Coronavirus – What you need to know

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How does a flu called Coronavirus take the world by surprise and drop it to its knees?

All around us, in every corner on every street your’ll find people hiding and avoiding it like in some zombie movie. But this is not a movie, it’s in your very own town or city – even every Country on EARTH.

Earth as we know it is under attack, putting people, business and even the government scrambling to figure out how to stop this attack NOW, but there is no cure

Even the army has been sent home to hide and stay safe from the onslaught of an invisible enemy. The world is at the mercy of the invisible invader as it creeps through our cities, towns and into our homes threatening the very lives of our loved ones.

The Coronavirus has shut down everything in its wake like a plague. All non-essential businesses are closed leaving truckers on their own to deliver food and supplies to the cities and towns with no place to eat and very few locations left open for fuel.


How can this be? and so fast?

Just 10 days after the government delivered what it believed to be a balanced budget, the COVID-19 virus has swung a wrecking ball through most of its underlying financial assumptions.” You can read the full article here

Governments are spending money like crazy to stop the spread with no replacement funds insight. Taxes have been deferred to help those out of a job and with businesses closed there’s no more sales tax coming in. Even the banks have no choice but to defer mortgage payments.

Most government organizations have been shut down indefinitely as Countries fall into a state of emergency.

So, how the Hell did we get to the point of having to worry where our next meal is going to come from let alone pay for it?

Well for one…

…the government keeps telling us that “it’s just a flu and is nothing to worry about“, and then we read this…


Senate Intel chairman sold off stock ahead of coronavirus economic downturn

It seems someone did know how bad it was going to get…

  • A week before his stock sell-off, Burr authored an op-ed with GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee titled, “Coronavirus prevention steps the U.S. government is taking to protect your” in which the senators wrote the US was “better prepared than ever before to face emerging public health threats, like the coronavirus.” Burr has also worked on legislation aiding US preparations for pandemics for years.” … read it here

Why is it those that are supposed to be looking after our welfare that once TSHTF they are just out for themselves?

I can’t help to wonder how much damage we could have avoided if we knew a week in advance?

As a soldier, I have seen a lot of things hidden from the public to prevent panic. All the deployments to help people during emergencies seems to be for the same cause, they were not informed and prepared for what hit them.

Coronavirus - What you need to know - Coronavirus
Coronavirus – What you need to know – Did it start from the bats?

We are on a planet drifting around in space with climates changing as we speak. Things can go wrong and they will according to an article from CNN on the number of viruses found here.

  • “In the likely epicentre of the virus — the so-called wet-markets of Wuhan, China — where wild animals are held captive together and sold as delicacies or pets, a terrifying mix of viruses and species can occur.”

If not prepared then we suffer massive losses each and every time. Even our own Governments speak that they are prepared for major crises but they are not and they know they’re not.


Food and supplies

Coronavirus - What you need to know - lack of food
Coronavirus – What you need to know – Lack of food

So now that the world is in hiding, a lot of people are wondering how they are going to find food and supplies while they wait it out.

Even though the Government keeps saying there is plenty of food and supplies to go around yet when most North Americans go to the grocery store they are faced with empty shelves.

The store manager keeps saying, “Trucks will be here in a couple of days”, yet the truckers are having a hard time to deliver due to:

  • closed provinces/states
  • closed Countries
  • all restaurants serve only through take out
  • must be in the vehicle to be served (trucks don’t fit)
  • fuel stations shut down

If the trucks shut down we are in for a tough time, to say the least, unless you’re one of the smart ones called preppers that have an emergency stash to last a couple of months and possibly even longer.


When and if we will get back to work.

One week after I got the word that the virus has gotten worse and is spreading fast the whole country goes into a state of emergency to help prevent the spread, but it’s already too late.

This is more serious than most people may think. At this point, there is no help coming. They are basically saying, “You’re on your own until someone can get to you”.

Your Government can’t help you at this point.

There is no other country available to bail us out this time.

The governments don’t even know when they will be opening up their organizations and businesses have no idea when they can resume hiring workers back.

Some are even saying the daycares won’t be back operating until September, that’s 6 months away.

Meanwhile, everyone has to find a way to pay for food and supplies as long as we don’t have to pay our mortgage and rent. But what happens when it’s restored? Do renters and those with a mortgage have to play catch up?

If so this will leave most with bills too big to handle.


What if going to work didn’t exist?

Hey, I learned a long time ago the only way we are going to be in the driver seat of our lives is to work for yourself.

By having your own business you:

  • get to fire your boss
  • create your own hours
  • get paid for what you are worth
  • work from anywhere in the world
  • live anywhere you want
  • vacation any time for as long as you want

The other day a buddy of mine I met through online marketing was doing his business while waiting for the birth of his baby in the maternity ward. This is how flexible working for yourself can be.

I take my business (laptop) with me where ever I go whether that’s:

  • on vacation,
  • in the Bahamas
  • or visiting my kids and grandkids.
  • and the best part is I can stay as long as I want.

The government encourages working at home, 6 days after our country realizes the seriousness of the virus they issue this…

This means if you can, you should work from  your home, limit the number of others you come into close contact with, avoid non-essential trips out, cancel gatherings and try to keep a two-meter distance from others.

With the money you make having your own business you can stockpile your emergency supplies and always be ready for the next outbreak, not IF but WHEN the next one hits us. The next one could be a whole lot worse and the Governments know it.


Where did it come from

Some people including the government are spreading rumours about where it originated. I don’t believe we will ever know the truth of the origin of coronavirus.

Besides once they do tell you it doesn’t change a thing, in fact, we really don’t need to know.

All we need to know is how to protect ourselves from these threats because as we just witnessed, we will end up on our own as a family to survive. Let’s face it, the Government can only do so much. They are not miracle workers, they are people with family just like you, me and they can get sick too.

So never mind where it came from, how are you going to be prepared for the next time.



Don’t rely on your government or employer to feed or protect you. Like your Government said …

…work from home if you can. This solves a lot of problems upfront.

This puts you in the driver seat of your future and gives you the power to

  • work when and where you want
  • get paid for what your worth not what someone else thinks your worth
  • do the things you like to do and get paid for it
  • live the lifestyle you want to
  • travel freely

If you can’t work for yourself at home or just don’t want too then you should take measures starting today to start stockpiling some basic foods and supplies to last you at least 6 mths to a year.

Expect things to be worse in the years to come.

When things like the coronavirus happen I don’t worry too much anymore because I took the necessary steps a few years back to get out the 9 to 5 lifestyle and you can too.

After seeing so much damage, loss of life due to people not knowing the seriousness of how vulnerable we really are when we have to depend on someone else. I had to take action and change it for me and my family.

If having your own real legit online business is something you might be interested in then go sign up for Wealthy Affiliate here and take it for a test ride for free.

Yes, it really is free – (you can leave your credit card in your pocket, my friend).

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Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave them below I will be happy to answer them.

Take care for now


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4 thoughts on “Coronavirus – What you need to know”

  1. Great article for information on Corona Virus. What a eye opener to the reality that no other country can offer us aid and we are really on our own.

    Your point about Truckers, that’s another big issue that needs a solution. The next time I see a trucker parked, I will ask if they need something to eat, and go buy a meal for them. We really need to be better neighbors, if you can offer a helping hand, be sure to offer.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a good business model to take a look at to build my own business and work anywhere. Thank you for your on point article.
    Nancy Hamar

    • Yes it is a big problem with the truckers not able to find place to eat. Here in Canada we are already offering to pick up a meal for them. This is just another simple little example where the government was not ready with a plan in place for such an event. We already seen an example of people hording, if the trucks could no longer move then we would have a major problem on our hands and those not prepared for it would be the worse off.

      Yes I agree we do need to behave like better neighbors however in times like these it brings out the worse and best in us. I believe this is just an example of what to come in the years ahead.

      Thank you for your comment Nancy
      All the best to you and your family,

  2. Hi Richard,

    Yes it is time we take responsibility of our lives instead of depending on the government and employer…I am glad you found a way to ditch your 9-5 job.

    Even I am seriously considering a side hustle which can make way for some passive income. I will have a look at the Wealthy Affiliate platform and act proactively now so that i can guard my future.

    Just one question – How much time it took for you to become your own boss?

    • Sad to say but it took me years because I kept getting involved in the wrong program which is why I created this website so others won’t have to waste time and money like i did on the wrong path. With the right guidance you can expect to leave your day job within a year on average. Good for you for at least thinking about it and I must say this couldn’t be a better time to get started. Your not alone there are plenty of people right now pondering about leaving that 9 to 5 regime.

      Once on the inside I will be there to help and guide you all the way while you build your business.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment,
      I will see you on the inside my friend.


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