What Is Home Income System About?

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Welcome to my What Is Home Income System About?

Here’s another product that’s available to make money online with.

Of course, the question is, is it legit or another one of those SCAMS.

Well, you have nothing to worry about because that is exactly what I will cover in this article.

By the way, I want to congratulate you on taking the action in researching before because that is a great way to avoid scams.

I am not associated with this program in any way so you know you are getting an honest review on this program.

In this review I will be going over what Home Income System Is About and the chances of you making money with it.

Let’s get started…

The Home Income System Overview

What Is Home Income System About? - hands with fanned out money

Owner: Jason

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Cost: $99 plus upsells

Best For: No One

Summary: Home Income System claims they will train you to become an affiliate marketer. The tools they have will boost your exposure and provide for you. It turns out that you don’t actually learn how to become an affiliate marketer. It appears to be a system where you get to posts ads for other companies. Quite frankly it all sounds very confusing and unclear to its true intent

Recommended: No

This program is not what the owner claims it to be and turns out to be just another scam in my opinion.

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What Is Home Income System About?

This system was created by Jason, last name unknown. Anytime I see a creator now giving their real name or a part of a name it sets off a warning to me. The red flags go up immediately because why are they hiding their real name?

I covered this in my article “How To Know A Scam” which I recommend reading.

He claims that you can easily make $3000 to $6000 a month using his simple system. He claims it will only take very little effort on your part.

The Owner Of Home Income System

What Is Home Income System About? - Learn how to earn $3000 to $6000 per month

I was not able to find out the owner of this program anywhere. Therefore I was unable to check on his experience and background information to determine anything about him. The above photo is his landing page and turns out that the guy in the photo is not actually the owner.

Then who is he? we will get to that. This by the way raises another red flag against this program.

Let’s take a look…

Inside of Home Income System

On the inside, he (the guy in the photo) talks about how you will be making money by “posting ad links. These adlinks will bring in around $400 a day.”

This sounds like another scam that I review in the past about how you can make a lot of money by posting ads for companies.

Everyone in marketing knows what ad links are however posting them for a company is just not heard of unless you are marketing for the company. Which you would have to know about affiliate marketing and be able to write the ads. This is clearly not the case with Home Income Systems.

To clarify, “adlinks” or “ad links” are just links to ads. As an affiliate marketer, you may have ads on your site provided by yourself or another source like Google. The ads will have a link attached to them so when someone clicks on the ad they will be taken to the actual article or product. This not only provides easy access to the reader if they are interested in the ad but also provides a code to give a small credit to the site owner for using the space for the ad.

For example: if I talked about a fantastic water bottle that can filter groundwater and turn it into drinking water. I could place an ad link within the content providing easy access to the product on Amazon so the reader can easily find the product if they are interested in purchasing it.

This is legit and is how all affiliate marketers make money however what this guy is talking about is not the same thing. I believe he is taking the words ad link and joining them together to try and make you believe it’s a new thing he has to offer that will make you money even faster.

Of course, it’s not true, there is no such thing as an adlink as he describes it.

The Truth About Home Income System

Like many of the scams out there, Home Income System works on the same principle, targeting the uneducated which are those that have no idea how affiliate marketing works.

They also target the desperate or weak who are looking for the easy way out of life and not have to work. They see an easy way of making money come along and they fall for it.

Don’t get me wrong, those scammers can be very clever in tricking you and me. It’s up to us to educate ourselves on the subject so we have an informed decision.

Not all programs are scams and there are plenty of legit programs going around.

The Home Income System sales pitch is typically low-level and easy to spot a scam.

To become wiser on spotting these scams go here and read my article “How To Know A Scam”.

If you just got back from reading it you will start to know some things or red flags are what I call them.

Ok, let’s keep going with the product review…

3 Steps To Riches

Jason the owner says there are 3 steps to his program.

  1. Follow the training
  2. Choose an ad link posting company to work with
  3. Collect the money

The sad news is that this is not how it works for real.

Jason will point to your other sources of programs where you can make money with a better system than his.

Well, to honest it won’t take much to be better than his however it does not mean you will make money from those systems either. Do you get the picture?

He gets you in to buy his crap and then offers other people’s products to make money. This way he makes on the programs he is offering as well and doesn’t really care if you make money or not.

Most of the scams out there work on this principle with some really bad ones that give nothing in return for your money. It really doesn’t matter because they are all giving you false information which leads to you losing money to them and you not making anything in return.

Home Income System Paid Actors

What Is Home Income System About? - picture of Jason

As I had mentioned earlier, Jason is not a real person and in fact, they hired this guy above to act in his place. So this guy above is pretending to be Jason which owns this system but it isn’t him and I can prove it…

You see, this guy is an actor for hire on Fiverr which is a freelance services marketplace where you can hire people to say anything you wish them to say. Below is his photo on Fiverr.

What Is Home Income System About? - picture of Jason on Fiverr site

He offers his service for hire to anyone willing to pay him a few bucks to say a script you create for him. He does not care what is on the script, he will just carry it out the best he can to make you believe it’s true.

This is typical for scammy programs because they don’t have real people making money so they make it up.

They are also hired to give testimonials as well.

Once you can prove the owner to be fake the whole program becomes fake very quickly.

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Home Income System Black Hat LinkingWhat Is Home Income System About? - black hat tilted up

This is supposed to be the powerful weapon they use to give you a boost against the competition.

This is an old trick used years ago where someone built a business to offer another business a place to get backlinks. These backlinks worked very well to boost your site within Google rankings and get you on top.

The problem with it today is that it no longer works because Google made plenty of adjustments within their system to detect and shut down any sites that were using these fake backlinks. Literally, overnight many sites went under due to illegal backlinking.

Real backlinks are still used today of course which is where you get your backlinks from legit sites.

As an example: Any backlinks (this is a backlink) you see in my article take you to a legit site. If you click on it, it will take you to the source for the definition or reference.

Today no one is using fake backlinks except for Home Income System.

It’s just a gimmick to attract the uneducated.

Home Income System’s AdLink Shut Down

In the beginning, when you signed up you are informed to pick an AdLink Posting Company. This company is supposed to help you in getting started however there is a serious problem with that…

Home Income System partnered up with an Ad Link Posting Company called MOBE (My Online Business Education).

This digital marketing company got shut down by the FTC for over-selling products and underdelivering.

In fact, there were several of these so-called product stuffers that would just keep selling products with no end to the customer until the customer went broke or left. They have no respect for their customer and will steal every cent from you with no remorse.

As far as I know, they all got shut down by the FTC which wasn’t soon enough however we are not out of the water yet because as you can see with this program, there are plenty of crooks still around to watch out for.

Cost To Join Home Income System

What Is Home Income System About? - large fold up of paper money

It cost $99 to join the program.

Because the program does not have a legit training system to make money with you will be offered to buy upsells.

These upsells will cost different amounts from hundreds to thousands of dollars which usually start low and work their way up convincing you that you need these programs to succeed.

If you do buy into the upsell it will be a totally different sales pitch and program from another seller which actually makes it a cross-sell. In other words, you are going in blind to what you are buying and whatever Jason says about the upsell you should not believe him.

Who Home Income System Is For

This system or program is not a legit program and for that reason, I don’t believe it’s enough value in it for anyone.

You will not make money with it and you won’t even get to learn about affiliate marketing.

It’s more geared towards beginners that fall for the quick buck with no work required type of ad.

Of course, you will always see the normal sales pitch where there is limited time or room available so you better get it now.

It’s true that some legit programs may have this type of time frame limitation however that is not the case with these scams.

What I Like About Home Income System

Nothing, I don’t like anything about these crooks.

I will tell you why…

They know their system is faulted just by two of the products that are supposed to make up the majority of their business.

Yet, they will still sell their falsified overhyped sales pitch to lure good people in that are trying to find a way to make an extra dollar just to make life a little easier for themselves.

These guys are crooks and should be treated like one in my opinion.

I did my part to expose them…

… now you do your part and inform others to stay away from them.

Together we can help each other.

What I Don’t Like About Home Income System

Because it’s a SCAM.

It’s a scam because:

  • Overhyped money-making opportunity pitch
  • Does not provide any education with affiliate marketing
  • Can not provide you with a way to make money as they promised
  • It’s associated with another company that has been shut down by the FTC
  • Upsells to other products with nothing to do with this one.
  • False Owner name and fake speaker
  • Still using Fake Backlinks that don’t work

How I Make A Living Online

I hope you enjoyed my article What Is Home Income System About?

Please share it with others so they can learn to avoid it as well.

The reason I share this information with you is that I know how hard it is to find a legit program to make money online with.

I have been at affiliate marketing for 4 years now and I can tell you that affiliate marketing is real.

It provides for a great income where you can get to quit your 9 to 5 job.

All it takes to make it is a good training program like the one I am using here with a little hard work and patience.

It is not a quick way to make money so if you really need money today then you will have to find a job just to tie you over until your business takes off.

Feel free to check out some of my other articles which will be very beneficial to your education on affiliate marketing and mindset. To succeed you must have a proper mindset.

To learn more about how I make a living online go here.

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7 thoughts on “What Is Home Income System About?”

  1. Thank you, Richard, for reviewing the Home Income System program. I loved the research you did where you managed to find the actual paid actor on Fiverr and information on the tools the Home Income System used. I definitely agree with you that the Home Income System is a scam. I noticed you recommended the Wealthy Affiliate program. What do you like about Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for dropping by today. Yes, the Home Income System is not worth your time or money to invest in. I have spent a lot of time online trying to learn to make money over the years and although I made a little here and there I never really made enough to reach my goals. That is until I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

      What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is:
      -It’s the cheapest LEGIT program out there for anyone to get started online making money
      -It also offers the most training for the money
      -You don’t need to go outside for any other training to make it work
      -You don’t have to upgrade to make it work
      -They offer all the programs and tools all in one convenient place to get your business making money
      -Don’t require to have to deal with any other company
      -No other expensive programs you have to buy to make it work
      -The community is full of successful entrepreneurs with years of experience to help you when needed
      -There are plenty of other training videos added by the community to help
      -You can pay the low membership fee monthly or yearly
      -It’s the only company with the highest success rate.
      -And you can even give it a try for free
      -And that’s just to name the highlights of the program.

      Their program has a simple step-by-step training layout that is easy to follow and it checks off for you what you have completed. It will even bring you right back to the next lesson right where you left off at, no wasting time trying to figure out what lesson is next.

      The biggest thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that I am now making more money than ever before and all I had to do is follow the lessons at my own pace. The money didn’t really start flowing in until over a year later but that was expected as they explained in the training.

      You just can’t go wrong with this one unless you just don’t do it.
      Anyway Kevin that is what I like about it which is pretty much the same reason why others like it as well.

      I appreciate you leaving a comment and question for me.
      If you think you would enjoy it by all means sign up here for a free account and you will get the first month for only $19. But for now, you can just enjoy the free lessons.

      I wish you all the best Kevin, take care now,


  2. I’m so glad that you went into in-depth detail on what this program really consists of it’s a challenge to find some reliable websites out there that provide some thorough and concise information and the way that you have presented here. I have been looking into this program but have been unable to find valuable information until I ran into this website

  3. Thank you for your post! I learned a half dozen things about what being a scammer entails. Your post inspires me to be more well-read and informed for that matter. I think the final straw for me was when you said the site has fake backlinks and was affiliated (forgive the pun!) with another program that was discredited, to say the least, by the FTC.

    I am happy that I have never came across this site. But ever since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate, my mindset has grown astronomically and this has encouraged me to be a more thorough, comprehensive researcher as you’ve implied throughout your entire article.

    Speaking of which, isn’t it a no-brainer that the real, verified and legitimate alternative is Wealthy Affiliate.

    Above all, you do an excellent job with being impartial, reasonable, blunt, and fair-minded. Very credible!

    • You are very welcome, I am pleased to hear you learned plenty from my article. Yes, once I dug into the company I found out a lot of negative things about them. I only mentioned the big points which to me is more important. Being associated with another company that already has been shut down by the FTC is a huge negative because it takes a lot to get shut down.

      I am pleased to hear you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. To be honest with you the only ones that don’t enjoy it are those that are looking for the quick buck. Of course, they require a few more fake programs before catching on which is all good because we all learn at our own pace right!

      Well, I do my best to show the path, it’s up to each one of us to take it.

      Thank you for your kind words my friend I appreciate it. I wish you all the best with your online business.
      For those reading this click here to get a 59% discount on your first month’s payment.

  4. The first clue?  The owner is “Jason”.  No last name but he can guarantee that you will bring in $400 a day right out of the gate.  It makes me sad that people fall for this stuff, especially when it’s not their fault and, truth be told, I’ve fallen for a few myself. It takes time and experience to be able to wade through the frauds and recognize what is a legit program.  Thank you for posting!

    • Thanks for dropping by Cynthia. Yes, it’s so easy to see through the wonderful-looking fog when you have learned the hard way. Remember, there are plenty of others out there desperately looking for a way out of their present situation and sorry to say but many end up falling for at least a few of these scams before they come across my site and learn the truth.

      I mean is it any different than when Amway or any of the other MLMs came along and offered you a business opportunity that will make you rich someday? No, it’s not, and how many of us fell for that one.
      If you want to know the truth about Amway, Mary Kay, just follow the link and read my report on them.

      Primerica Financial Services was an MLM however they were quite different than the others. We spent 3 years in this service which we enjoyed very much I must say. This one you truly do help a lot of people.

      Some are better than others for sure but making it rich is out of the question I am afraid unless you are one of the few that got in at the beginning.

      Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts, I love hearing from my readers.
      I wish you all the best Cynthia.


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