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Veterans Affiliate SuccessAbout Veterans Affiliate Success

Hello my name is Rick and welcome to my website.

Today I run an online business as an affiliate marketer. My aim is to show you how anybody can legally create an income online with no experience.

The best way is to follow someone who has.

I served 27 years in the Canadian Army before finally decided to do what I really wanted, to have my own business.

I’m not your typical zero to hero story that you read about from those typical make money ads. It’s how I left the military to get acquainted with online marketing.

Having no prior experience the first program didn’t work for me or the second, nor the third…

The truth is… it took many programs for me to find the right one that was legit.

Here’s how it all started…

My son and I in Afghanistan

I was always seeking out business opportunities.

I constantly felt the pressures of that proverbial glass ceiling. Sure you can go up the ranks but even that has its limitations, and you still have to answer to someone else.

  • My time was not my own
  • I couldn’t vacation when I wanted
  • Risking my life during deployments for a paycheck
  • Missing so much of my children’s growing up is time I’ll never get back
  • And I was paid according to someone else’s idea of what that position was worth.


I knew there had to be more to life.

I wanted to travel without limitations and that required some form of passive income.

Over the years I tried many different income opportunities:

  • Chain letters (I was naive)
  • Mail order
  • MLM (I tried several)
  • Several online opportunities


Some were more successful than others but none of them gave me the freedom I truly wanted.

Click here to check out my reviews of each of these opportunities where I give my honest and personal experience of each.


After numerous failed attempts I came across something that intrigued me.

That’s when I came across this guy that introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.

After a few days went by I got around to checking it out.

All the previous programs up to now had their flaws which I covered in my reviews here.

I gained a lot of knowledge of online marketing from them but they were all lacking a key piece of the puzzle.

This one was different which really intrigued me because everything about it was different.


After taking them up on their offer to try it out for free

I really got to know the owners on a more personal level and I know for a fact they are genuine good hearthed people.

Once I got to play in the training platform I discovered it was like nothing I ever seen before, these guys knew what they were doing.

And after I talked to many of the thousands of people within the community I knew this was working for them.

This platform provides all the tools and resources you need to get started online to make an income. There is no hidden costs, upsells or any other cow paddys.

Their training will take a newbie that know nothing about online marketing and have them up and running in a couple days.

Please keep in mind this is not a fast way to make money, there is no fast way to make money as you will find out in my reviews.

This is a real business you start off slow and build while you learn.

You can read more about it in my personal review here.



I Am Passionate About Helping Other Veterans

I am well aware of the struggle to find a legitimate way to build a passive income. Although I came across many scams and expensive systems I was not deterred. I knew it was possible to build an income online; I just needed to find the right system that worked for us.

I know I am not alone and that is why I am so excited to be able to help other veterans develop their own passive income streams. I am finally excited about our future and hope to help you find that same excitement in life again.

This is not a get rich quick thing. While the financial costs are minimum it does take an investment of time to get things going.

I am retired and because it is online I can take my business anywhere I go providing me a passive income for a long time.


The Goal of My Site

It is my goal to help others who are looking to build a passive income stream and avoid the many pitfalls I came across. I made many mistakes and spent copious amounts of money on scams and less honest business opportunities.

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to

If you are looking to build a passive income for life…

… you can go here to check out my  #1 recommendation for making an income online for FREE.

Join Me At Wealthy Affiliate Now!

Thank you

Rick Hannaford

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I loved this post on how you shared how you discovered affiliate marketing. And you shared your personal experience with it.
    Thank you

    • I appreciate your warm comment Andrea. When I first started to learn marketing online I was more concentrating on me but as I continued to learn the various systems I also learned that there were a lot of people just like me trying to break free from the norm. Then after spending so much time and money on finding what works and what don’t I wanted to reach out and help others to get started and avoid the pitfalls I encountered.

      Thanks again for dropping by Andrea,
      All the best,

  2. Hello Rick-what a really down to earth and humble guy to go through other work at home programs and be entirely honest with us about what works and what doesn’t work. That kind of humanity for others is so rare. You are willing to share with us what “work from home”programs are a scam when no one else will. Then willing to let us follow you on this journey at Wealthy Affiliate so we can build our own successful business. I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you very much Rick.

    • What a beautiful comment to wake up to this wonderful Friday morning. Your words give me the strength and desire to continue with my journey thank you so much.

      It takes the same amount of energy to do it right and the honest way as appose to the shady or wrong way. The honest way allow you to sleep at night, feel good about your self and others will love you for it. On top of that it also will last a whole lot longer providing a residual income. Customers will return to a place they enjoy, like and it makes them feel good.
      On the other hand if you do it the shady way you don’t get repeated customers so you always have to come up with a new ad, program or something to keep the money flowing. Also, you are not respected by your friends and family and you have a hard time liking the person you see in the mirror.

      I didn’t like getting ripped off and I know no one else does either so I am taking my knowledge and instead of hiding from it I want to spread it to the world so they can avoid the same errors.

      Thank you so much for dropping by Nancy and I hope you have a wonderful weekend
      Cheers my friend


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