Why Are Goals Important For Success?

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In this article I will be covering Why Are Goals Important For Success? I can remember back in high school being asked, “What do you want to do with your life?” Of course back then I didn’t really have an answer and in all honestly I didn’t know how to figure that out especially at such a young age.

I had no idea that I would set out on a path and then change direction several times before I found my true passion.

What I have learned through the years is that it doesn’t really matter what we choose to do as much as setting a course and heading off in that direction.

Lets explore “Why Are Goals Important For Success?


Why Set Goals?

We need to set goals so we know what direction we are heading. If we have no goals it is too easy to get side-tracked at every opportunity. We wander from one thing to another and never focus in one direction which prevents us from getting anywhere.


Why Are Goals Important For Success - sailing
I love to sail

According to Wikipedia, setting a goal is the primary objective of an action plan. Setting goals gives the possibility of your dreams and prospects being brought to life.

My husband and I love sailing so I’ll use that as an example. Where do you suppose we would end up if we failed to set a course. Oh we would have some fun out sailing but would never go anywhere except perhaps around in circles.

Wouldn’t it be more effective and perhaps less frustrating if we first picked a destination. Then we could gather appropriate supplies, plot our course, set our sails and head off. Checking our compass to stay on track and reach our destination in a safe and timely manner.

To me that sounds much more fun and rewarding than just aimlessly sailing nowhere.

That is why we need to set goals, so we don’t aimlessly meander through life never accomplishing anything.


How To Set Goals

The first step is to determine what it is you want to achieve. Do you want to make more money, get that promotion, lose weight, get fit?

Be sure you choose something you want to accomplish not something you believe others are expecting of you. What others think or want for you is of no concern.

This is YOUR LIFE we talking about. Decide for yourself what that life should look like.

It may help to ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to offer my family/community and to the world?
  • How do I want to grow?
  • What really interests me that I don’t mind spending a lot of time on

It is okay if you are still thinking pretty broad at this point but let’s narrow those goals down.


Really Define Those Goals

We need to prioritize our goals. We can’t tackle every area of our life at once. That could be too overwhelming and leave us unable to accomplish anything.

Why don’t we split those goals into three tiers. The first tier is most important to you and may come more naturally. The second and third tier goals are not as important to you and may be more specific or limited.

For example first tier goals could be : improve my health or start a business.

Second tier could be: keep my room clean or learn to speak french.

Third tier could be: Learn to knit or do laundry more regularly.

Be specific about your your goals. Just to be healthier is too broad and leaves you unclear as to what to do to achieve it.

Instead, if you were to say “Exercise more and eat better”, it’s ok but still not quite clear enough.

However if you were to say ” Exercise 3 time a week and eat 3 servings of fruit and vegetables each day”, well that leaves you with a pretty clear picture of what you need to do.

You also need to think about all the little steps to take along the way to get you to your goal. For example choosing a fruit cup instead of fries or taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Will you go to the gym or walk around the neighborhood?


Set a Time Frame To Achieve Your Goal

You need to set a realistic time frame within which to accomplish your goal. again you need to be a little more specific here because there will likely be little steps along the way that need to be completed as you work toward that main goal.Why Are Goals Important For Success? - working out

For example in order to work out at the gym you first need to:

  • buy a gym membership
  • buy sneakers and workout clothing
  • register for any classes you may wish to take.

To eat healthier you may need to

  • purge your cupboards and refrigerator of unhealthy food
  • perhaps learn how to meal plan
  • then purchase healthy groceries.

Do you see how all these little steps need to be completed along the way of achieving the main goal of getting fit or losing weight?


Make Sure Your Goal Is Measurable

It is critical that you track your progress. It will help keep you on track when you see exactly what steps you are working on.

Tracking your progress can also keep you motivated as you see tasks being completed along the way.

Why Are Goals Important For Success? - fitbit watch
Fitbit watch

Decide how you will track your progress:

  • will you use a fitbit
  • activity app
  • good old fashioned pen and paper

Knowing how you are doing along the journey is crucial to actually reaching your goal.

Another helpful tip is to reward yourself along the way.


Be Realistic

I admit it would be awesome to climb Everest but lets be realistic. I don’t go out climbing often enough to make that achievable for me. I have other priorities that take up my time.

Managing expectations can go a long way towards ensuring we don’t get too overwhelmed or discouraged.

Not only should we be realistic about what we can achieve but also about the time it takes to achieve it.

Seriously though I would love to lose 30 pounds and that is doable but it is unrealistic to think I can achieve that in a month.

So manage your timeline expectations as well.


Create An Action Plan

This is where it gets real. Creating an action plan simply means to outline all the necessary steps in order to achieve your goal.

List the steps in the order in which they need to be completed and post them where you will see them several times throughout the day.

Seeing your action plan in front of you will help keep you on track.

It also acts a great motivator when you get to cross off completed tasks.


Overcome Obstacles

Think of potential obstacles and create a plan to overcome them.

Obstacles could be a lack of information, so perhaps you need to do some research or take a course.

There could be financial obstacles so maybe you need to get a business loan or perhaps find a business partner.

Emotions such as fear or anxiety can be internal obstacles. In that case talking about your fears with a trusted friend or professional could be a big help.

The key here is to identify possible situations that could derail your best efforts to accomplish your goal then come up with a solid actionable plan to eliminate each obstacle.



Now you may have an idea Why Are Goals Important for Success. It is very true, our goals are critical to achieving success in any area of life because they give you a firm direction in which to apply your efforts. Just like in sailing, it is only after we have determined our destination that we can plot our course and trim our sails.

Could you imagine the disaster our websites would be if we did not take the time to set goals for content creation or answering questions in a timely manner.

We have learned that our business as well as our life runs so much more smoothly when we properly goal set and establish a game plan.

We check our progress daily to ensure we stay on track for our goals and as a result we experience steady growth.


If you are at all interested in establishing your own blogging website I would encourage you to check out our Wealthy Affiliate Product Review.

With  proper goal-setting and a renewed focus, there really is no telling how far you can go.

Good luck and please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Why Are Goals Important For Success?”

  1. Yes I agree with you goal setting is very important for success in what ever we do. My biggest problem in goal setting is my lack of confidence in my self. With out the confidence I am not very strong on goal setting.

    Thank you for sharing this great article, I am sure those that have a better confidence will benefit from it.

    Wish you the best,

    • Yes one’s self confidence does have an impact on the results for sure but I have found that there are other determining factors which also effect your confidence level. When helping other entrepreneurs with goal settings the first thing I help them to to clear up is:

      -is it even possible to be done? Once this is cleared up then…
      -Ok, but can “I” do it? This is where our own confidence comes in.

      the next thing then to consider is…
      -How bad do I want it, what am I willing to give in return for it.

      All these factors has to be considered when making goal decisions. And then there’s the size of the goal. If we make our goal too big and it takes too long to achieve the little goals then all the other factors start to show their ugly face’s again.

      And one negative though breeds another and another until it over powers you.
      Check our my other articles:

      What Is A Positive Attitude?
      What Is The Law Of Attraction?

      All education systems, games etc have kept these factors in mind when developing them.
      And we should too when developing our own goals.

      Thank you so much for your comment Jo
      I wish you all the best,

  2. Why are goals important for success is full of great points and tips we all can use to accomplish our goals.

    Since many of us experience anxiety when working towards some of our goals, how do you recommend we accomplish our goals without causing ourselves to become so overwhelmed?


    • Hi Jeff its good to hear from you. Anxiety is caused by intense or unwanted normal everyday situations in our lives.

      -Remove the situation and the anxiety will diminish.
      -If you were to get use to the situation by getting better at dealing with it, it will also diminish.

      I try to analyze why I am feeling it. Once I know what is causing it I would try and avoid it. In times when I can’t avoid it then I would learn to improve my skills.

      As Jim Rohn would say, “Don’t wish it was easier! Wish you were better!

      I would also try and turn things into a game and have fun with it when possible. When it comes to our GOALS you have to keep the bigger picture in mind. And set smaller goals to reach along the way. Just know your limits and set the small goals so you can reach them.

      One baby step at a time will get you to your goal. It’s also important to reward yourself after each goal. And always take time away from your work especially if you’re self employed.

      Thanks for your comment Jeff,
      All the best,

  3. Setting up goals can be a really great, thing along with motivation. I tend to set up my goals to be challenging but still realistic. Most of the people set their goals too high a majority fail reaching them. And just like you said, most of them set up goals to please others. Of course, the obstacles will accrue, but that is just a phase when we need to work even harder to overcome them.
    Thanks for this inspiring article Rick.

    • Thanks for the comment Srdjan.

      Congratulations to you on setting realistic yet challenging goals for yourself. By remaining true to yourself and with perseverance you will achieve them, don’t ever give up.

      Yes life throws us curve balls from time to time, it is what we do with them that makes the difference.

      Maintaining a positive attitude as I discussed in my article, “What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important” is key to success in anything we attempt.

      Best wishes to you my friend.



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