What is a Keyword Research Tool for?

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As a full-time blogger I needed to fully understand keyword research and “What is a Keyword Research Tool for?

In this review I will introduce to you the number one tool to make a difference online with your campaign.

Wikipedia describes Keyword research “as a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject“.

What is a Keyword Research Tool for? - adwords

Keyword research is the process of finding the actual search term people are using. Once you know the words people are using to search you can come up with strategies to use those words in your content and advertising campaigns.

You may ask why is keyword research so important? We hear so much about SEO and how important it is but do we truly understand what it is and how it is important.

Basically, SEO is the ability to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In other words when people type something into the search bar that where do your page show up? Do they even see your site or are you buried on page 2 or beyond? Statistics show that if you are not on the first page then you are not making money.

Using the right keywords can go a long way to helping you get first page ranking.


What is a Keyword

What is a Keyword Research Tool for? - Laptop
Using laptop for keyword research tool

A keyword is the actual words people are typing into search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo) while searching for various products or services.

While the words they are typing are important, it is the intent behind what they are typing that determines whether a piece of content solves that intent or not.

We really need to fully understand our potential customer.

  • What are they searching for?
  • What do they really want?
  • What will solve the problem they are looking to solve?
  • Are they just looking for information or an actual product to purchase?

It is only by keyword research that we can address the questions that the most people want answers to.

Be sure to actually solve problems and offer good quality content rather than just filing your site with keywords. That is called keyword stuffing and may even be penalized by search engines.

It is by solving their problem and answering their key questions that you become their go-to source which then lets the search engines know you can effectively solve peoples problems and you will be rewarded with a high ranking.


Types of Keywords

There are 3 main types of keywords and it is important to understand the differences between them.

  • Short-tail keywords as commonly known as “seed”, “main” or “Money”keywords which are mainly just one or two words and are very generic but have a very high volume of searches.There are very popular short keywords such as “shoes”. As a beginner you would think that would be a fantastic keyword to try to get top rankings for. “Shoes” is a pretty broad term and most of the big brands and companies would be outbidding each other for the use of that word. A person that typed shoes into the search bar is likely just browsing.
  • Middle-tail keywords are known as “targeted” or “intent” keywords because they usually point to what the product is for, what kind of service or type of info the person is searching for. They have three to four keywords. They have less volume of searches than the more generic keywords. A better strategy would be to be more specific and find a more targeted audience. Perhaps try “women’s running shoes”. That would be slightly more targeted.
  • Long-tail keywords are the most wanted and targeted keywords because these are very specific search terms and usually people only search so specifically when they are ready to purchase. These keywords usually have over 5 words in the phrase and are very specific with a very clear intent to purchase. Try what is called a “Long Tail Keyword” such as “Women’s blue size 6 running shoes”, the person that typed that search phrase is looking to make a purchase. Don’t underestimate these less popular keyword phrases, they are often the “low hanging fruit” meaning these people are more intent on purchasing because they are very specific in their search.


Popular Keyword Tools

There are many Keyword Tools out there to help you find the keywords you will want to target.

Some are free and some offer a limited free version with the option of purchasing a more advanced version.

In the past I have used Google AdWords and found it effective.

What is a Keyword Research Tool for? - using keyword research tool
Using a Keyword Research Tool

I currently use Jaaxy and I love it.

Jaaxy is easy to use. It gives me a good bit of information to help me decide which keywords I want to target in any given niche I am working in.

Jaaxy offer keyword suggestion, average monthly searches, number of competing websites ranked for this exact keyword, it even gives you a percentage of probability of getting ranked on first page and of course many other features.

I would not even begin to write any article without first doing my keyword research. In my opinion if you are not using Jaaxy you are risking your time and efforts being wasted because you will not gain first page ranking. Give Jaxxy a try now, just type in a word and press search.


How Do You Know Which Keyword to Use

There is no sure-fire way to determine the BEST keyword.

What is a Keyword Research Tool for? - Google Trends
Google Trends

Different niches have different search volumes so you first need to find out what is the normal search volume within your chosen niche.

You can estimate organic CTR based on Search Engine Results Pages for your keyword.

If you see a lot of stuff on the first page (like a Featured Snippet and multiple Google Ads), then you know that you’re likely not going to get a ton of clicks… even if you rank #1.

A keyword may still be worth going after if lots of people search that term.

If your site is new or doesn’t have a ton of links yet you will be better off to stick with low competition keywords. By having less competition you will possibly gain some organic traffic within a few weeks.

You will want to know if your keyword is quickly growing or slowly dying.

Check out Google Trends for that.

If that results in a keyword that is growing then get busy and start writing content using that keyword.



I hope I have answered the question “What is a Keyword Research Tool for?

If you want to get ranked well in the search engines, keyword research is a must.

There are plenty of tools available to aid in your keyword research and I personally recommend Jaaxy.

In time Keyword research won’t seem so daunting, it will become just a natural first step to creating any content for your site.

If you are a beginner and want to learn more about how to get started online check out “How to Make Your Own Blog for Free“.

I wish you the best of luck with your keyword research and with your online endeavors.

Thanks for dropping by, please leave your comments or questions below.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article.

    I did not know anything about long tail keyword s and you have explained everything I did not know.
    I also like the fact that you use Jaxxy keyword research tool as it is very powerful

    • You are very welcome Thabo I am glad to be of help. Yes Jaxxy is a very powerful tool, there are others out there but I like the ease of use.

      Thanks for your comment
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