What Is The Best Print On Demand? (Part 2)

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Welcome to my review What Is The Best Print On Demand? (Part 2)

If you have not read Part One of this review I suggest that you go HERE to read it FIRST.

Let’s recap…

  • Up to now, we already covered Red Bubble and Printify, each one having its Pros and Cons.
    • A lot of beginners are choosing Red Bubble due to the full service they provide for you. This is a great route to take when you don’t have the money or don’t want to deal with advertising hassles or costs.
    • No doubt it attracts a lot of the younger crowd.
  • Printify on the other hand offers the printing service without the storefront. You will have to have your own storefront.
    • They outsource all their printing operations which you have several to choose from.
    • They do have a much higher quality of T-shirts
    • and their printing is of higher quality
    • They also charge a membership fee
    • They also have the lowest cost / best print quality combination.

In this review on POD’s, we will be covering 3 more companies that provide this service and they are:

  • Printful
  • Teespring
  • Subliminator

To know how you can tell a scam from a legit program read my article How To Know A Scam Here, this will help you identify the tel-tail signs of a scam so you can avoid them.

Ok, let’s get started…

What Is Printful About

What Is The Best Print On Demand? - Turn your hobby into a side hustle

Printful has been around a long time and many people automatically go with Printful for that reason. Of course, this is not a good reason to go with a company. It’s important that you understand what the company has to offer first.

There’s a lot of talk about how Printful has the best print which we will get into shortly.

These guys do all their work in-house, they print and ship all under one roof.

You would think you get a better deal on the printing however that is not the case, they actually cost more.

The good news is that their printing is very good quality.

They have a high-quality shirt but do not feel quite the same quality as with Printifys shirt however they do shine in the color department.

After been tested in a heavy wash, the shirt showed a very slight fade that was hard to notice. The big thing is that the red shows up as red and the white actually looks white.

The downside is that it does cost about 5 bucks more to print it.

Most of their clients are very satisfied with the quality of the shirts and the print service.

When you have a quality product with a quality print you will have fewer customers returning products and requesting refunds.

If you are in business selling T-shirts, you need to have the quality to go with it or you won’t have the repeated customers which we depend on for profits. A returned customer means less advertising for another sale.

Their software platform interconnects nicely with your store making the transition seamless. And because they handle their own printing they ensure it’s always top-notch prints.

Of course like Printify, you will have to have your own storefront to advertise your products.

Printful Complaints

-Their fulfillment time seems to be a little on the slow side even before covid came around.

-Their prices and shipping costs seem to be a little high leaving very little profit.

-They often seem to have incorrect address information with their customers at times. Some complained that Printful contacted them and said the package was returned due to unable to find the address. This has happened several times with the same customer and product. When they checked the address it was correct so what is going on here is anyone’s guess, this does raise a red flag to me.

-However, they do hide the fact that their service is very slow and some customers are believing they just say things about the wrong address because they have not sent it out yet.

What Is The Best Print On Demand? - Comments from customers

-They don’t seem to like to give refunds either as one customer is out $500 and they don’t seem to want to fulfill the order or refund his money back.

-They either make up lies about why the order is not shipped yet or they are so disorganized that they lost control of their customer’s addresses and phone numbers claiming the address was not found and was returned to the company.


  • The biggest problem with this company is their high cost to get a product to the customer, leaving very little profit. Keep in mind you also have to advertise with the little profit you do get because not like Redbubble, you have to do your own advertising.
  • The second problem they have is keeping up with the demand, they take a long time to get an order to your door and it’s coming from your own Country, wow. Sounds like they are understaffed but I am not sure the real reason for it.
  • They have a lot of excuses of why orders are not shipped on time.
  • They don’t like to refund the money so don’t expect a refund from this company.


What Is TeeSpring About

What Is The Best Print On Demand? - Discover Creators and their products

These guys are a little different again however they appear to be similar to Redbubble in some ways.

They have their own built-in storefront just like Redbubble and the shirts you see are ones created by the users.

This means you don’t have to worry about creating a webpage or StoreFront like Printify or Printful or Subliminator.

You will build your storefront on TeeSpring where you can display your products you created.

Creating a design and printing it is pretty much like the rest of them, pick the product and create your design.

Upload it to your store where others can see it and you’re done in a few minutes.

They don’t print out single items, they wait until you have a big enough demand on your store before they will start printing.

When someone buys a product they will buy it through your storefront on TeeSpring. TeeSpring will then create the order and ship it out. The remaining money left over is your profit. This is great in the sense that you don’t even have to worry about collecting the money. Just create a design, upload it and you are done.

No Marketing

The difference between TeeSpring and Redbubble is that TeeSpring does not market the product for you as Redbubble does so you have to bring customers to your own store via your social media or advertising just like Printify and Printful and Subliminator.

This of course will cost a fair amount of money and time.

TeeSpring Print Quality

Their print quality is no better than Redbubble, in fact, they have a lot of negative reviews on the quality of their print product.

Their T-Shirts are not as high quality as Printify and their colors are faded just like Redbubble’s.


  • They don’t print single items and wait until they have a big enough order before printing. This causes a delay in bringing in a profits. It can also drive customers away.
  • I do not consider Teespring to be in a beginner’s best interest because they will only show a certain quantity of your products to potential customers. They cut back on showing your products until you have built up a good score. This is done through selling a lot of products by bringing in customers to your store.
  • There are just too many complaints about the quality of print, service, delivery, and lack of support.
  • Their customer service is lacking service, it takes them a long time to respond if they ever do.

Despite these con’s, they do seem to be growing each year and yes there are plenty of happy customers as well.



What Is The Best Print On Demand? - Sell on demand print cut and sew shirts

This company is considered the high-end of the POD services. They specialize in what we call “all-over print” items as you can see in the above photo. They can print on the entire product like a bathing suit pattern.

Their print quality is of the highest you will find due to what is called the sublimation printing process. It’s not just a color added to your product but blended within the fabrics.

You also won’t experience fading due to washing and the colors are of excellent quality.

They also have an app where you can add to your store and you can sell any of the products they already have available you can sell to get started fast making money. When someone clicks on the picture of the product they are taken to the store where they can make the purchase.

What Makes Subliminator Stand Out

For one, these guys can print on anything, they have swim trunks, hoodies, car seats sweat pants, you name it, they can print it.

And two, they put super quality detail into their products resulting in the best print product you will find. The print will last for years, not weeks or washes but YEARS.

They will print on the material first then create the shirt. This will take a little longer to create due to the process however the product will be of the best quality you will find.

They don’t have a storefront like Printify and Printful so you will have to create your own storefront and do your own advertising.

As good as they are they still have some complaints.


-One complained about the product showing up a little dirty from the print process however after a wash it came out excellent.

-The biggest and seems their only problem is their customer service which appears to be lacking experience in dealing with and solving problems. One customer had spent a couple of weeks trying to solve a problem with customer service until the CEO jumped in and had it solved in 15 minutes. Wow, that is very impressive to see the CEO stepping in to help solve a problem.

What Is The Best Print On Demand? - Complaint comment

-Some other complaints were about the length of time it takes for customer service to get back to you to solve a problem, 3 to 5 weeks is considered typical with this company which is not acceptable. Again this is with their customer service. On the other hand, they do their best to deal with the customers.


  • The downside is that they print all their products in Asia which takes a longer time to get your product. This is OK if your stocking the product however when a customer orders a hoodie they are not expecting to have to wait 2 – 3 weeks to get it. And during these hard times with covid, it may even take longer.
  • Customer service is not up to par with their printing service, 2 to 3 weeks is just too long of a wait for them to get back to you. However, they do get back to you and solve any problems you may have.
  • You will have to build a storefront yourself and advertise the products. This is not such a big deal today.
  • It’s a great place but I don’t believe it’s a good place for a beginner to start off unless you were to take the free website training course first here. The link will take you to my review of the program so you can learn more.

Which POD Is The Best?

As you now know they are all different in some way or another but in my opinion:

  1. If you are a beginner and are interested in giving print business a go then it would make more sense to go with Redbubble because the print is the same as TeeSpring and they will advertise for you and they don’t hold back views from you just because you are a newbie like with TeeSpring. Plus you don’t have to worry about setting up any webpage storefront on your own which you will need training.
    1. Once you gain some experience and wish to expand out to maximize profits you can take a FREE course here to learn about building a webpage and finding free traffic.
  2. However, if you already have a webpage or know how to build one then you can go with Printify, Printful or for more products and for the highest quality printing go with Subliminator. In my opinion, I believe Printify would be the best choice for the following reasons:
    1. They offer a good quality shirt and products with good printing service
    2. Their lower cost leaves you with a higher profit
    3. Their delivery service is good so you won’t get issues there.
  3. On the other hand, if you are serious and ready to build a business in selling your own branded products I would recommend taking the training here on handling a webpage.
    1. Then come back and join one of the 3 better print services. With good quality print and good customer service, you will have many repeated customers. That is when you will start to see your efforts explode.
    2. For your own branding and specialty products, you will have no choice but to go with Subliminator. But this one is not for the beginner.

Here’s How I Make A Living Online?

Well, that is it for What Is The Best Print On Demand, I think I covered everything to help you to decide which one is for you.

I have been making a living online now for the past 4 years and from my experience, I found the best way to make a living online is with Affiliate Marketing and here’s why:

  • you don’t need a product
  • you are not tied to any product to promote or company
  • there is no recruiting as in MLM’s
  • no dealing with customers
  • No dealing with products
  • pay raises come naturally as more people find your site
  • it’s the lowest entry-level into online marketing
  • the income is unlimited
  • you get to design your own website and be dependant free

The best part is that everything you do towards your own business builds to greater potential. No one can shut you down because you are an independent business. If a product is no longer available or you can get it cheaper somewhere else great.

And you will always have an income even while you sleep or go on vacation.

If you enjoyed my article please share a few words below in the comments. If you feel I left something out or if you have personal experience with any of these PODs please share it with us below, I am sure others would appreciate it.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Print On Demand? (Part 2)”

  1. Hi,

    Very good and in-depth review of POD services.

    It’s difficult to choose which is best?

    As they all have good and bad points. As you say, going with red bubble is probably best for someone starting out.

    However, subliminator products look awesome! If your not worried about the turnaround time.

    Great information and very helpful fir anyone, including myself that’s looking to get some personalised t shirts.


    • Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us and your warm comments I appreciate it. I try to put in enough information about each company so others can have an educated decision. I do believe I narrowed it down pretty well according to your comment. Yes, I do believe if you are just starting out with T-Shirt printing, Red Bubble would be the best choice for you. Once you start making some money I would recommend expanding your knowledge by taking up the training Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, it’s FREE for the first 10 lessons. If you do decide to continue with your own website you can join for a small monthly fee and continue with your training which is essential in any online business, it’s also the cheapest you will find. I would then have a look at the subliminator for their products is very unique which will draw a lot of customers. Wealthy Affiliate will also train you on how to find free traffic which is a great way to advertise when starting out. This way you pay for paid advertising only on the products that are selling the most.

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    Good luck

    • Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my post however I don’t appreciate spammers or scammers attacking my readers.
      As I have mentioned in all my articles, there are a lot of scammers online these days and it’s only going to get worse. The problem with online is that scammers hide behind the cloud and you never know who you really are dealing with because you never see a face and if you do it’s probably a person acting for them as I have covered in many of the scams I have reviewed.

      Quite frankly I would not recommend contacting anyone via an email that uses a number for a name. It’s also just a Gmail email meaning it’s not even from a real company and if the person is not a real company they don’t stand a chance of getting anyone’s money back. I just have a hard time believing it’s legit. In fact, you yourself do not use a real name in your email or a photo so I would not recommend anyone to follow your advice. You also have posted this same message across several of my articles which is considered spamming. Spamming is considered as a scammer in case you didn’t know. You put this article here so others can send you an email and you can sell it to spammers.

      Do not email either email in Sunny Leone post, to me it takes on the feel and look of a scammer. In fact, I will leave the email but remove some of the letters and add XXXX’s so no one uses it yet you can still see what it looks like.

      Thank you for dropping by but we are here to prevent scams not create them.


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