What Is Club Cash Fund About

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Hi, I am Richard and welcome to my review on What Is Club Cash Fund About?

I want you to know I am not associated with the Club Cash Fund in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program then here it is.

Congrats by the way for taking the action in researching the product before purchasing it…

…this is a great step in preventing yourself from getting burned by the many scams out there.

You can read my helpful article on “How To Know A Scam“, this will help you spot those nasty scams out there.

So, in this review I will be digging deep to find out:

  • What to expect from Club Cash Fund
  • The chances of you making money with it
  • The true cost to purchase it
  • The Pros of the program
  • The Cons of the program

Sound good, ok then, let’s reveal the truth about this product.

Club Cash Fund

Owner: John Stalvey

Product: MLM of money (no real product involved)

Price: $80 to get started

Club Cash Fund is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) product that shares the money to different levels of the pyramid.

When you first join up your money goes to the company and from there is shared among those that are higher than you and the Owner. The only way to make money is to recruit new members. No one gets any money until a recruit signs up. All money from recruits is distributed within the pyramid by cash or money order.

This is by no means new, I got involved with a pyramid scheme similar to this one back before there was an internet called ‘chain letter’. This is the same concept except it’s online however the exchange of money is done the same way. According to a letter I received from the government at the time they said this practice is illegal and I could get charged for carrying out an illegal business practice. Needless to say I quite immediately.

To make a pyramid scheme look legal there must be a product or service involved.

With Club Cash Fund the system is set on automatic so there is very little work to do and because it’s online you are not required to send out any chain letters in the mail.

According to what I could find out about the owner, he has been dealing with this kinda thing for a few years now.

John Stalvey created his first online MLM product through a program called GiveOpp in 2010.

Soon after he created Infinite Leverage System which was through Streamlined Marketing Systems.

In 2015 his Infinite Leverage System closed leaving all his customers stranded.

He then launched Traffic Authority which ran for a couple of years and then closed its doors in 2017 again leaving any customers stranded.

He then launched Finish Line Network which is the same product as Traffic Authority with a different name.

And today we have his Club Cash Fund.

The Club Cash Fund

As I mentioned above you must have a product or service to sell to be considered a legal business.

As with the chain letter, there was no real product or service to offer and was considered illegal by the governments.

Well, Club Cash Fund doesn’t have a product or service to offer to their customers either.

What they put in place of the product or service is something new to me called a gifting scheme and when you look at it closely it appears to be very complexed, to say the least.

I think this is a good one to add to my article “How To Know A Scam“. This is an article I wrote to help others to identify a scam and avoid them, thereby saving money and time from researching it.

Can I make money with Club Cash Product?

Yes, you can, just like I made money with the chain letter.

The question you have to ask yourself is:

“Do I want to make a little money while making someone else rich?” or

“Do I want to build a business that brings in enough money to live on?”

You will not make any serious money with this product. Sorry but that’s the truth about these kinda products, they are designed to make the owner rich, not YOU.

To get the $100 coming into your mailbox automatically as they mentioned does not happen overnight and you have to advertise it to others to recruit more members.

For every member you get you will receive $20 so you will need to recruit 5 members to get $100. Keep in mind this is not an easy thing to do, I have seen people advertising this product on Facebook and even getting the thumbs up but from the comments, I see they are not getting a lot of takers and for good reason, they don’t trust it.

  • Listen, if you are tired of struggling to make money online then check out my #1 recommendation for getting started online. This is a legit high quality easy to follow training with lots of support including from me to help you start making money online.

Cash gifting as a business or opportunity to make money is by no means legal and I believe will eventually get shut down, leaving all the customers stranded once more.

He is using the word gift to get around the no product or service for now.

Here’s How the Club Cash Fund Works

The first thing to do is sign up for the program to qualify for the cash gifts.

Once you are ready to receive the cash you then have to go out and recruit members to join under you.

Once you find some members you have to keep looking for more members and also help the new members to find members or you will lose your recruits.

As each member joins they send in the money to the owner and hopefully they will send you your share as promised.

Let’s say you get a recruit:

  1. The first person in the chain is you – you get $20
  2. The second person is ‘your’ sponsor that recruited you, he gets – $20
  3. The third is your sponsors sponsor -$20
  4. The fourth person in the chain or the third sponsor gets – $20
  5. And finally, the company receives $20 as well.

This procedure of making money is typical with all MLM’s however the amounts would be different of course.

Keep in mind if and when they close the door any money owed to you will be lost.

Points You Should Know

So does this sound like something you would want to get involved in?

Before you answer that question…

  • There is nothing wrong with spending a little money to get quality training but by getting involved with a pyramid scheme you suffer if they go out of business. All your eggs are in the one basket so to speak and this is not the way to carry out an affiliate business of your own.
  • The concept of making money online is to find and learn from a good quality training program then apply what you learned with your coach’s support.
  • There are a lot of pyramid schemes business’s in operation today that continue to get away with it because of a loophole they use to get around the law. Just because they have a loophole to get around the rules, it doesn’t make it any safer for you and me to get involved with.
  • Trust me I had my share of working with MLM’s and yes they all make it sound so good but in the end, you don’t make very much money, the owner does.

I am here to tell you that making money online is a real thing – so don’t get discouraged by the many dishonest people out there. But do keep in mind, there is no quick way to get rich. It takes some work but it doesn’t happen until months, even a year later.

To be clear here, the money never just piles into your account like some of these programs claim or make it sound, it starts gradually and then climbs faster each month but only if you put the efforts into your business.

The majority of the people that fall for these schemes don’t make any money. Aspire Scheme for example that took millions of dollars from people with no remorse of their loss and even knew the customers would not make any money with it.

Who Can Benefit From Club Cash Fund

The only person I could see to benefit from Club Cash Fund is someone that puts in a lot of hours daily to find recruits.

Keep in mind that those recruits you get may not be as good at getting recruits as you are and will eventually drop out.

To be truly honest with you I don’t’ believe anyone can benefit from this shady program.

It is not a truly sustainable business and it’s not considered legal in my opinion. When they get shut down you will be out of an income. Why not put your efforts into something that lasts and no one can shut it down on you.

I believe if you sign up for this you are throwing your money away.


Now for my conclusion on my What Is Club Cash Fund About review.

Yes, you can make money with it, just like I made money with the chain letter.

The question remains:

  1. Do you want to make a little money? or
  2. Do you want to make enough money to live on and have a residual income for the rest of your life?”

If your answer is number 1 then let’s cover a few points I don’t like about Club Cash Fund:

  1. The owner is known to create shady programs that raise a huge red flag.
  2. The program is an MLM program that is always iffy, to begin with.
  3. There are no products or services involved, you are just sharing money around with each other while the owner gets rich.
  4. Very low success rate.

If your answer is number 2 then follow what I am doing, click here to learn how I make a living online.

What I am doing is legal and you get to help people not burn them.

This is the program that works for me providing me with a nice income.

I would not get involved with someone that is known to be involved in shady business. It’s not someone that I could trust.

For the above reasons, I CAN NOT Recommend Club Cash Fund program for anyone.

If you’re looking for a legit training program to getting started online then read my #1 recommendation review here.

There are plenty of articles on my website that can be very informative to learn the ropes of online marketing. Be sure to check some of them out.

I would love to know if you found my review helpful, please leave your questions in the comments section below and I will be glad to answer.

Club Cash Fund






Overall quality



  • Low price to start


  • Owner is known to shady programs
  • No products or services
  • Very low success rate

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