What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What

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If you’re interested in making money at home as a Veteran “What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What” is a must-read for you if you wish to avoid the many scams out there today.

Here is my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate University

So, let’s just get right down to it…

Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

What started out back in 2005 as a “keyword list” by Kyle & Carson while attending college has evolved into Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most thought out, well-designed platforms to train anyone to make money as an Affiliate Marketer without the fuss and high cost associated to many other training platforms in the industry.

The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t need your own product.

You simply create websites with the easy-to-use tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Then just refer your visitors to merchant websites using your special affiliate link.


Who Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate

Everyone from beginner to advanced that can benefit, from kids to working force or retirees. The low entry cost matched with the high-quality training offers everyone a chance to create an income online without risk.

If you’re looking for extra income or to replace your day job this is for you because:

  • if you’re retired you don’t have to get a part-time job
  • you can work from the comfort of you are own home
  • work at you’re own pace
  • do what makes you are happy
  • don’t need your own product
  • very low cost to start

I will show you how they teach you to build a web page in 30 seconds.

First, let’s talk about…


The Training

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What - training

The training caters to all levels of marketers from beginner to advanced taking them from scratch to a successful, long-term business in any niche.

It is the most sophisticated and elaborate yet easy training platform providing everything anyone will ever need to tap into the online market.

The step-by-step training is so perfectly laid out and when you do need help, there are plenty of friendly successful members available to get you on you’re way.


Wealthy Affiliate Community

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What - community
The community

Now about the community…

Apart from the training, the Wealthy Affiliate Community is where it’s all at.

Because so many members are actually making money, their ability to help others is much higher.

  1. They are more helpful, kind and go above and beyond to help others
  2. Anyone which help others enforces the material into their own mind and
  3. They also get credit points that they can turn into cash


Members also have an opportunity to earn cash by adding training lessons for the community to benefit.

The community will review your page to give you ideas to improve your site which is a huge plus when starting a website.

And within the community you can:

  • Private message others
  • Live chat within the group
  • You can ask questions after every training lesson.
  • Share links for others to view your posts
  • The owners respond to your questions almost instantly (The owners are very active in the community)


Website Platform & Hosting

I remember the very first time I bought a Domain Name, loaded the hosting platform on to it, installed WordPress and then built my website, it took me 3 weeks using other training platforms.

Building a website within Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is a dream come true.

It seriously just takes merely 30 seconds and you are done. Now that’s the way it should be in 2020…

… they are so far advanced from the competition.

Their analytics side of their platform is another area where they took it up to a whole new level than the competition, leaving you with a plethora of information on how well your site is doing.

And there’s no setup, it’s all done in the background for you.

Other training programs require you to purchase other software to track your analytics, Wealthy Affiliate not only has it built-in with no extra effort on your part but they include it for free.

How To Build A Website In 30 seconds or less. (this video shows proof)

Don’t believe it’s possible? Watch the video below and you be the judge.

Building a website in 30 seconds or less

Research Tools

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. You can read up on it here on Wikipedia.

Keyword Research is the key factor in determining if you are going to get the exposure needed in the search engines to make money or not. Here at Wealthy Affiliate they believe it’s so important to your success they include it for free.

If you’re an affiliate marketer and you’re not using Keyword Research Tool like Jaaxy, you’re not winning.

And it’s so easy to use a child could use it.

Jaaxy deserves its own review which I will be doing at a later date.

This program sells for $99.00 / mth, you get a limited version even when you sign up for free.



In my conclusion of “What Is Wealthy Affiliate About”…

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam –  in fact, it’s a pretty damn good training program in my opinion.

Wealthy Affiliate is now my #1 recommendation for anyone looking to supplement their income from online.

Every part of the whole training package adds so much value making it very easy to learn and apply as you progress through each step. This transcribes into fun and exciting times while learning.

Before long, you’ll have 2 or more web pages bringing in a stream of cash leaving you wondering why all the other programs out there are making it so damn complicated.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 15 yrs and it’s easy to see they know their stuff.

Hey don’t take my word for it…

Ok, here’s what I got for you…
You can go sign up and learn for FREE however if you join Premium within the first 7 days you will receive the following bonuses:

  1. You’ll get a special 59% discount on your first month (only $19)
  2. You are going to get personal and private support from me. If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be here to support you on your journey.
  3. I am going to be giving you my “Diamond Traffic Bonus”. Everything I have learned in the last 3 years I will share with you.
  4. You will also receive my personal TIPS as you progress through the training. These tips are not upselling that just cost you more and get you nowhere. These TIPS are actual advice in building your website and won’t cost you one penny more.


But only if you are an action taker and join in your first 7 days (this shows me your serious that you want to make money online).

Meanwhile, for the next few days, you can take it for a ride for FREE here.   (No credit card required)


Wealthy Affiliate






Overall Quality



  • Highly effective training
  • Low Price & No Upsells
  • Plenty of support from community


  • Spell checker could be improved
  • Some training modules need updated

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10 thoughts on “What Is Wealthy Affiliate About Scam Or What”

  1. Although there is no price reduction for Veterans at Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best place to learn and apply the basics of affiliate marketing.
    This is a great place for veterans to add to their income without returning to the regular workforce in a 9 to 5 routine.
    Do you think it helps with PTSD by keeping the veterans away from the hustle and bustle of an everyday job?

    • Hi John, thanks for dropping by. Your right there is no price reduction for affiliate however if you use the link provided you will get a 60% discount on your first month. Keep in mind the owners decided to keep the price low and affordable for all. This also helps to compete against the scams out there however sometimes people think the more you pay the better the product which is not true.

      I agree, it is the best place for anyone wishing to make an income online. When it comes to PTSD it may even help some by giving them something positive to focus on. I don’t have PTSD however if I don’t have something to keep me busy I tend to be a bug around the house.

      Thanks for leaving your comment John
      All the best

    • Thank you Bob for your warm comments. I am very pleased you enjoyed my article. If you’re looking for a legit high-quality training package for online marketing then you have found it my friend.

        • I am glad you are enjoying the free account Bob, it is a really good training program for sure. Even though it’s a free account I do recommend taking the lessons very seriously and following through each lesson before moving on. If and when you decide to go premium you can just carry on from where you left off. Remember you have to go premium within 7 days to activate your 60% discount.

          Reach out to me on the inside if you have any questions I will be please to guide you through.
          All the best my friend

  2. Thank you Rick so much for this awesome review. I have spent days looking at different products to try and find a legit training program to make money online. But there are so many bad ones out there you just don’t know which ones are good. After reading your article I have made my mind up and I am going to join Wealthy Affiliate. Your article really helped me a lot and I want to thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Veronica I am so glade you enjoyed my article and congratulations on joining Wealthy Affiliate, I am absolutely sure my dear you won’t be disappointed.

      All the best to you on your new adventure,

      P.S. Reach out to me if you have any questions

  3. As a fellow member of the WA community, I agree with the points you make. I think that live events are amazing too! So much is accessible with a free account so you can try before you buy.

    • You are correct, the live events is something everyone should attend. Keep in mind its no ordenary event like most companies put on. This one they pay full expenses including the flight. I have never seen this done before and the content is outstanding. Lets put it this way, once you attend one you will attend again. Yes the free account is a fantastic way to get into affiliate marketing with 0 down. Most people do end up going premium and if you use the link I provided above I can get you the first month with a 60% discount off.

      Thanks for your comment
      All the best


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