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Always have a pen and paper ready

If you’re interested in starting a blog for income or at least wondering if you can make some money from blogging, you certainly came to the right place…

I am a blogger and I do make money at blogging. You can check out my about page to learn how I got started in blogging… let me assure you it wasn’t an easy road for me however it won’t be as hard for you now that you found me.

This article will guide you down that unknown rough road to AVOID the potholes that I hit on my way to becoming a full-time blogger.

The truth is I never set out to be a blogger but if you read some of my other articles you will quickly learn why I did.


What to expect

First if your looking to become rich overnight or within the next couple of years with blogging…

… I am afraid that is very unlikely.

Notice I didn’t say impossible but for most of us we don’t get rich blogging over night. Don’t get me wrong you can make a pretty good living on blogging, it’s just going to take time to build it up.

Bloggers typically write between 1 to 4 posts a week starting out and taper off to 1 a month. If you have a really good blog going then you would be writing more posts than the majority of bloggers.

It’s the content that you write makes the difference in blogging but you don’t have to be an expert. In fact some of the best blog sites out there got started right where you are now. We get out what we put into it.

You also have to follow a good training program that will properly train, guide and assist you on your journey.

Blogging is just a way of saying something to the world. In other words just tell your story.

And a story is just talking about what you like. What ever your passion is just run with it and don’t worry about if you can write or not because that will improve over time.

The REAL magic is to Just Get Started.

A lot of people get hung up on what to write about, they get scared, worried about what others will say and then don’t write anything.

Remember when you were in school (or perhaps your there right now) and you had to write about a certain subject? When the teacher would offer several subjects to write about you would pick the one you liked the most.

Where would you get the material to write about?

Well that is simple but just a matter of how old you are. If your before the internet then you would have researched the material at the library. Today it’s much easier because we have the internet which is more powerful then the library could ever have become.

The SUBJECT you picked to write about is called your niche and it’s basically anything that your passionate about. If you like makeup then write about that. If you like muscle cars then perhaps that may be your niche.

It’s a lot easier than you may think as you will find out.


Can I make money blogging, for real?

Starting A Blog For Income - folded money

Folded money

Yes you can…

…I am and thousands just like me are.

But remember what I said… you won’t get rich over night but should easily replace your day job before long.


Is there an age or other limits?

Well, yes and no.

  • You should be at least a teen or older but there are bloggers as young as age 8.
  • You need to be able to read and write
  • You will need access to a computer and the internet
  • You have to have a positive attitude or you won’t attract anyone to your blog
  • You must be willing to spend a couple of hours a day
  • You must have a subject or niche that others will be interested in

The younger you are when getting started gives you a lot more time to build it however many of the younger crowd give up too early. Yes some of them come back years later to continue with their site. As with the older gereration like folk in their 60’s, they tend to stick to it because they have learned that hard work does pay and they really enjoy it.

Other than that you have to be consistent with your blog and respond to comments in a timely manner. In some cases you can even have a parent or someone else write your content for you.


Can I quit my day job and live on blogging?

Yes you can… in fact you can make a lot of money blogging when done properly.

There’s the right way and the wrong way to blog. Those that do it the wrong way don’t make any money. The difference is in the training they acquired just like everything in life. If your interested in learning the correct way to blog and how to make a living at it then go read my review on my  #1 recommendation here.

How much money can I make as a blogger

You can make enough money to give yourself a tidy sum of cash in your pocket at the end of each month. The stats are that 9% of bloggers make between $1000 to $10,000 dollars a month which is a nice income supplement income.

There are 4% of bloggers that make over $10,000 a month which will give you a pretty luxurious life.

But the majority of the bloggers out there make less then $100 bucks a month. Of course this includes all the beginners as well. Don’t let that scare you because there’s a right way and a wrong way to blogging. You are about to learn the right way.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most bloggers out there are not serious enough to make any serious cash with it. That’s because they are using “The Law Of Attraction” against them.

You can read my article on  “The Law Of Attraction” here.


Why you should become a blogger

First, blogging has become so popular for sharing content and information that there is literally millions of blogs containing every subject you can think of.

People use it to talk about their problems, share stories, and offer support and advice to others.

Even the elderly has tapped into the world of blogging because it keeps their minds active (if you don’t use it you lose it)

I spend my time helping veterans and others to learn and blog to keep their minds busy.

And yes for the big reason for many of us – to make money that we all need.



Some bloggers have a really difficult time when it comes to starting a blog for an income. And the reason for that is that they haven’t learned a few key little steps that are taught in Wealthy Affiliate.

With today’s’ software most of the hard work is already done for us. You just follow the simple little steps outlined in the training and you will have your very own blog – at no cost to you.

I wrote a review which you can read here on Wealthy Affiliate, so you get a good idea what they have to offer.

These guys have spent years perfecting what they do best and that is to teach others to become successful blogger.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond to them.

All the best

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