Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam

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Welcome to my review Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam.

If you ended up on their landing page of this program you will get introduced to a low price to get started however that is not the only cost to this program.

The big question is, is it legit and or is it another scam like so many others out there?

I want to congratulate you for researching prior to taking action on this product. This action no doubt will save you a lot of time and money.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time & money myself researching a lot of products to find the right one that works best for me and yes I bought into Fullstaq Marketer myself so I have first-hand experience with this training which I will share with you in this honest review.

Because of so many scams available online today geared just to take your hard earned cash, I decided to build this website to help prevent others from getting taken.

In this review, I will cover everything you need to know about this program and the chances of you making money with it.

I will also cover who it’s best for and when you should use it.

So, let’s just get started…

Fullstaq Marketer

Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam - me
Me attending an elite webinar

Name: Fullstaq Marketer

Owner:   Keala Kanae

Product:   Affiliate Marketer via Facebook Advertising

Website URL:

Suited For:   Experienced Marketers, big budget


Let’s take a look at the facts…

Anyone can call a product a scam even if they don’t know anything about it. I believe it’s very unethical to do so.

I always want the facts so I can decide for myself.

Fullstaq is a very new product that just came online in Aug 2019.

However the owner Keala Kanae is by far not new to the marketing world, he’s been around since 2016 selling an AWOL which closed its doors when Keala and his partner split up sometime in 2018. Fullstaq and AWOL is the same program except with a new facelift along with a lot of updated training videos.

Fullstaq is a training package that teaches you to sell products from affiliate product providers like Clickbank by advertising on Facebook.

Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam - product pic
Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam – product

Who Can Benefit From Fullstaq

Fullstaq Marketer is an affiliate training program that trains you to advertise on Facebook.

Unless you are interested in advertising on Facebook you won’t gain enough knowledge to build a successful business just with their training.

This program is more designed for experienced affiliate marketers.

Because Facebook is such a difficult place to sell anything that is related to:

  • Make money online
  • lose weight or
  • Bitcoin

I would not recommend this training program if you are planning on promoting any of the above products on Facebook.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing even with this high-quality training, it can be challenging to sell on Facebook.

Those that benefit the most from Fullstaq are those that have their own business whether that be online or a brick-n-mortar business.

This training is not cheap so one must have a good flow of income to support it.

The Training

Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam - training class

The training is well suited for anyone wishing to write ad copy to draw customers (traffic) to their business or website.

Although their ad copy training has tamed down quite a bit compared to their training when it was AWOL, it is much more suited to the purpose it is intended for.

It will also teach you in-depth Facebook advertising where you will learn to challenge Facebook and how to deal with the policy.

I don’t believe there is a better training program out there for Facebook advertising. I truly believe they teach it better than Facebook does.

The training caters to all levels of marketers from beginner to advanced taking them from scratch to a successful advertising campaign especially if you pick the right niche.

Albeit the training covers all areas required to become successful it does leave out some detailed information which seems to be difficult to find even within the community. This can leave someone for weeks waiting for an answer which adds to the frustration.

Their new training since they became Fullstag takes on a direct role with questions at the end of each module that you must pass before going on to the next one. When they first switched over in Aug 2019 I noticed some of the answers were wrong which can be expected with new training, to help correct this for the students I had put in a comment to the support team about many of the test questions having the wrong answers. To my surprise a year later those wrong answers were still not corrected.

I must say their training is really good and you come away with a solid knowledge of affiliate marketing overall and a fantastic grasp on Facebook advertising.

Fullstaq Facebook Community

Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam - live event
Fullstaq Marketer Live Event

Now about the community…

FullStaq does have a community to request assistance from fellow entrepreneurs.

The problem is that their success rate is not all that high which I believe affects the group’s ability in helping each other.

Everyone tries their best to offer help to the best of their knowledge but you can clearly see there is a lot of frustration within the group. Most of that frustration is due to not making money which is mostly because it is so hard to advertise the “Fullstaq Affiliate program” on Facebook.

Comments are also screened creating a longer delay in the response time and they must be approved so you won’t see any negative comments posted thereby hiding the true frustrations with the students.

On the other hand, you can search for past questions or comments or even by name to find what you’re looking for which I found to be super handy.

Within the community you can:

  • Chat in the group
  • Share links for others to view your ad
  • It may take some time to get a response but you usually get one

Website Platform & Hosting

They don’t have their own platform or hosting program and all the extra software has to be purchased separately, adding extra expenses to the already overpriced training.

You can read about the extra expenses associated with some training programs here.

They do have what they call a back office where you can find the training programs and your stats of who and how many sales you have but it’s not very user-friendly. At the time of this writing, they were still working on building the states and links section however if it’s going to be anything like they had in AWOL it’s nothing to write home about.

Using Fullstaq it took me 3 weeks to purchase my Domain Name, load the hosting platform, install WordPress, the security software and build my website.

This is a long process in today’s technology but it’s mostly due to having to use all the other programs and having to link them all together.

This can be confusing, expensive and time-consuming as a newbie.

And when something doesn’t work you need to figure out which company you have to call.

Building a website within Fullstaq is not an easy task at first but you do catch on to it after some practice however it does take practice to get it right.

There are much friendlier and better platforms at a much cheaper price tag out there.

Research Tools

There are no research tools available within Fullstaq training to use.

In fact, they don’t even mention anything about a research tool which is odd since they are an affiliate training program.

A research tool is a program used to find the words people are searching for on the internet. Once you know the words people are searching for you can use it in your article or ad to draw people into your article.


Is Fullstaq Marketer a SCAM?  No, it is NOT a scam for the following reasons:

  1. They do offer an excellent training program that will teach you all about Facebook advertising
  2. They work with you to help create your ad and place it on Facebook
  3. They have weekly live webinars to help and even go over anyone’s ad copy to help and improve upon it
  4. I have to say the biggest reason they have such a low success rate is because of Facebook policy which is a huge challenge to keep up on, and Fullstaq does an excellent job in keeping you abreast of the changes when they do happen.
  5. Fullstaq spends hundreds of thousands of dollars testing Facebook ad copy which they eagerly share during their webinars.

Do people make money with it? Yes, they do.

However many may question it because of the price they charge for their training compared to their low success rate due to dealing with Facebook policies.

This is the biggest reason why someone may think it’s a scam especially when you add in the amount of up-selling Keala does.

This is best for experienced marketers and anyone that already have a business.

If you are a beginner and have the money to support the cost of advertising then Fullstaq Marketer may be a fantastic program for you.

If you’re not interested in Facebook advertising then this is NOT the program for you.

And if you can’t afford to spend 10 grand on the training, another 10 grand/yr on Facebook advertising, then this is also NOT for you.

For $197 you get

    1.  Basic Training
    2. “Make moves Monday” conference call
    3. Fullstaq Facebook community support

The good news is that you don’t have to spend this kind of money to make money online.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I would strongly recommend getting your feet wet on a platform other than Facebook like my #1 recommendation program for beginners. Click on the link and give it a try for free.

I hope you found this post helpful.


Fullstaq Marketer






Overall quality



  • Good training package
  • Personal Reviews on request
  • Fast way to make money


  • Too many upsells
  • Price high for what you get
  • Requires extra software costs

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6 thoughts on “Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam”

  1. Hi Rick great review and well written, I tried to check out the Fullstaq website by clicking on the link at top of the review but it gave me an error “website could not be found” so I was unable to go check it out.


    • Thank you Butch I appreciate you letting me know about the error with Fullstaq’s link. They have changed their website link which I have updated. They are now offering a Free Bonus Training Video that you can check out here.

      Keep in mind, as I have mentioned, Fullstaq training is more for those that have a good income flow to support it but you can watch the Training Video for free.

      If you’re finding money tight then check out my #1 Recommendation for getting started online here.

      Thanks again for reaching out and letting me know,

    • Thank you, Elizabeth for your comment and you are very welcome. Yes, you’re absolutely right it does work for others as it is for me. The problem is not with their training because I believe it’s the best training out there for Facebook Advertising. The problem is with Facebook when you try and advertise products like “make money at home”, “lose weight now”, and “bitcoin just to name a few – Facebook just doesn’t like them.

      Facebook is a very powerful social media platform to advertise on and can be a difficult one as well. Their policy is not all that clear and their explanation of what you did wrong is not entirely clear either. As an example, if I were to use “you” in an ad it will be enough to have your ad or even whole account shut down. On top of that, they make mistakes, and a lot of them costing you money.

      When your ad or account is shut down you lose the algorithm in your ad and even when you turn it back on it never performs as well as it did. This is because you take weeks even months building up your ad then Facebook just shuts it off on you.

      I just don’t recommend it for anyone just starting out online as an affiliate marketer. If someone wishes to draw more customers to their store, by all means, this training would be for you however keep in mind it’s expensive.

      Elizabeth there are also other associated costs to most of these “make money at home training programs” which I pointed out in my article “How To Make Extra Money At Home – As A Veteran” which I recommend to read.

      If you’re on a budget it would be worth your while to check my article “What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What – My Personal Review

      Please, you have any more questions I would love to answer them.

      All the best

  2. I’m very wary of using Facebook as an advertising platform because as you say, they don’t really have clear guidelines as to what we can and can’t do.
    It almost seems that if they don’t like your ad or something you say they can just shut you down and ruin a business overnight.

    Fullstag sounds ok, but I appreciate you mentioning that it is not suitable for beginners as it is a system involving many different aspects that need to line up to get the desired results. Three weeks to get a website up and running is a long time.

    It’s offputting to know that there are not many people who are successful with this program and that the community support is therefore not very good. Since I don’t use Facebook much, I think I will be looking elsewhere for opportunities.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Fullstag.

    • Good day Andrew and thanks for dropping by today. Yes, Facebook can be very tricky to advertise on. Getting your ads or even your whole account shut down is a norm with Facebook. I spent a lot of wasted hours, even days trying to figure what is wrong with my ad only to find out it was their mistake which is also a norm. I have helped others that had their ads shut down, even ads about the health of your pet. The person advertising had the ad approved and running for 3 days and then just shut off. Don’t get me wrong, you can still advertise on Facebook and be very productive once you know how to deal with Facebook and prove to them you follow their policy they tend to leave you alone, at least for a while. Getting to that point takes months of advertising which is not cheap for a beginner.

      But if you can afford the advertising then this is a fast way to make thousands overnight. It’s possible to make over $100 grand in your first year with this program.

      But if you don’t have the money to support advertising then it’s best to start with a sure system like Wealthy Affiliate and make the money to support advertising on Facebook.
      This way you can build more customers to your webpage using Facebook and branch out from there with Fullstaq Marketer.

      The biggest reason it has a low success rate is because of Facebook policy and not so much as the policy but Facebook turning off your accounts before verifying you actually did break the rule.
      On the other hand, because it is so difficult dealing with the policy it also drops your competition and once you know how to work with Facebook you will do very well in a very short time frame.

      You are very welcome Andrew, I am here if you have any questions.


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