Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam?

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Welcome to my review Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam? Or does he offer legitimate advice for the next upcoming years during these troubled times.

Let’s face it, if you do not have any concern for our economy and even the state of your Country, you have been casting a blind eye to the events that are unfolding before us.

For those that have a sincere concern for the outcome of the stocks and economy and the County as a whole, you may be interested in knowing if this guy actually knows what he is talking about.

For most, we just don’t have the time to invest in all the research nor do we possess the knowledge and therefore we depend on someone else’s wisdom to help us understand what really is going on.

And what should we be doing about it to protect ourselves and our loved ones?

In this review, I will dig deep into Rickards character to learn what he truly has to offer and should we be following his prophecy newsletter.

I want you to know that I am not associated with Jim Rickards Project Prophecy in any way. This is my honest and personal opinion on this training program which I will share with you the truth.

How someone pieces together all the facts that are required to make a prediction of what’s to come is fascinating. Jim does a very good job in explaining his thoughts and predictions. I like hearing the truth about the reality of a situation without buttering it up as our Government is well known for.

I don’t know about you but I am pretty tired of hearing all the twisted truth coming from our Governments these days.

It’s important to know that all these newsletters, tools, and software he offers are just used to guide you to make a decision. Keep in mind that no one can actually predict what will happen in the future. Using these powerful tools can help to us to take a good guess at it by looking at all the facts.

It is also advisable to seek out good advice from a financial advisor which I have covered here in a previous article on how to find one. As I have mentioned, this is not always an easy thing to do either.

Ok, let’s find out if this guy is worth listening to…

Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam? - New case for gold

Jim Rickards Project Prophecy

Owner:   Jim Rickards

Product:   Investing

Cost:    $199 per year

Best For:     Investors or anyone interested in what the future has to hold for us.

Summary:  This is a newsletter that is written by Jim Rickards and his team. They cover the possible outcome of the markets as well as other events that may have an impact on our economy.  Jim is known to predict future events with very good accuracy. I personally would recommend his newsletter and watch some of his personal interviews.

Recommend:   Yes

I do enjoy investing and it’s nice to get a good glimpse into what we can expect within the next few months or years. This gives me time to talk to my investor and move things around a bit if needed. If you’re interested in learning how I got started making money online you can check it out here.

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What Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy About?

Jim Rickard’s has a bi-weekly project PROPHECY NEWSLETTER which is one of the oldest financial newsletters in circulation and is updated on a regular basis. This no doubt keeps his die-hard readers interested because of what he has to say. He speaks in real-time about real events and backs it up with facts.

I will tell you this, he is the real deal here and not just some guy chit-chatting about everything but not talking about anything if you get what I mean.

Does he get it 100% correct, of course not and no one can? As he explains, there are a lot of forces or events leading to one event and sometimes something comes along to change the outcome. That is not to say it didn’t happen because it would of if it wasn’t for another force changing the outcome.

He did predict the 2008 predictions and yes many had indeed lost their home. The only reason the banks didn’t go under is that the central bank bailed them out as we all know. He also says that the banks won’t be there the next time to bail them out.

Is Project Prophecy A Legit Company?

Yes, it is, in fact, it’s a part of the mother company called Agora Financial which has been around since 1979.

That is a long time no doubt and on top of that, it’s also recognized by many other companies and organizations like Bloomberg, Crunchbase and BusinessWire.

It is also well known all across social media platforms with thousands of followers.

Because of its popularity, it has drawn in a lot of newcomers with very little knowledge of investing in the stock market. All it takes is one bad deal and they are ready to call it a scam.

Just by reading the reader’s reviews, you can tell they are not very knowledgeable about the markets.

I advised reading the newsletter for several months before investing in one of the suggested stocks.

I always suggest using a financial advisor as well.

CIA Strategic Study

Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam? - Gold's role for money

In Jim’s book called The Aftermath. He goes on to explain how his Project Prophecy predictions are based on the CIA’s Strategic Tools. These tools are used to study the analytics of data to predict future events.

There is a very clear connection between the collected data and the resulting events. By using the data just like a scientist you can very closely predict the outcome of pretty much anything.

One of the simplest tools is taking the average of a group’s decision. As he explains if you got a jar of jelly beans and get 1000 people to guess what the count is. You would get as close to the answer as a scientist can guess due to the average answer of all.

So in other words he doesn’t just guess at his predictions. He uses science in data form to help predict the outcome.

And how they predict most of the events is by using an AI computer to fill with the data to arrive at the end result.

Data Used In the AI

  • Company news
  • Government News and events
  • State of the market
  • State of the people
  • Financial standing of the company
  • Management of the company
  • Trends at the time
  • And anything else that they feel may affect the market

Cross Check The Recommendation

They don’t stop there either, they now have to back it up by cross-checking it against scientific disciplines which include:

  • Historical analysis
  • Behavioural psychology
  • The Bayes’ Theorem
  • The Complexity Theory

As you can see there is a lot that goes into his predictions and it’s not just a guessing game. This results in good information that one can use to help make a decision.

After checking around against some of the other financial newsletters for comparison. I can tell you that none of the rest goes so deep and uses so much real data for the predictions as he does.

Of course, it’s not 100% safe because after all, it is a prediction to use as a tool. In other words, you wouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket.

Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam? - sprott natural resource symposium

Get To Know Jim

He is known to get interviewed quite frequently and in fact, his most recent interview was in July 2020 during the Sprott Conference. During this interview, he covered several topics including the 2020 election which he had predicted Trump would win and the economic depression that he believes is on its way. I just finished watching it myself and found it to be very knowledgeable.

These interviews can be found on Youtube quite easily and I do recommend watching a few of them. This will allow you to get a feel for him and determine if his newsletter is for you or not.

I personally do not receive his newsletter however as I have mentioned I do enjoy listening to what he has to say.

Will, I ever buy his newsletter, I don’t know at this time, to be honest.

How Does Project Prophecy Work

Here is how it works. They offer a newsletter which I do believe is still free for the first month, it works like any financial newsletter which offers recommendations on the stock market.

The newsletter may cover everything from what may cause the change in the market to advising on markets to stay away from.

All recommendations are based upon making a return in the shortest possible time frame.

The difference between this one and others is the fact that this one is based on using an AI to sort through the solid data.

Who Can Benefit From Project Prophecy

Anyone interested in investing in the stock market as well those that are interested in knowing what’s happening to our economy so we may be well prepared for the worse possible scenario.

It’s also good advice for those in the medium to high-risk factor. Low risk is considered to be more for those wishing to stay safe to ensure they have their money in later years.

For myself, I find that low risk is like putting your money in the bank. You are loaning your money to someone else which in most cases doesn’t even cover inflation.

By playing the market using quality advice from his newsletter you can easily make some huge gains when compared to the low risk. However one needs to take precautions and only invest in small amounts so when one investment doesn’t play out as predicted you are not out by much and all your money is not tied up in one stock.

This is also for the short term which would be shorter than one year.

The longest I had put any money into high risk was for 8 months which gave a return of 42%. Keep in mind that these returns are not normal and there is no way to predict what kind of return you will get on any stock. It can also take several years before market changes, no one can really predict.

Right now with the economy so unstable, it’s a great time to dive into high-risk stocks. You can always start out with something under $1000 in each of 3 to 5 stocks.

This AI thing is great to help in judging the markets however keep in mind it’s not perfect.

How To Get Started With Project Prophecy?

First, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter which costs $199 per year. You can sign up online or even give them a call, either way, you will be subscribed to their newsletter.

Once subscribed you will start receiving their newsletter and access to all their services as follows:

  • The Project Prophecy X-Files – this is a handbook explaining how to execute trades safely and securely.
  • A six-part video series – these videos explain how you can turn $100 into a profitable investment.
  • The bi-weekly newsletter – is delivered every Tuesday and has recommendations to buy, hold and sell.
  • An alert phone call – this is for emergency buy/sell opportunities
  • A dedicated app – for notifications and news about the market
  • Sample portfolio – used to see historical data and projected prices
  • A “Sell” email – this is where you will get instant announcements on when to sell your stocks and the best prices to sell at.

For the price, you do get a lot of support and information. One does not have to make any investment deals or even right away.

My self, I am not registered for the newsletter, I don’t personally have the time or interest to spend so much time studying the stock market. I find it a lot more fun, easier, and safer by making money my way. Besides the income is a lot better as well.

If you are interested in knowing what I do for a living click here.

What I like About Jim Rickards Project Prophecy

  • I like that they use an AI to analyze the data as appose to humans who can easily make mistakes.
  • I also like the fact they check their results before recommending
  • The price is very affordable
  • You get a lot of information for the low price
  • Great training to get one started

What I don’t Like About Jim Rickards Project Prophecy

  • You are still playing the stock market which is very unstable
  • Does not provide for a steady income

How I Make A Living Online?

I hope you got some value out of my review, Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam?

There was a time when I got interested in the stock market however it was not steady enough for me as an income.

The program gives a lot of useful information to use for making decisions on investing however keep in mind it’s not foolproof. One needs to use their recommendations with caution and do your own research before investing.

You can make some quick profits however they won’t be steady.

For that reason, I would not recommend investing in the stock market if you and looking for a way to make money to live on.

Besides, for the amount of time, it takes to complete your own research on each stock they recommend you can have a website upbringing in a nice income with no worries about it crashing and losing all your money.

I was able to quit my day job and go full time making money online in one year.

Best way to make a living online

The best way to make a living online is with Affiliate Marketing. Why?


  • you don’t need a product
  • you are not tied to any product to promote
  • there is no recruiting involved
  • no investing
  • you get paid for every item sold plus advertising
  • you don’t have to pay a fee for a membership
  • pay raises come naturally as more people find your site
  • it is the lowest entry-level into online marketing

The best part is that everything you do towards your own business never goes away.

No one will shut you down because it’s your business. This is the right way to make money online.

And you will always have an income even while you sleep or go on vacation.

They also have a free trial period where you get to try it out before buying, and no credit card is required.

If you are interested in learning the easy way to make money online click here now

It is easier than you think and you can get started for free.

Please share.

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6 thoughts on “Is Jim Rickards Project Prophecy A Scam?”

  1. Hey Richard. I’m a fan of newsletter type services and particularly ones that have stood the test of time. Its incumbent on us all to be as informed as possible so for $199 / year, this seems like a pretty reasonable offer. The markets are really unpredictable so any insight for us novices is always nice. Will read up on Jim a little more and see where I land.

    Thanks for the tip.

    • Hi Jason, having a good newsletter to inform us of things we do not know of, is a smart move. How else will we get to know about the things that are important to us?
      I do enjoy his work, it’s very informative and he covers things the government does not know about.
      I am sure you will enjoy his work.

      I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment today,
      Take care and all the best.

  2. Hey Rick,

    This is such an interesting review of the Jim Rickards Project Prophecy. The first quote made me think straight away, so well done in adding that in. I haven’t been convinced in the past to invest in the stock market. But, from your review this doesn’t seem too bad.

    I don’t think I am going to invest in this just yet, but I am not completely ruling it out. It could be something I look into after the pandemic is over (whenever that will be). I will let you know when that will be and if I have any issues then I will let you know. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thank you for dropping by Tom and yes, that first quote should be of interest to everyone today however many believe they live in a perfect world and anything outside of it is not real. This no doubt was caused by the media buttering things up or twisting the truth and the fact is that everything that happens within the world we live in does and will affect the economy and in turn, affect the markets. Many of the investors are not aware of Jim Rickards because they have to follow the protocol of the company they are hired by. That is why many quiet and go out on their own.

      Yes, by all means, you may contact me I would be glad to help out. If for anything else but to gain the knowledge that is going around you, this guy is gold.

      You are very welcome my friend and take care for now.

    • Thank you for dropping by Bill. You are wondering how to cancel your subscription with Jim Rickards Project Prophecy?
      As with most legit programs online, to cancel a subscription you have to log into the webpage and make adjustments to your subscription. There you should be able to locate a button stating you wish to cancel.
      That is all it should take however if that fails login to your account and find their mail contact information. From there you can copy their email contact information and send them a quick email stating you wish to cancel your subscription.
      In the case that does not work, you will need to contact their support phone number which should be easy to find at the footer (bottom) of their webpage and tell them you wish to cancel your subscription.

      One of those ways will work with any legit company. I have only come across a few where they do not provide their contact information and no place to change your subscription albeit it is law that all websites must provide their contact information at all times on their home page.

      Please let me know if you have any trouble cancelling your subscription.

      Have a great day,


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