How To Know A Scam

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Welcome to ‘How To Know A Scam’.

After spending years trying to find a program that would teach me to make money online I discovered there were more fake ones than real programs. I have to admit I was ready to give it up several times while searching but deep down I knew a good program existed.

To my surprise, there were several legit programs available that offered different opportunities.

After finding the program I decided to write an article not only to help others to avoid the scams but also to point out the legit ones and explain what they are about and what to expect from them.

This no doubt in my mind will help you to determine which one is best for you.

A lot of people fall prey to the scammers that promise the world yet fail to deliver.

Unfortunately, like others, I found myself butting heads with many different flaky, less than stellar make money online training programs. That’s alright because I knew there were legit ways and my persistence paid off.

The truth is the majority of people that venture online eventually feel they got jacked around leaving a bad taste causing them to quit.

This is so sad because there are actually legit programs out there, you just have to find them.

The trick is don’t let some jerk discourage you from your dream, it’s up to you to keep looking.

If you happen to be one of those considering giving up, hang on. Please read my article, I feel certain I can help you to find the legit program suited for you.

There’s a lot of bad apples in the basket that make the few good ones look bad.

I believe with the proper knowledge we can knock out most of those bad apples…

… and that is why I created this site.

I started with educating my brothers that served alongside me. The advice I share can be used and work for anyone looking to venturing online.

So stick around while I bring you up to speed on “how to know a scam“.

The Tell Tail Signs Of A Scam

How To Know A Scam - tell tail signs

All scams without a doubt have their uniqueness to them. Most use the same tricks or tactics to try and lure you into their trap.

I have completed plenty of reviews on programs in which I point out these tell-tail signs and after a while, you will become aware of them as well.

This will be of the utmost importance when you find a program I have not completed a review upon, it will help you to determine if it’s legit or not.

I have to warn you though, there are some very clever programs that don’t have the easy to spot, tell tail signs and require a little more digging.

After reading this article go check out some of the reviews I have completed and compare them with the list below. You will see that once I point out the things that make them a scam it will be very easy to recognize yourself.


1. Video Sales Pitch

The internet is full of Video Sales Pitches which started to pop up around the year 2000 and have been growing ever since. The rate of success with this type of sales pitch is very low. You watch a video about an hour or two long which is supposed to pump you up and make you excited to buy. Once you’re in, most of them will up-sell a higher cost training package. There’s no “try before buy” and the only way to know exactly what you’re getting is to buy.

So if all you see is a video of someone yapping off about all the money they made…

Chances are it’s a scam, so be aware.

2. Promoted By Another Big Player

This is a powerful way to make millions literally overnight for the big influencers. Most of the big players started over 10 years ago which put them on the front lines of success. No one was familiar with online marketing so their products sold very easily.

Now you will find these big players supporting each other by promoting each other’s products. They don’t necessarily agree with each other’s programs but as the saying goes, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

Personally, I would avoid these as well.

3. No Support

Ok, this is an easy one to test. Just send an email to their support team and see how long it takes to get a response. The quicker the better and no response after 2 days forget it. This type of ad is out for the quick buck. They will run the ad on different media until it stops responding, then create another one. You will even see several versions of the same ad. This is their way of finding their best pulling ad.

4. Has Many Up-sells

An up-sell should be indicated prior to you purchasing the main product. If you pay $100 for a product it doesn’t mean you are willing to pay out another $500 to access the rest of the training. This has become very popular online and they are called “The Low Ticket” items. They get you in the door with a low price and then as soon as you purchased they hit you with a higher price while you are still “hot”. There is no telling how many times they will hit you up for more money. I firmly believe any additional products required should be disclosed upfront not hidden till after your initial purchase. Only look for the training programs that allow you to “try before you buy”.

5. Hugh Money claims

I am sure everyone has seen these outrageous claims of making thousands in 2 weeks. I have seen some that now claim you can make $2000 in the next 24 hours. Anything with a big-money claim is a scam so stay away no matter how good it sounds. Just don’t fall for the “make quick money” crap.

6. Can’t contact the owner

This one goes along with the support one. If you can’t contact those running the business they shouldn’t get yours. So try and reach out to the company and if no contact then no business. You’re going to see a lot more of these fake businesses in the coming years.

How To Know A Scam - off to jail

7. Guarantee

This one always annoys me and I will tell you why. When I was younger I used to see guarantees becoming popular on products to show that the manufacturer is serious about the quality of their product. Today the scammers have destroyed the value of the word “Guarantee” which is a shame. Today you can’t trust the word “Guarantee” and the scammers are trying to use it to gain your trust… don’t fall for it. These usually indicate a high ticket price with a low valued product.

8. Last Chance

“Here’s your last chance to grab the special offer. After today it’s gone forever” This is another one that irks me so much. They try and make you believe that it’s your last chance to get the product, yet it shows up in your inbox the next day. To test this one just…

… damn you don’t need to test it, just walk away.

9. Live Webinar

I have attended a few of these “live” webinars to learn about the program they call, “best training program”. These are professionally put together and look very convincing. They last at least an hour and cover all the things YOU WANT TO HEAR. When you try to ask to questions or leave a comment you either can’t or if you can they don’t show the comments to everyone. This protects them from those attending that recognize it’s a scam from commenting on the webinar warning others. This is another one to stay away from, they are just not being honest with you.

10. Fancy Car

You know what I’m talking about, those videos that show you the big mansion, fancy cars. They flash in front of you everything they own and say you can have it all too. Most of these pictures are fake so don’t fall for them, and if they are real they made their money from multiple places that started years back.


I think I covered the majority of the scam techniques in How To Know A Scam.

Keep in mind there are other techniques and new ones appearing all the time but they all will have several of these techniques or tips in them.

As I come across new ones I will add them to the list so be sure to check back once in a while.

You can save this page by clicking on the star in the top address so you can quickly retrieve it as a reference.

Over time you will start to recognize the patterns but it will take practice.

If your not sure about a program just ask me below and I will check it out for you.

How I Make A Living Online

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When I first got started in Affiliate Marketing I had a ton of questions and I’m sure you will too.

Let me know if you found this article helpful below.

If you know of someone that can use this information please share it.

Click here to learn how I make a living online.

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12 thoughts on “How To Know A Scam”

  1. I liked your tips on how to know a scam, and this will help many of us avoid being scammed again online.

    It is very scary not knowing if something you are paying for is on the up or a scam, but now thanks to you we know what to look for.


    • I am pleased you enjoyed the article Jeff. Yes I am sure it will help and as I come across more of their little tricks they try and use I will be sure to add them to the list. I sure wish something like this was available when I got started years ago. You know it’s really sad how some have no remorse gouging and steeling from others.

      Thanks for your comment Jeff,

  2. This is an informative page and I believe you’ve covered everything, good job there. I’ve fallen for a few of the “easy money online” and spent money on what was a landing page and then more expensive offers with little or no training.

    • I am sorry to hear that but your not alone Dave. Without some kind of enforcement to the internet it’s up to us to be the Good Samaritan and educate each other on the subject. There’s nothing worse then to read an ad that promises the world to you and you pay out your hard earned cash only to find yourself on a landing page offering yet another purchase of something else not even related to the ad. And guarantees, don’t get me started on them, they no longer hold any value.

      I cover a lot of these scam programs within my product reviews, no doubt you will probably be familiar with some of them.

      Thanks for your comment Dave
      All the best

    • I am pleased you liked my article. Yes it is true, some are posting a lot of products but can’t handle the amount of feedback when they get customers. It’s important in any business to grow slow so you can adjust to business changes if not your customers will leave you and call you a scam because you didn’t get back to them in time to solve their problem. I attended a webinar one time with over 800 customers. The company hosting it was a legit company but they made changes to their log in the day before the webinar and now they had to deal with hundreds of angry people because they no longer can log into their account. As you can see it can happen to a legit company as well.

      I appreciate your comment Randi thanks for dropping by,

  3. This is a very informative post. Thank you very much for your guidance, and I can relate to it. Because there are many scams out there, and in a sense, they can leave a person feeling like the online business is just an illusion

    Great article

    • Thank you and I am pleased you found value from my post. I do agree with you when you say it can leave a person feeling a distrust and it’s all just a big scam. The truth is there are a lot of people making money selling products as an affiliate online. The problem is many don’t have the time or money to spend to find a good program. And the sad thing is the price of the training does not effect the quality of the training, in fact what I have seen is most of the high price tag items are the biggest scams out there.

      Most of them force you to spend money on their product first, then tell you what you’re getting. These are the ones to stay away from. Always try before you buy, if they don’t have that solution then go elsewhere.

      If your looking for a good honest and low cost program then check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate.

      You won’t be disappointed.

      Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it.

  4. You nailed it in the head. It is easy to understand and follow. The more people can understand what you highlighted here the less people will fall for scams. I will share your post to alert other to spot scams. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Lucky for your awesome comment. Making a living online is possible and can be a lot of fun for everyone. Following my tips in this article it will surely help to prevent from falling for those scams. As I come across more of scammers tricks I will add them to the post.

      Thanks for reading and sharing my article Lucky,

  5. This is an interesting read. I think anyone interested in making money online will either fall victim to some kind of scam or be hindered by the number of scams out there hiding the good ones.

    I don’t necessarily look at them all as scams, but there are definitely a lot of marketers out there who want me to pay big bucks without caring if it’s right for me. Not a scam, just unethical.

    I like all your tips for spotting a scam, particularly contacting their support for a temperature check.

    • True, not all may be considered a scam because they do offer training or product for your money. However, if the training does not help you in achieving success online then to me it’s a scam, in legal terms it is not a scam. Another example is that if the only ones that are making money are the owner or creator of the program then again I would call it a scam because it is. In legal terms again it would be considered legit unless taken to court which of course you have a high chance of proving it is a scam because no one can make money with it.

      Then there are the ones that lay on the fence where you make a few bucks but will never see any great profit from it. Some of the MLM’s lay in this area so one has to do their research first before trying some of these programs. If I completed a review on the product of interest, you will save time and money by just reading it.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment today Alex I appreciate it.
      Take care now and all the best.


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