How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Free

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I am going to show you learn how to become an affiliate marketer for free? You will learn everything there that’s required to getting started with affiliate marketing. That’s right, FREE, and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up.

Since the pandemic began over a year ago many countries continue to experience various degrees of lockdowns and restrictions to people’s lives. Visiting family and friends, shopping and even business have been changing at an accelerated rate we never expected.

Take a moment to really think about how many people around the globe have either lost their job or been asked to work from home.How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Free

Of the ones who were asked to work from home do you honestly believe they will go back to offices?

Not likely!

Now that companies have been awakened to the cost-effectiveness of using remote workers do you really think they are anxious to go back to providing high-cost office space?

Of course not, working from home is here to stay my friend.

For those of us who are parents, look at the childcare expense savings and the hassle of trying to find a childcare facility.

If you are working from home, why would you waste time and money on daycare if you don’t need to?

In the case of both partners working from home, you can delegate shifts for who works so the kiddos are always cared for.

Just like that the world has made incredible changes, my question to you is have you changed with it?

What have you done to adapt to the new world?

Are you one of the few is working from home? Maybe you are one of the unlucky ones to find yourself unemployed?

Can we afford to wait for the government to take care of us? We all know the answer to that one?

This is why so many have shifted their mindset to working for themselves by building a business online.

In either case, if you are working from home or you’re out of work – why not work for yourself online?

The technology and training are there to make it easy for us to get started and you will never have a boss get laid off again.

You can easily start a business online and there are several business models to choose from including the top pick that got us started – you can learn more about it in our review here.

In this article, we will take a closer look at affiliate marketing so you will have a better idea of what it’s about and how you can get started.

What is affiliate marketing?

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Free - business partners shaking hands

Basically, affiliate marketing is just an arrangement between an influencer (you) and a company.

You agree to promote a company’s product for them and they agree to pay you a commission for any sales you generate.

Kinda like in the photo above, you are shaking hands with real business owners to sell their products, albeit you don’t get to meet them in person.

Any sales you do generate will go directly into your Paypal, bank account depending on which one you pick.

In some cases, the company may give you a higher commission on the number of products you sell.

The amount you receive as commission depends on the product which can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. As well some may be a one-time commission and others may bring in a residual income.

What’s an influencer?

Well, that is just a person who has an audience that knows, likes and trusts them.

How does affiliate marketing work?

All businesses want to make more revenue, grow and dominate their particular market. In order to do this, they must continuously attract more customers while also convincing existing customers to purchase more.

Almost since the dawn of the internet, one way businesses do this is to partner with influencers (affiliates like you) who will promote their How To Become An Affiliate Marketer For Free - build an audiencebusiness to their followers. This naturally creates more customers, increases sales and revenues.

So why don’t they just pay for advertising?

Well, many of them do, but partnering with affiliates is much more cost-effective since they only pay for results (sales commissions).

Another reason they may prefer to work with affiliates is it works so well.

What do I mean?

Well, when you use a certain product or service and you are really happy with it you naturally want to tell all your friends about it right?

Then your friends check it out and decide for themselves if they want to try it as well. If they like it or not they will share their experience with their friends and family.

Seems like the perfect no-pressure sales system to me. It is because someone else tried it out first so others don’t have to.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, you will need to become an influencer. You will need to grow an audience who know, like, and trust you.

It takes time but that is how the affiliate marketing system works.

Who are the parties involved?

For any system to work there are key elements that must work together in order for the whole process to run smoothly.

The Merchant

The merchant is the company or seller of the product or service you will be promoting. The merchant can be either an individual or an entire big company. It is their responsibility to deliver the product or service you sell on their behalf. They are also responsible for providing you with marketing materials, banners, photos, product descriptions, all the things you will need to successfully market their product or service.

The Affiliate

This is the person (you) who implements a variety of strategies to market and promote the merchant’s product or service in order to generate a commission for each sale. They are generally webmasters or bloggers. They will use links, banners, and ads amongst other strategies to promote the products and services they have partnered with.

The Consumer

The consumer is each individual customer who clicks on or follows the marketing elements that have been put in place to purchase a product from a merchant. This includes your audience, friends, and family who may be interested in these products.

The affiliate network

The affiliate network refers to the digital platform or software between the merchant and the affiliate that manages referral link clicks, sales, and payouts. It is an intermediary body that is automated to track the affiliates’ clicks and sales while calculating payments due from the merchant.

Getting Started

If you’re anything like me you are probably thinking, “Sounds great but I have no idea where to even begin.”

I remember being there thinking that exact thought.

It sounds great and you’re so pumped you just want to get started but how?

Find a training program

Fortunately, we stumbled upon this fantastic training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the most complete training package we have ever found during our research to building an online business.

The best part is you get to sign up for FREE and they give you 10 FREE full lessons. Don’t take these lessons lightly, they will teach and guide you to build a website of your own to promote products. At the end of the lessons, you will have a full working website up and running.

They also give you full access to everything for a full 7 days while you get to try it out to decide for yourself if this is something you would like to continue with.

There is also an online community where you can ask questions and you always seem to get an answer within minutes. I have never before seen any community where people truly help one another.

I love the “try before you buy” model especially when you don’t require a credit card.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I actually had my website up and live before I was through the third lesson. How’s that for effective training?

Anyways if you do decide to upgrade it is only a very affordable $49/month, we definitely saw the value and have never looked back.

In fact, we both have our own website that we get to have fun with.

Select a niche

Building a strong online presence and becoming an influencer takes time and effort.

The easiest way to get established online is to start a blog-based website.

It will take time and effort to build out your site with quality content.

I have found it is so much easier to write content when it is on a topic you have a strong interest in.

You will be spending a fair bit of time researching and writing content so be sure to choose a niche you enjoy learning about.

Don’t pick a niche because you think it is popular, you need to be passionate about it or you won’t be able to stick with it long enough to see success.

One of the things I really love about Wealthy Affiliate is how well they teach you how to find your niche. Kyle does a fantastic job of explaining it so I will leave that to him.

Build your platform

Success Is Not Overnight

Anyone that tries to tell you that you can get rich overnight is not being truthful with you.

It does take a bit of time to build your platform and business but the good news is that Wealthy Affiliate guides you every step of the way to ensure you get it right.

Another really cool service they offer is they give you a Domain Name for free and they provide a hosting service as well.

This normally costs a lot of money however they offer it for free to help you get started with no money down.

You can purchase your own Domain Name later on if you do decide to continue with the training which they will also host for you as well.

Again Kyle guides you step by step through the process in the training.

Like I said earlier, the training is so complete that my very first website was up and live within the first three lessons with no help from my husband.

The training even includes SEO so we can be ranked on the search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo, which is absolutely essential.

Ready to get started? May I suggest to…

Click here to read our full review on Wealthy Affiliate first, the review goes into much more detail in what you will be getting for training, what products are included and the cost to continue with the training if you do decide to stick with it.

Find products

Finding products to promote is great fun.

The biggest thing to consider here is to ensure you select products that are relevant to your niche. In other words, make sure they are products your audience will appreciate hearing about and want to purchase.

Find a problem your audience has and then offer them a solution. It really is that simple.

There are plenty of places to find products and again Wealthy Affiliate does a fantastic job of teaching you where and how to find products. You can even become an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate and promote their training as I am doing in this article.

So if you do decide to go premium I will get a small commission for the efforts in helping you find the training that will work for you. By using my link you will save 60% on the cost of your first month’s payment. So you see we both benefit from you clicking on my link and I get to help you on the inside.

Of course, I love their program so much, I would recommend it whether I was an affiliate or not because it really is great training and support program plus you don’t need to buy anything else to make it work.

Promote the products

Again the training Wealthy affiliate offers will walk you through the process of promoting your products.

Simply write product reviews giving your honest opinion as I have done in this article.

Don’t worry if you are not sure how to write a product review, Kyle goes through this in detail within the training. He’s been doing this for almost 20 years so he makes it really easy to follow.

You will also learn how to take advantage of social media platforms, they can really help drive traffic to your site.

There is plenty of training on that as well. In fact, Jay did excellent training on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. It was fantastic, I strongly encourage you to check out.

It’s Your Move

Now that I have shown you how to become an affiliate marketer for free, it’s up to you to take the action and start learning online marketing so you can build a thriving online business of your own.

We all know this past year has been difficult and we are still not back to normal yet.

Online business is certainly the way of the future so why not start building yours today.

My husband and I started online marketing over 4 years ago now and have never worked for anyone else since. We truly are loving our new lifestyle.

Seriously, if you need to work from home anyway, why not work for yourself and make your dreams come true.

We have learned that becoming an affiliate marketer has been made so much easier with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training is second to none and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Click Here To Read Our Review and then click on the link to get started for FREE.

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