What Is Commission Magnets About – Review

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Hi, I am Richard and welcome to my review What is Commission Magnets About – Review.

The first thing I want you to know is that I am not associated with Commission Magnets in any way.

If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program you found one.

I hate SPAMS & SCAMS as much as you do and this website is how I fight back.

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it.

This is a great step in avoiding getting burned by the many scams out there.

You can read my article on ‘How To Know A Scam‘, this will help you to avoid the scams.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from ‘Commission Magnets’ and the chances of you making money with it.

Ok then let’s get started.


Commission Magnets

Owner: Blunn Kosky, Leigh Kosky and Abdullah

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $9.97 with upsells

What Is Commission Magnets About - Review - product claim

When you first watch their video, or shall I call it a slide show of a conversation between him and his wife it clearly comes across as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.

What Is Commission Magnets About - Review - start making $10,000

The main trigger points are:

  1. Going from homeless to 3 Million dollars.
  2. The small window to get $17,000.00 for just peanuts
  3. They will do everything for you so you don’t need to do anything
  4. The high precise income claim of $792 per day by next month
  5. Hands-free
  6. And it starts working for you TODAY


This should be enough to make anyone run in the opposite direction. This is the typical snake oil trick:

  1. They promise the world to you
  2. Offer a solid guarantee (worthless)
  3. Grab your money
  4. And Run


They also claim that regular affiliate marketing does not work. really?

Let’s see…

This year alone the number of companies that are offering affiliate sales has tripled since the pandemic.

More and more local stores are closing their doors and those that manage to stay open have gone online.

And the ones staying in operation are those that are offering affiliate marketing products.

Yet, and they claim it doesn’t work…

Even your local Walmart offers affiliate sales to anyone that helps to promote their products.

And one of the biggest affiliates offerers out there is Amazon.

And he says Affiliate marketing doesn’t work?

The only reason he claims affiliate marketing doesn’t work is that he is trying to convince you to buy his training.

Wait a minute, isn’t your training about affiliate marketing? Selling someone else a product? YES it is

Like all the scams out there it’s very easy to promise the world using a few words.

Sadly the day is gone when you can trust someone’s word or even a guarantee anymore.

The sad thing is, anyone can make outrageous claims and get away with it today which is why I built this site to inform others so they don’t fall for their trap.

Let’s dive into his training because that’s where it’s at…

The TrainingWhat Is Commission Magnets About - Review - Training

The training is what will tell the difference between if it’s a quality program or just another scam to stay away from.

There are 9 modules in this training which the videos themselves are of high quality. In each training video, you can add your notes which is a nice touch and something I have only seen done a few times.

Module 1 suppose to give you some tips and tricks to give you a bigger chance to succeed with online marketing by assembling your audience. I found it’s nothing more than what you would find for free on the internet. If you are a newbie then perhaps you will find it entertaining.

Module 2 This module talks about a few types of products you can promote as physical, digital, high ticket products vs low ticket products. He covers where to find these products and get the links to them.

Module 3 Covers creating landing pages for free. It also covers the basics of a landing page, squeeze page and sales page. It goes into how to create the landing page and what needs to be on it. It also shows a stress-free way to insert bonus offers into your campaigns. This is a very nice tool to have when setting up bonuses on a campaign.

Module 4 This one covers how to create an autoresponder using an email service. It’s used to auto send out emails to potential customers. Good information for the newbie.

Module 5 Covers how to find free traffic using Instagram. This is the longest video in the training and is supposed to be their main training module that will make you lots of money. They talk about using shout out’s which is getting someone else to advertise for you on their site. He also covers working with images as well.

Module 6 This is all about paid traffic using solo ads. Solo ads advertising has a very low success rate due to the list you purchase from the supplier. The list is sold over and over to anyone wishing to purchase it. They add a few new contacts to the list over time but they don’t perform as well as they use to 10 yrs ago. To be honest, everyone that tries their hand at solo ads will lose a lot of money because it is very difficult to find an honest provider of solo ad lists. In some cases, I have seen people pay hundreds of dollars for a solo ad list and not even get delivered.

Module 7 This is just recovering all the other modules again. Nothing new here.

Module 8 Again no training here either, just a Case Study of what they did. This does not mean it will work for you.

Module 9 This one is laid out more like a Q & A and talks more in general terms of why it didn’t work for you. Again very basic information and a waste of time in my opinion.

Bonus Items

They have several bonus items however all their bonus items and just information that you can find… again on the open internet.


They have several upsells where they offer everything done for you. Some of their ads are misleading indicating that you get everything done for you for the initial price however you don’t get everything done for you until you upgrade to a higher package.

So this is where their training makes more sense. It’s a technique that’s used to squeeze more money out of you without realizing it.

They offer a simple training program with basic information at a low price then offer you a Done For You package.

DFY 1 $19 This is a done for you package that allows you to access free traffic source. They claim everything you need to fast-track your business is in this package.

DFY 2 $27 This is all the email marketing swipes you can use so you don’t have to write emails. This has some pretty good emails in it and will surely save a lot of time and frustration in creating them. Keep in mind these are only for solo ads.

DFY 3 $37 This is just a list of high paying affiliate programs. This is not something one should buy because you have to research for your products to sell according to your site.

DFY 4 $97 This is where they offer you to use their products and have the right to receive full commissions from them. This is actually a pretty good deal if you can sell their products. This also causes a flood of people creating their ads for the product.

Keep in mind this is for solo ads only.

Points You Should Know

So does this sound like something you would want to get involved in?

Before you answer that question…

… let’s look at a couple of more facts first.

  • This is a training package that is designed to sell you already done for you package or as some call it ‘copy and paste’. The problem with copy and paste is that everyone has the same format as an article that gets picked up by the bots from Google and Facebook to name a couple. Once they spot a copy they quickly decline traffic to them.
  • This is Solo ad training and with solo ads, you are dependent upon someone else’s list of potential leads to get a lead and this can add up to some very serious money. A cheaper version would be to just go place an ad on Facebook to get leads however even though it may be cheaper, it’s still very expensive for anyone on a budget.
What Is Commission Magnets About - Review - product package

The Community

This one does not have a community where you can exchange ideas and get help from fellow entrepreneurs. When you have a training program that lacks the community you will always get a lower success rate and a much higher quit rate.

Website Platform & Hosting

They do provide Hosting services for you to operate your business however there are a lot of more expenses that you will have to purchase out of your pocket.

I already covered the extra programs and expenses that one is required to purchase in another article here so I won’t waste your time going over it again.

On top of the extra software, you have to purchase you will also have to buy solo ads and these are very expensive.

Who Can Benefit From Commission Magnets

I guess anyone that may be interested in paid advertising using Solo Ads could find this program handy.
If you are on a tight budget then this is not for you.

If you are just looking to access their products to sell on your webpage then this will work for you because they have it so that it’s real easy to add your text, photo or even a video to the product to sell.


Commission Magnets is not a scam however they have very limited training for anyone interested in wanting to learn online marketing. They mostly concentrate on the solo ads market which is a small window into online marketing.


  • You are dealing with solo ads that are very expensive and have a low success rate.
  • Has lots of upsells
  • No community support
  • Type of copy and paste which takes away from leaning to do it your self
  • Has very limited training
  • Has a very low success rate


  • Ok if you are into solo ads
  • Ok price for basic training
  • Quick training
  • You get a ton of things already done for you
  • Very easy to customize its products to sell

Therefore I would not recommend Commission Magnets for anyone interested in learning to make money online. The information in the training package is very limited to solo ads and it’s more geared towards the copy and paste technique. There are much better training packages out there even at a much lower price when you compare it to the upsells and with a higher chance of success might I add.

With everything you buy today especially with online marketing, you can’t trust getting a refund and the guarantee or warranty is useless so don’t fall for that trick either as I explained it in my article ‘How To Know A Scam‘.
If you’re looking for a legit training program in getting started online then read my #1 recommendation review here.

This is the program that’s been working for me.

Commission Magnets






Overall quality



  • Good Solo Ads Training
  • Very good price for Solo Ad Training
  • Easy to customize their product


  • Has lots of upsells
  • No community support
  • It's a copy & past training program

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6 thoughts on “What Is Commission Magnets About – Review”

  1. Though this course is not suitable for all, I am glad that it is not a scam 🙂 These days I come across so many programs that are scams and I still wonder why people are buying them. Thank you for this detailed review and thank you for this website for guiding newbies.

    • Hi Prav, you are very welcome. Yes, I was a newbie one time and got caught up in a lot of the crap out there. Now I enjoy revealing the truth about these programs whether if they are good, bad or ugly. I am glad you enjoyed it.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Prav,
      Have a great day

  2. Great review on What Is Commission Magnets About. I had not heard of them before so thanks for the clear review about them. I agree with you though, WA seems to be a good place to learn and I’m also going to stick with WA. Thanks for the review and Best wishes for success.

    • Yes, WA was designed to help others to simply learn how to make money by blogging. Since then it evolved into the best place on the web for a newbie to learn how to make money by blogging. It was also meant to be the go-to place for when you have questions even after your site is making money. It’s not out to just take your money like the majority of the programs out there as I found out the hard way. This is the reason I created this site, to help newbies to find a quality training program and avoid the money grabbers out there.

      By all means, use the free membership to learn as much as you can and if you decide to continue blogging I do recommend going premium because not only do get to keep all the benefits, you also gain a whole lot more quality training and support.
      I will be on the inside to help you along the way and be there for you if you have any questions. Keep in mind if you sign up for premium within the next 7 days you will get the first month for only $19 which is an outstanding deal for what you get.

      Thanks for dropping in and I wish you all the best with your online business Alyse.

  3. This is a detailed review of Commission Magnets and how they operate as an online service. Your review is very easy to read and to follow, covering all the areas for those looking for a trusted training platform to make money online.
    Personally I would not sign up for commission magnets as it lacks a lot of aspects e.g. compared to the Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t like how the commission magnet does not have a community that supports you all the way to your success.

    Thank you for helping us out through your review.

    • You are very welcome and yes that is correct, commission magnets do not offer support until your successful. They also don’t offer community support where newbies depend on the experience from others to help them through while they are still learning.

      It’s also a great reward to those that do become successful by giving back to the newbies within the community. This community part of the training is vital to anyone’s success online and if the program doesn’t offer a community then the members can suffer.

      I am glad to hear you checked out Wealthy Affiliate. If you used the link in the article you will also get a huge 60% discount on the first month. You will still get to try it for free. Enjoy

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment I appreciate it.
      All the best


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