What Is The Cash Finder System About?

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Hi, I’m Richard and welcome to my review on What Is The Cash Finder System About.

I have never invested my interest in online real estate and in fact, never came across a program in the area until now. So naturally, when I came across this training program for making money in real estate I just had to check it out.

I did have an interest in selling real estate a long time ago and even passed their entry test with a score of 89 however after learning how long it takes to make money with it and the length of time you are on the road quickly caused me to lose my interest.

There is money to be made in real estate albeit I had my doubts if it was from a program you would find online. Hey, I could be wrong and until one checks it out we really don’t know, do we?

Here is a program that is claiming you can acquire some of those profits the agents get by using their training.

What do ya say we check it out?

What Is The Cash Finder System About? - product page reviewed

First, let’s get one thing clear, I am not associated with Cash Finder System in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this program then keep reading as I reveal the truth about this program.

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it.

This is a great step in preventing yourself from getting burned by the many scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on “How To Know A Scam“, it’s very useful in helping to spot the scams out there.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from the Cash Finder System and the chances of you making money with it.

OK, let’s find out if this program is what it claims it to be…

Cash Finder System Program

What Is The Cash Finder System About? Cash Finder System Logo

Owner: Lee Gilmore

Product: Real Estate Finder’s Fee System

Cost: $999 (discounted down to $99)

The Cash Finder System claims that their system will teach you how to locate properties to sell to wealthy buyers. I guess it matches the buyer to the seller as an affiliate system does. This is how the real estate system works today except the person or affiliate called agent will take you around to look at the various homes you may be interested in.

It is a make-money-online program that says you can make money even without leaving your home according to their video. He claims that this program teaches you to find the right home for the interested purchaser which makes you a ‘home finder’ in which you will receive a home finder’s fee for your efforts.

Hmmm, ok that actually sounds pretty good…

In the video he claims there are three steps to making this happen:

  1. You find a property for sale
  2. Advertise or post it for sale
  3. Start depositing checks

Ok, I don’t know about you but I know that to sell a home it takes more steps than that. Someone has to sell the home in which they would get the commission unless you team up with a real estate agent. Keep in mind the agents are not looking to share their profits.

It also claims you can make very fast money with this program. Making fast money in real estate would depend on a lot of factors. Most real estate agents struggle at least a year before making a profit so I can’t see you making money fast with this system.

Yet Lee Gilmore in the video claims that you can receive 4 to 5 figure checks with a mere few taps on the smartphone. His simple little system does this by showing you how to find the most lucrative real estate property at low prices then find the buyers to purchase these properties.

All this and you:

  1. don’t need a real estate licence
  2. don’t require any experience
  3. you can make money quickly
  4. it will show you everything that is needed to get started today

Yes, there is a lot of money to be made with real estate however you have to be an agent and stay at it for years and be good at it just like any trade.

If you ask me this sounds too good to be true, what do you think?

It’s sounding and looking more like the typical get rich scheme out there.

What’s The Real Deal with Cash Finder System?

First off, you need a real estate licence to buy and sell homes. The only way to tap into a real estate agent’s profits is to make a deal with an agent and the agent pays you a finders fee.

And the chances of you selling a home faster or quicker than those trained agents that have been in the field for years and know the market like the back of your hand is just not possible.

Any home that goes up for sale all the realtors know about it especially if it’s an expensive home going for a cheap price. The real estate agents list properties on their major websites where it is much easier to find than a new website that you don’t even have the traffic coming to it yet.

But It Costs $999 It Got To Be Valuable and Legit Right?What Is The Cash Finder System About? checks in the mail

The price of anything does not determine the value of it. It’s the supply and demand of a product that determines its worth. Just like in the dirty ’30s, the value of the dollar was so low you couldn’t give it away.

The cost is $999 to join the program with a limited time frame for $99. They say that it’s worth $999 and then offer it to you for a special discount of just $99.

This only means one thing, and that is, the true value of the product is no more than $99 or they would not be selling it at $99.

But just a minute…

… If you go to close out the webpage after seeing the offer for $99 a popup appears with a new price of just $49. So now the highest value we can place on this program is just $49 and personally, I don’t believe it’s even worth that.

They inflate the price to make it appear to be worth more but in reality, it’s not.

From an experienced eye, it comes across as a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” especially if you compare it to my article on “How To Know A Scam“.

Again, as with many other reviews I have done on these types of products the main trigger point is the high income they claim in such a short time frame.

You will not make a single dime with this program, you can trust me on that.

If you read my article on “How To Know A Scam” you would of already pick up that this sounds like ‘a scam‘. Most of these types of scams use the same emotional points to trick you into buying their product.

Cash Finder System Training

So now we are down to $49 for the training that is supposed to make you rich overnight with very little effort and not even have to leave your home. Trust me this would never work and is a Red Flag.

But hey, why not see what’s on the inside anyway…

To my surprise, they have 12 training videos to learn from.

Ok, so maybe they put a little more effort into this one, or at least that’s what it appears.

The 12 training modules:

  1. Getting started
  2. Crucial Concepts
  3. Wholesaling 101
  4. Surveying The Real Estate
  5. how To Get Deals Coming to You
  6. Negotiating and Getting it Under Contract
  7. Due Diligence
  8. Transaction Management
  9. Attracting Qualified Buyers
  10. How to Get Your Deals Sold
  11. Assigning Closing and Getting Paid
  12. Mindset

Looks pretty impressive topics until you check them out.

They are not the typical true training video where someone is talking to you in a video explaining and showing how to do things. Nope, not at all…

… all it is is a bunch of slides with a voice added and the material is very basic as you see with all scams. They put enough to be able to call it a training lesson with no real quality material that you can use.

The Real Deal

Just like with all the SCAMS out there they build you up by playing with your emotions to get you to buy the product.

Because you bought the program on emotions which is pumped pretty high at this time they feed you enough generic content to make you believe in it.

I can’t see anyone making money with this program.


I did not find any proof that this system has benefited anyone other than the owners. They don’t talk about anyone else that makes money with this program. Not even numbers.

The only proof they have is these fake testimonials cards of 2 individuals that say they are pleased with the program but nothing on how much they made.

What Is The Cash Finder System About? testimonials

Who Can Benefit From Cash Finder System

I believe it’s pretty clear that no one can benefit from this program or training for the simple reason that there is not enough quality content to be able to make it work in real life.

The sad thing is you wouldn’t have even gained any knowledge of the real estate business.

I truly believe if you sign up for this in the hopes to make money with it then you are throwing your money away.

If you truly are interested in a legit way to making money online then read my #1 review on the best way to make money online today.

Conclusion of

What Is The Cash Finder System About?

Well, it’s pretty clear that this program has nothing but Red Flags all over it especially if you read my article on ‘How To Know A Scam’.

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • According to a realtor I talked to she claims that there is such thing as what you call a Finder’s Fee however it’s not something you can use to make money with as it’s explained in this training.
  • You have to be a real estate agent to make money in buying and selling real estate property.
  • They don’t offer a guarantee for your success not that I believe in them with the online programs.
  • There are no testimonials or proof of any kind that someone else has made money with this system other than the owners.
  • How about the outrageous money claims, no online business will make you money that fast. It takes time to build up your business.
  • Training videos are just slides of general information and very little of it pertains to real estate.
  • The price drop from $999 to $49 indicates a huge, HUGE red flag

Because the program does have a training package, albeit it’s not a real one, I can’t say that it’s a scam in the legal sense…

…however, for the above reasons mentioned I Can NOT Recommend the Cash Finder Systems training program to anyone.

Are you tired of all the scams out there? then check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business the right way. This is the program that works very well for me and you can even try it out for FREE yourself.

Don’t fall for the fake programs out there, it can be very difficult to tell the good ones from the bad when you’re just starting.

Cash Finder System






Overall quality



  • Low price


  • Fake testimonials
  • Lacking training videos
  • Big Upsells

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Cash Finder System About?”

  1. Thanks for warning us about this scam. I have experience with programs like that and can tell the good ones from the scams. Just the name tells me that this program is a scam. I understand why you don’t recommend it and thank you for sharing it with us. I do like your recommended training though. It is the one that you mentioned at the bottom of your post called Wealthy Affiliate and I must say I was very impressed with what they have to offer in the tools to use and the support is unheard of. Thank you so much for sharing it because I am thinking about going premium and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting a business online.

    • Hi Delyana and thanks for dropping by today. You are very welcome. So you have yourself experienced some of these types of scams. I hope you didn’t lose too much money from them. They promise the world yet deliver nothing to the customer and then walk away and get away with it.

      So you checked out the Wealthy Affiliate Training at the bottom as I suggested and you really enjoyed it I take it, good for you. Hannie you can reach out to me on the inside if you have any questions. I will also be sharing my experience with you which will include some tips and tricks that can be very useful.

      Thanks for leaving a comment,
      I will see you on the inside,


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