What Is My Ecom Club About?

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Welcome to my review What Is ‘My Ecom Club’ About?

Here’s a program that is claiming they are the only source you need as a beginner to become successful online by building an e-commerce store.

Do you believe them?

There are programs available that are the only ones you need to make money however this one is not one of them.

In this review, I will explain why this is not one of them, along with proof, and the chance of you making money with this program.

Let’s get started…


The ‘My Ecom Club’ Program

Owner: Teo Vee

Product: Drop Shipping Course

Cost: $37 plus upsells

Best For:   Beginners interested in dropshipping

Summary: The program ‘My Ecom Club is nothing more than a funnel or ad that was designed to sell a high-ticket product. They bring you in at a low cost, albeit you will gain a lot of knowledge from this low upfront cost, you are forced to buy their high ticket item.

Recommended: Yes, but there are better programs available at a much lower cost.


What Is ‘My Ecom Club’ About?

The program is all about Dropshipping which is where you advertise a product for sale on your website and when someone buys it the product is shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer bypassing you.

Dropshipping is nothing new, one of the first programs I tried was dropshipping and that was before the internet. Dropshipping is a very efficient way of making money because you don’t have to deal with the product which means you have no expenses in this area.

Today, especially after the covid 19, it is one of the most widely used forms of selling products due to the lost cost.

Some of the platforms that use to dropshipping are:

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • AliExpress
  • Oberio

And that’s just a few. All these platforms are used to automate the process of dropshipping to make it as easy as possible and to keep the cost of shipping down by only having one company shipping it.

What ‘My Ecom Club’ Has To Offer

What Is My Ecom Club About? - logo

There is no doubt many of these programs look great to the beginner because all they can see is low-cost up front and lots of money in return.

I am afraid to say, this doesn’t happen with this program. They spend most of their time lying to their customers instead of helping them.

You will get an ok knowledge of the subject from this program and some may even go on to make a little money with it but don’t expect to keep all your earnings because this company has other plans for it.

Once you create your free account you gain access to the inside of My Ecom Club.


As a free member you have access to 6 videos:

  1. Overview on the concept of Dropshipping
  2. How to select your niche & products
  3. The right Mindsets you need to have
  4. How to find the best supplier using AliExpress
  5. Setting up your Shopify store with Oberlo
  6. Optimizing your store and getting traffic

These videos will provide about 4 hours of basic training which is available online for free anyway.

You need to start with the basic information however don’t expect to make money just on these videos.

The best way is to follow someone else that has succeeded in dropshipping, this no doubt will raise your success rate, providing they are a legit program of course.

Yes, My Ecom Club is legit and having the basic information upfront for free is a nice way to find out if it’s for you or not.

If you do decide to give dropshipping a try, you will have to go for their upgrade in order to make money with it.

The ‘My Ecom Club’ Upsells

Ok, so you decide to jump in and give this a shot. It’s time to take a look at the upsells they offer so that you know what you are getting.

Right after you create your free account you will see plenty of sales videos encouraging you to take advantage of their personal coach to support you on your journey.

The ‘My Ecom Club’ Upsell 1 – $37

This is the first upsell you will be offered which is to add a Coach to your journey for $37.

To try and build any business without the support of a coach is a hard road to take. Not impossible but a long hard road.

Having a coach by your side to offer advice and to guide you in the direction that will work the fastest and easiest to your goals is the right way to go.

The ‘My Ecom Club’ Upsell 2 – $1997

Soon after the first upsell you will be introduced to the second upsell which is the main program they are offering.

You will not receive enough information to make it work without the Main Upgrade.

In this package you will get:

  • 2 Shopify stores all set up for you
  • 100 top-selling products added for you in the niche of your choice
  • Full written description for these 100 products
  • DFY theme & logo
  • Training on traffic generation

This does hold a lot of value and is not bad for the money however there is a small problem I do have with this package.

You don’t get any support with this package which is like a slap in the face.

They take care of you all the way up making you believe you will be fully taken care of until you pay the $1997 for the main program and they drop you like a rock in the water.

The ‘My Ecom Club’ Support Upsell $97 / mth

In order to get support for the main program, you will have to pay another $97 / mth. That is another $1164 per year just to have support for the product they sell you.

This to me is a huge shame and truly shows their true colors.

As well, I now started to look at them as a scam because they never once informed you of what it was going to cost for all these upgrades until you are in deep with them and can’t back out.

The ‘My Ecom Club’ Extra Upsells:

If you thought they were done taking your money from you, sorry but you are wrong. Check this out…

I was pissed at wanting to charge me for their support on a product they sold me but then they hit me with…

… not one, not even two but 3 more upsells.

Here are the three upsells you will be hit with after spending so much money already with these guys:

  1. The Instant E-commerce Website Template ($37)
  2. Inner Circle Membership ($37 / mth)
  3. And the Gold Membership for ($97)

As you can see things changed very fast and not for the better for you. Yes, it’s possible that you can make some money with this program however in my opinion you will be paying out way too much money to them for nothing.

All three of these last programs do not give you any value to build your business and therefore you do not need them.

If you are looking for a nice legal program to make money online with and one you can afford, go here and check out the program that got me started.

Yes, you can try it for free and they don’t charge you extra for support, and it’s a fraction of what My Ecom Club charges you.

Who Can Benefit From ‘My Ecom Club’?

Anyone that is interested in making money by having an e-commerce business and using dropshipping to sell your items.

Keep in mind you have to have the money upfront in order to support their high cost.

This program is NOT for anyone on a tight budget or for anyone that does not want to deal with products.

If you are interested in blogging for a living then this program is not for you.

Here’s What I Like About ‘My Ecom Club’

  • They have free training so one can get a feel for it before buying into it.
  • The training is pretty good and you will learn to dropship but don’t expect to make money with it until you upgrade.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What I DON’T Like About ‘My Ecom Club’

There are quite a few things I don’t like about the ‘My Ecom Club’ program.

Hidden Costs

Anytime you see someone hiding the true cost of a program it indicates they are being dishonest. This is a shame because the program started out pretty good at first and then once you started to pay any money you just keep getting slammed with more and more costs to do business with them.

Shame on ‘My Ecom Club for doing this to their loyal customers.

Support Is An Upsell

I am sorry but this one really tops it for me. When you sell a program or item you don’t charge extra money to give them support, that is not right. This is completely showing a lack of respect for their customers. This is enough to drive me away from their scam. I call it a scam because they are gouging their customers using this cheap tactic.

Dishonesty With Hidden Costs

This is another one of their tricks they are using. They tell you it’s free and they even say they gave you $200 from their pocket which is of course bull. But then they charge you $37 right after saying these things.

The above is just one and the charging for support is outrageous as far as I am concerned.

You will also have to pay for traffic on Facebook which is not cheap.

To purchase your Shopify store is also a cost you will have to deal with.

Plus there are other smaller costs for some of the software you have to use.

Most people entering into this program have no idea all the costs they will have to deal with and before they know it they have to quit. If they take too long to get a refund they will be out all that money.

The Fake Testimonials

This is another area where it screams SCAM.

That is because the only ones that use these fake testimonials are the scammers. Here are two photos, take a close look, they don’t look like someone at their computer working their business now do they.

If you go to the website called GettyImages you will find these two photos there. Why, because they are selling their photos. Then the ‘My Ecom Club’ just adds their own text to the picture pretending to be them. Yes, it’s fake all the way.

Fake Stories

Even the success stories that are supposed to be from legit members are fake. Yes, they are all from the same place called GettyImages.

Perhaps the below will explain why they don’t have real success stories to share.

BBB Alerts

Check out the BBB or Better Business Bureau. According to them, they have a lot of compliments on file about ‘My Ecom Club’ company.

Here is but just one complient from BBB…

And that is but a few things I don’t like about ‘My Ecom Club’. Oh, by the way, did I mention it’s very hard to get a refund from them?

If you’re tired of all the scams check out My Top Recommended Program Here

How I Make A Living Online

What Is My Ecom Club About? Well, it sure looks like a scam to me.

The problem is that in the eyes of the officials they are considered a legit program because they have a product to offer.

That is the problem with the government, they are only looking at the surface of the program and not what’s within.

That is also why you have to do your research before spending your money.

Don’t worry, there are legit programs out there and ones you can even afford.

Whatever you do decide to do, I would suggest staying away from The Ecom Club even if you do have the money to spend on it.

When I first got started I went through so many programs before I found one that suited me.

In the process, I ended up wasting a lot of money however today I look at it as a learning curve or expense and once I found the program that worked for me I quickly got all my money back and then some.

Click here to learn more about how I make a living online. Don’t worry, there are no tricks or traps to worry about.

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8 thoughts on “What Is My Ecom Club About?”

  1. Hi Rick,

    Those upsell turn me down once I saw it, and it also makes people spend more money after joining this program. I always think that if the front-end product is good enough, what do we need those upsells for? This only implies that the front-end is not complete & less effective, do you agree? That’s why people need to do their own online researches before really buying anything from the internet, and your review is definitely a good one.

    Thanks for sharing today. Now I know what My Ecom Club is and will choose something else to make money online. Your recommendation seems like a better choice!


    • You are absolutly correct Matt, when those programs have upsells especially as many as you see with this program, they are sharing basic information to get you in the door. Once you spend the money to get in they will upsell you on a little bigger package and from there keep upselling until you stop buying or they run out. These guys are not interested in teaching you to make money, they are out to take your money just like the majority of the MLM’s out there. You end up spending more then you make.

      The good news is that you don’t need to spend that much money to learn to make money online. Yes you are correct Matt, My Recommendation is one that I found from researching a lot of programs to find what works. There are several I could recommend that will work however the #1 That I Recommended is the most completed traiing package with the best support in the industry and is the lowest cost to get into.

      And you can even give it a try for free, that is how legit it is. Most people find that once they give it a try they stay with it because it works and the support is just outstanding with it.

      I would recommend that you give it a try Matt, you never know until you do and it doesn’t cost you anything to find out. That is the best part.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Matt I appreciate it,
      Take care now.

  2. Though I’m not a multi-level marketer I can relate a lot of your tips to affiliate marketing. I like the idea of joining groups on social media and making friends. I’m sure this could work well in finding prospects. I joined an mlm company some years ago and remember being taught to speak to 3 new people a day. I found this quite challenging especially as I’m shy. Of course with the internet it’s now very different as you can use marketing techniques such as blogging or posting on social media. I certainly agree with setting activity goals as opposed to results goals! Thanks for sharing:)

    • Good Day Kathy and thanks for dropping in. Just to be clear, My Ecom Club is not an MLM company. They teach others to become a dropshipper of products. Yes, most of us just starting out to make money starts with an MLM of some sort or other. They are a great way to get your feet wet per se and help to overcome shyness. It does take a lot of practice to get over it however we all do in time, just got to find something that you are passionate about and just talk about it.

      Yes, blogging is what I do today myself as you probably already know. I enjoy it however not as much as my wife, she can sit down and write all day. I do have my limits to writing and just need a break however there have been times I spent most of the day writing to replies which I love to do.

      When done right blogging can be very profitable as long as one sticks to it and has an article they can write a lot about.
      If you are interested in becoming a blogger check out the program that got me started. Don’t worry it’s free to try out.

      Thanks for leaving a comment Kathy.
      Take care now

  3. On the face of it, ‘my ecom club’ appears genuine. However, with all those expensive upsells and no guarantee you’ll make money it begins to look very scammy. Using fake reviews is another sure sign to keep well away. I’ve started incorperating dropshipping into my business but through Printful and woocommerce. Thank you for exposing this dodgy company, and for sharing the far better option!

    • Welcome back Kathy. Yes, it does look good upfront but as you said, once you join you are offered an upsell after upsell which they never explained upfront about. Because they don’t explain it upfront and make it appear you are getting the whole program for the low price I consider it to be quite scammy.

      Anytime you see those fake reviews, walk away because you can’t trust anything after.
      You are very welcome Kathy and I hope you enjoy the better option I offered.

      Take your time and give it a try as long as you like. If and when you are ready to proceed to the higher level you can join. If you like writing and talking to people this is a great way to do it and get paid for doing it, can’t beat that now can yeah?
      If you have any questions I will be on the inside to answer them for you. Of course, you have hundreds of other successful members who would be delighted in helping you out as well so don’t be afraid to ask ok.

      Thanks again for dropping by and I wish you all the best on your new adventure of owning your own business.

  4. Thank you for this review of my Ecom club After I saw the upsales I just got discouraged to be able to make money with this program because it is exactly like all the programs I have taken that have had this.
    In fact all of these with up sales end up not even helping you making money at the end and that is why I have seen.
    They inly end up telling you that you need to work hard and only 2% make it. Just thieves.

    • You are very welcome Thabo. Yes, that is exactly what they do, get you in the door and once you are committed by paying your first payment they throw an upsell at you. Thinking that it’s just a little upsell and why not if it makes me money right? Well, it’s a mind game they are doing with you. Once someone starts to spend they will keep spending if you just keep them going after the hook. Yes, just like fishing I am afraid. This one has quite a few upsells which really ticks a lot of people off, you are not alone my friend.

      Hey, the good news is, I have exposed this scam to you so you did not have to waste your time and money.
      Which makes you very lucky because not everyone comes across my article I am afraid.

      And Thabo, if you are looking for an honest program to teach you to make money online then check out the one that got me started making money. This one works my friend, I vouch for it.
      If you have any questions I will be on the inside to answer them for you.

      I wish you all the best with your new business, I will be there to see you make it.


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