What Is FB Academy About – my review

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Welcome to my review on What Is FB Academy About.

I have a lot of experience in Facebook advertising so when I came across this program I had to do a review on it just to see if it’s legit or not.

I wish to congratulate you on taking the action to complete your own research prior to purchasing a product online. This action no doubt will save you a lot of money and time.

In this review, I will go over everything you need to know about this training and the chances of you making money with it.

Building an online business as an affiliate marketer is real and is very easy to do providing you use the correct training program.

If you read my bio you will discover I’ve spent a fair amount of time and money researching a lot of products to find the right one that works best for me which I share with you in these reviews.

Just so you know, I am not associated with FB Academy in any way.

Let’s dive in and determine if this training is worth your time and money…

Is FB Academy A Scam

Name: FB Academy

Owner: Anik Singal

Product: Affiliate Marketing via Facebook advertising


Before I can answer that question I think it’s important to look at the facts first.

FB Academy makes a lot of their money advertising on Google and Facebook which is clear they don’t make all their money on one platform.

Also, keep in mind that the amount of money the owner claims to have made or is making:

  1. you don’t know if it’s true
  2. is not relative to how much you will make

If anyone claims “You will make 100 dollars a day in 3 days” indicates to me they are not being honest with you.

Most of the training programs online for making money have exaggerated claims.

Anik Singal is the founder and his training is geared towards helping you make money by advertising on Facebook. I specify helping because again there’s no guarantee that you will make money with it.

FB Academy has been around since 2017 so it’s still a relatively new product.

It’s a training course that teaches you to sell products on Facebook by writing ads.


Who Can Benefit From FB Academy

FB Academy is a Facebook ad copy training program that teaches you how to advertise on Facebook.

Unless you are planning on advertising on Facebook I don’t believe you will gain enough knowledge to build a successful business just with their training.

In my opinion, I believe you will have a difficult time selling anything on Facebook if it’s related to:

  • Make money online
  • lose weight or
  • Bitcoin

And therefore I don’t recommend this training especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing.

I believe those that benefit the most from Facebook advertising are those that have their own established business whether that be online or a brick-n-mortar business and they wish to drive more traffic to it by placing ads on Facebook.


The Training

What Is FB Academy About - my review - Training
FB Academy Training

FB Academy has been around since 2017 so it’s considered to be a relatively new product when it comes to online marketing.

When it comes to FB advertising this training is not so new.

FB changes their policy so frequently (monthly) that any training should be relative to the year you are taking the training.

It is clearly stated in this training it is 2017 which may not be up to date with today’s Facebook policy.

He claims he can easily teach anyone to advertise on Facebook. This depends on:

  1. what you are advertising
  2. how long you have been advertising on Facebook
  3. the amount of money you spend on advertising

Writing simple ad copy and placing it on Facebook is one thing but to make money with it, there is a whole lot more involved.

He also states he will give you his ad copy so you can copy it:

  1. no one will give away their WINNING ad copy (would you?)
  2. ad copy does die out, you will be getting his old ad copies that don’t pull anymore.
  3. you can’t copy someone else’s ad copy and expect it to work, it needs to be New and Yours

He claims that he got started back in 2016 with $20 and made it all back in a week.

Yes, back in 2016 you could have started with 20 bucks but not today:

  • Not only has Facebook cracked down on all the false claims that were used back then but also the people are becoming more educated with the amount of fraud they are exposed to.
  • People are learning not to trust what they see or hear and are learning to research for more answers.
  • The competition has gone up so it costs more to advertise today on Facebook

The price of $697 is very affordable for any program to learn Facebook ad copy but…

… you will quickly learn the cost of the training is pennies compared to the cost of advertising on Facebook.

Yes, you will have to spend between 50 and 100 bucks on Facebook advertising costs… A DAY.

You will need to have your own sales funnel already built or this course will be a waste of time for you.

I spent a week trying to figure out why Facebook shut my ad off. Finally, after a week they responded to me and said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, it was our mistake”. Sure they turned it back on again but it’s not that simple…

… when Facebook turns off your working ad it KILLS it. The algorithm that Facebook uses stops working and no longer performs the same way.

There are more affordable, long term and more effective programs available but it can be difficult trying to determine which ones are legit.

I wrote an article called “How To Know a Scam” you can read for free to learn the signs of a scam which no doubt will help to avoid them.


FB Academy Community

What Is FB Academy About - my review - community
FB Academy Community

They have  a community to request assistance from other seasoned entrepreneurs is pretty much like many of the other programs advertising on Facebook.

The success rate of those making money is very low at 2%.

You end up with the majority of the people trying to help others and are still learning themselves.

Everyone tries their best to offer help to the best of their knowledge but you can clearly see there is a lot of frustration within these groups. Most of that frustration is due to dealing with Facebook.

Within the community you can:

  • Chat in the group
  • Share links for others to view your ad
  • It may take some time to get a response but you usually get one


Website Platform & Hosting

They don’t have their own platform or hosting program and all the extra software has to be purchased separately, adding extra expenses to the already overpriced training.

If you don’t have a business setup or a sales funnel then you will need extra training just for that or this program is a waste of time and money.

Click here to learn about extra expenses associated with some training programs.


Research Tools

There are no research tools available within FB Academy training.

You are not taught what to research, how to research or what to use to research.

These are key components not to be ignored, especially if you are trying to discover a “winning niche”.



The conclusion for What Is FB Academy About is that it’s NOT a scam for the following reasons:

  1. They do offer an excellent training program that will teach you all about Facebook advertising
  2. They work with you to help create your ad and place it on Facebook
  3. They have biweekly live webinars to attend for extra training (most have weekly)
  4. Expect a low success rate because you’re dealing with Facebook
  5. FB Academy spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, don’t expect the same results if your only spending 20 bucks a day.

He has a “No Refund Policy” – you have to pay to find out if it’s for you. I don’t like this type of training because where’s the incentive to work with you. Once they got your money they can walk away.

If you want to learn Facebook advertising and you’re on a budget then yes I could recommend this training. Keep in mind you are only getting Facebook training which is free to learn right from Facebook.

If you’re looking to advertise on Facebook to draw traffic to your website or to your brick-n-mortar store then this may be a fantastic training program for you.

The biggest reason why some may think it’s a scam is that it’s not easy dealing with Facebook’s policy and they give up.

If you are new to affiliate marketing I would strongly recommend getting your feet wet on a platform other than Facebook,


Click here to check out my #1 recommended choice for anyone just starting out.


When I first got started in Affiliate Marketing I had a ton of questions which I’m sure you do too.

Put your questions in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them for you.

I hope you found this review helpful…

Thanks for reading


FB Academy






Website Platform / Hosting



  • Simple Facebook Training
  • They offer good support


  • No Website Hosting
  • No Research tool
  • Low Success Rate

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8 thoughts on “What Is FB Academy About – my review”

  1. Great article,

    I do have issues with Facebook just on my personal business account, but I am getting along by reading Google articles and watching YouTube videos.

    I am super aware of being taken advantage of by little known company’s. I personally buy online training from established organizations or if I do due diligence first.

    I do like a one stop shop. I don’t like buying things separately. So, I don’t think FB Academy is for me.

    Thanks for sharing this article on FB Academy.


    • Thanks for your comment Courtney, I believe 90% or more of Facebook advertisers have issues with it. It does take time to learn it well enough to keep your accounts open and to start making money with it. There were plenty of times I had to contact them on their mistakes only to get a “sorry, we made a mistake” back.

      But once you learn it, it becomes a very powerful tool. Yes, I agree the one-stop-shop training can save a lot of money especially when the training is of quality with real results as in Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again and all the best

  2. Hi, Rick,

    I haven’t dived into paid advertising on Facebook but I agree with you that dealing with Facebook is not that easy nowadays.

    They got block your account very quickly even if you feel like you do everything right.

    So, I personally think that one should be very careful and cautious when placing ads on Facebook.

    At the same time, I have seen a lot of people are spamming and scamming with their comments and posts on Facebook and for some reason, they don’t get banned by Facebook.

    This makes me think that it may work with this copy and paste ads method like it is suggested in this Anik Singal training.

    Still, this is not the best way to advertise and run a business in general.

    Thank you for putting this information together, I am sure there are a lot of people who will benefit from it by learning new things.

    Best Wishes,

    • Thank you for your comment, Natalie. When you place an ad on Facebook it takes time for their algorithm to find the match. The algorithm uses words within your content to find those that are attracted to your article. At the same time, the bot is scanning your article for words, phrases even words on your photo against their policy.

      In other words, your ad can be running for hours or days before it gets shut down. Once it gets shut down it’s dead even if you build it again.. this then leads to an account shut down. No, it doesn’t work with “copy n paste” because if there are too many copies of the same ad it gets flagged as well. And if they are all coming from the same server they will even block that server.

      Those “copy n paste” training programs don’t work or at least not for very long. They are old copies that are 3 years old or more that worked great back then but don’t today. They’re just making money by selling them to the unaware.

      Facebook can be a great place to advertise if used for the correct intentions as Facebook designed it.

      All the best,

  3. Hi Rick,

    Many thanks for providing us with an extensive review of the FB academy. Which I learnt so much about after reading this review. It seems like the FB academy is not a comprehensive product for the new affiliate marketers. And to me, it seems like a ‘bity’ program where you will be taught about the ads on Facebook and with some support. There’s no money-back guarantee either and is also a very new online company that does not make me feel very confident in buying their program. I would rather go with your recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate. I checked out your review on Wealthy Affiliate and seems way more established and they definitely offer a lot more than FB. Thanks again for the awesome review and for saving me from buying it.

    • First, please let me thank you for leaving a wonderful comment. You are very welcome my friend and yes Wealthy Affiliate is a whole lot better training platform than FB Academy will ever be. The reason is that both are focusing on a different approach to affiliate marketing. FB Academy is all about FB advertising which costs a lot of money to advertise. Wealthy Affiliate focuses on building a legit website where your customers can come back to visit. Having a solid website to visit makes people feel more comfortable in purchasing something from you as appose to a cold ad someone sees on FB. The true value in Wealthy Affiliate is the training, support and the community where everyone is helping each other. It’s something you don’t normally get in online courses especially these days.

      Yes, they are very established, they have been around for 15 yrs and has over 1.9 million members. Go take it for a ride, they have a special that not only is it free to give it a try but using the above link you will also get 59% off on your first-month purchase. By all means, give it a try and I will be on the inside to help you out.

      Thanks for dropping by today Habib,
      I wish you all the best.

  4. Hi mate,

    thanks for this post on FB Academy, however…

    after reading this I don’t think its for me and from the comments I don’t think its the best option for people.

    I don’t think FB are the best to deal with either. However its free and would be helpful to some.
    Are there any other programs you would recommend for advertising?

    Great review all the same and enjoyed reading it.

    • Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your comment. Facebook is not for everyone that’s fur sure especially if you are on a tight budget. The lack of support they offer along with their lack of concern to the public is something most should be aware of. They collect a lot of data including pictures and phone numbers of people. Keep in mind they also share this with other platforms including programs from China. China is known for collecting personal data on all North Americans for future use they say. Add to the fact they shut down your ads or accounts for very little or no reason at all. This not only loses your value in what you already spent your money on but can be very annoying to get it back.

      One can always advertise on Youtube, Microsoft, Google and even Pinterest which are some of the most popular areas albeit they are not all social media. In the future, we will be seeing more social media platforms appearing and with much better service than Facebook. Facebook has gotten worse in the last few years and continue to display a lack of respect to their customers. The younger generation is already starting to find other social media platforms to chat on. Facebook Marketplace is their latest gig in attempting to capture more money and customers however I have to say Facebook Marketplace is even worse than the Facebook platform.

      I have been advertising on FB Marketplace now for 5 months which is free by the way. Alebit it’s free to advertise it’s a hit and miss for many. Some are finding it a smashing hit in selling products and others are having a hard time with it. I know some folk that never even got a sale for the last 6 months and others are killing it making 10’s of thousands. Before you get all pumped up here, just like FB platform, Market place just shuts you down for no reason. For example if you post too many items to sell in an hour or a day they put a squeeze on your account without you even knowing it. Remember, Facebook is all about control, they want to control everything you do.

      Right now one can simple advertise on Pinterest and gain a lot of exposure at no cost. When you spend a little money in Pinterest you can gain more exposure more quickly but I wouldn’t spend money on Pinterest until you have your business up and running for a good 6 months first in order to take advantage of the dollar spent.

      I did ramble on there a bit but I hope you found it interesting.
      Thanks again for dropping by.


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