What Is The Meaning Of Paradigm Shift?

What Is The Meaning Of Paradigm Shift? - Young lady holding a secret box

  The world is in the midst of a huge paradigm shift and it is happening at record speed on a global level. Before I explain what I am talking about let’s find out What is the meaning of paradigm shift? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a Paradigm Shift is “an important change that happens when … Read more

What Is Disorganization?

What Is Disorganization? - woman in room full of stuff

We all want to be successful in life but what if you struggle with being disorganized. Being organized doesn’t come naturally which is why we first have to define what is disorganization. The Cambridge Dictionary defines disorganization as “the quality of being badly planned and without order.” Merriam-Webster dictionary describes disorganization as “psychopathological inconsistencies in … Read more