened and scammers just walked away with my hard-earned money.

    In any case, I appreciate you and your review. Thanks, man. You saved me from falling into a nasty scheme and from wasting probably $1000’s on a scam.

    • Sorry to hear you lost so much to these scams. It’s true, they lie about everything and to the newcomer it’s hard to believe someone would openly lie to them like this especially since they are supposed to be a business.

      True, the bitcoin is the next hottest thing since the creation of the dollar bill. And of course, they just got to take advantage of others with it. To me it’s also a scam and a lot of money will be lost. Imagine a number created by some computer and they sell it like it’s valuable. What about those collecting the dollars for the bitcoin, he will get stuck with all the money. lol

      I will do my best to uncover as many of these scams that I can.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today Ivan.
      I wish you all the best.

  2. Wherever there is money to be made you will always find scammers, so no surprises when it comes to the bitcoin connection. Recently with the scarcity of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X there were so many fake sellers online as well, even some with fine print only selling you the Xbox Series X box without the Xbox inside at the actual price of the Xbox. A lot of people just don’t care about being ethical and it seems they will happily steal from anyone besides their own family.

    Very typical also from pyramid schemes to not have a real product in the mix and having to pay with bitcoin and no other means of paying is oh so predictable. I never ever buy anything using Bitcoin and never will due to transactions being so incredibly difficult to trace. I will simply invest in Bitcoin and then exchange Bitcoin for money (cash) to be transferred to my bank account and then use that money to make a purchase in order to have a transaction clearly documented and in so doing being offered protection.

    • Thanks for dropping by today. That is a new one for me to hear about the empty Xbox. I bet they couldn’t get a refund either. You are right, so many just don’t care about anyone else but themselves. I can see a day come when no one will buy online anymore due to the corruption, cheat and lies. I have noticed even tricks and lies with many of Amazon’s products in the last couple of years. I even had someone offer a free gift with the purchase only to find out, in order to receive the gift I must leave a positive review on his product. Of course, I did not even leave him one.

      I do my best to reveal these products for others however it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better I am afraid.
      Yes, that is typical of those pyramid schemes. They seem to be popping up a lot more lately as well.

      Thank you again for leaving your comment today.
      I wish you all the best Schalk,
      Take care


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