What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important?

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Welcome to What Is a Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important?

Growing up I constantly heard the adults around me saying “You need to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE“. At the time I remember thinking “what does that even mean”?

Now… years later in the business world – it’s all around me again and for good reason.

Social media sites are full of quotes about having a positive attitude.

Guest speakers at business seminars talk about having a positive attitude.

So let’s explore just What Is A Positive Attitude and why it’s important to apply it to everyday life.


What Is A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is one where you believe and expect things will work out. Life is not always going to go smoothly. There will be bumps in the road.

Having a positive attitude simply means that you don’t dwell on the negative stuff. Instead, you get creative about finding ways to improve the situation. You believe and expect things to get better and eventually they will.

It gives you the hope, energy and vitality required to find a plan, stick to that plan and ultimately achieve success with that plan.

Having a positive attitude will ensure that you overcome any setbacks life may throw your way. Your enthusiasm will undoubtedly attract more success.

Having a Positive Attitude works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction which states “what we think most about, we attract” making it very important to attract the things we desire.

I go into more detail about The Law Of Attraction in another blog.


Why Is A Positive Attitude Important

Having a positive attitude is essential to experiencing true joy, happiness and to successfully reaching your goals in life.

With a positive attitude, one will look at a negative circumstance in a positive way. Instead of looking at it negatively, we spend the energy to find what we can learn from the experience or how to turn it around into more favourable results.

Focusing on the solution gives us hope and the motivation to work towards the solution. When we are working towards the solution we are believing it is possible for things to get better and that goes a long way towards actually making the changes.

It gives us the will to try new things and to keep an open mind. It allows us to maintain a mindset that frequently uses the words “I CAN” or “It Is Possible”.

We all have negative stuff happen to us in life. Each time it happens it is an opportunity for growth. The most successful humans are constantly growing, learning and adapting. Embracing that growth is so important to our success.

To run any type of business one must develop a positive attitude.


How to Develop A Positive Attitude

What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important - runner
Running helps to maintain a positive Attitude

First, determine how you actually look at things, do you focus on failure or what went wrong?

If so then that is the starting point for change because the more you focus on the negative the more negative you will attract. I don’t know about you but I have enough negative in my life without attracting more.

When you have negative thoughts do you seek solutions or just stay focused on the negative situation.

We see when we focus on the negative it really affects our ability to make decisions, which ultimately affects our success. All it takes is a series of bad decisions and we find our life spiralling downward out of control.

If you ever tried to help someone with a negative attitude that keeps focusing on the negative you will notice it is very difficult, they just don’t want to listen.

Rethinking the situation to try and discover what can be learned from it or what steps can be taken to start making a change. Focusing on a plan of action will go a long way to developing a sense of hope.

What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important - pushups

It is evident that once we have hope, we can accomplish just about anything.

Look at athletes for instance. The hope that they will win the championship gives them the determination, stamina and desire to push through the pain and strive to achieve the success they desire.

How else would they be able to push through the endless workouts, practices and hectic schedule they must go through in order to reach the top of their game.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we were to use that same positive attitude, that same discipline in our everyday lives. The sky is the limit.


Use Positive Self – Talk

We all talk to ourselves every day. What does that sound like for you? Are you telling yourself you did a great job or are you berating yourself and telling yourself you’ll never get it?

The way you describe an event to yourself makes a big difference in how you see it and how you react to it.
I believe we would all be happier and have more success in life if we used positive self-talk.

I know I have been guilty of constantly rebuking myself. I’d make a mistake and then say to myself “How could you be so stupid“. Talk about self-sabotage. We wouldn’t allow someone else to talk to us that way so why do we allow ourselves to be so abusive to our self.

It is way past time to become our own biggest cheerleader, time to believe in ourselves and become the great leaders, managers, and parents that we know we are capable of being.

Seriously, if we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to believe in us.

There is an old quote that says:

        “If you think you can or you think you can’t – your right.”

A simple change of words can make a huge difference.

Try this:

  • rather than say “I can’t” say “I can”
  • say “situation” rather than “problem”
  • saying “challenge” instead of “situation” would be even better because “challenge” implies there is a solution.

If we change our self-talk we will change the direction of our lives.

Be kind to ourselves and watch how so many more positive things happen in our daily lives.


What Areas Of My Life Does This Apply To

What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important - Group
Group with Positive Attitude

A “Positive Attitude” can be applied to every area of life.

Use it in your personal life. Having a positive attitude in life will help you have better relationships with your friends and family. It will help you find a life partner or improve your relationship with your spouse. It can help you improve your relationship with your kids.

Having a positive attitude at work will improve your relationship with your boss and co-workers as well as customers.

If you are a business owner, having a positive attitude will encourage your employees to be more positive which will create a workplace environment conducive to more creativity and co-operation within your organization which will ultimately transfer over to higher profitability.



“Being optimistic” or “having a positive attitude” in life sure makes the journey so much more enjoyable.

By focusing on goals or ways to improve circumstances in our life gives us something constructive to do and look forward to.

This makes us feel happier and when we are happier we want to do more things to improve our lives.

It creates a certain positive energy that attracts more positive energy and causes us to make better decisions which tend to make our circumstances fall more in line with our goals.

I truly believe having a positive attitude is the real key to having a happy and prosperous life.

I was the typical 9 to 5 worker that was not very happy with what I was doing any longer and needed change.

One day after reading a book that taught me that the only way the outside will change is when the inside changes.

Once I practiced having a good attitude it seemed like the whole world lifted off of me.

I truly felt free and shortly after that, I quit my job to learn online marketing.

After a lot of learning curves, I found a couple of successful mentors that can guide me in the right direction.

Needless to say, they helped me to become successful however as they explained it, I would not of become successful until I had a positive attitude.

You can click here to learn more about the program that taught me to make a living online.


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6 thoughts on “What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important?”

  1. Awesome article with awesome tips for everyone to add to their daily routine, I was once a very negative person until I started re-programming my brain to think positive instead of negative.

    Just start catching yourself thinking negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts, and one day it will become natural for you.


    • Your absolutely right Jeff, with practice it does become natural to maintain a positive attitude. We don’t realize how important a positive attitude is in achieving a successful and fulfilled life. Having been around some negative people I found it to be very emotionally draining and I just had to remove myself from the negativity. This helped me immensely in maintaining my own positivity which not only removed the negative in my life but attracted more positive.

      If you don’t mind me asking Jeff what was the turning point for you?


  2. We must keep moving forward. That is the only direction that God has given us.

    This article was most helpful in reminding me that Negativity is contagious….But so is Positivity!

    Better to have that Positive Attitude and let that spread to those around us!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Soraya. I totally agree with you that it’s much better to spread positivity and let the “Law Of Attraction” work in our favour. I also believe a positive attitude is vital as an entrepreneur.

      I appreciate you stopping by,

  3. Great article! Very practical and useful for real life. I like the point you made about saying situation instead of problem.

    And that we need to look at life with an attitude of, things will work out. Great definitions and information for developing a positive outlook.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • It was great to hear from you John, I am delighted you found such great value within my article. I find by using “situation” it gives us the control within us to develop the mindset that we need in order to make the necessary changes.

      All the best my friend,


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