Is Autopilot Profits A Scam? – Here’s Why

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I was recently asked by a friend of mine, is Autopilot Profits a Scam?

My reply was “YES, in my opinion, Autopilot Profits is a scam… and here’s why.

There is no system right now on the market that can make you money on Autopilot – autopilot in the sense of making a few clicks and you are off making thousands.

… if someone is claiming there is then don’t trust anything they say.”

But hey, just to be fair I decided to check it out for real and share what I find with you.

First, I want you to know that I am not associated with Autopilot Profits in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this program then keep reading as I reveal the truth.

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it. This is a great step in avoiding scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

To help combat the scams read my article on “How To Know A Scam” and become aware of the tel-tail signs.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from Bulletproof Profits and the chances of you making money with it.

OK, let’s get started…

Autopilot Profits

Is Autopilot Profits A Scam - Autopilot Profits Retail Box

Owner: Ewen Chia

Product: Make money online automatically

Cost: $37 plus 14 upsells


According to the ad it claims you can make up to $3460.25 within 24 hrs and all you have to do is buy his so-called machine (product).

Once you buy into his program it supposes to run on automatic and you don’t have to do a thing to create all this money.

It claims that you don’t require hours to set up because it’s already done for you to the point where all you do is take 5 minutes out of your time and you are set.

There is no:

  • product to worry about
  • website to take care of
  • not even a Domain name to purchase
  • no ads to create
  • and no advertising spending to drain your bank account

After that, you can expect to receive over $3000 in less than 24 hours.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, you’re right because the whole damn thing is using almost possible scam trick to catch the unaware.

So far everything seems to be either exaggerated or just plain lies as Ewen Chia is known for.

The reason that these scams bring in money is that it catches the newbie off guard. Most people are raised to be honest and not to lie so they don’t expect a company to lie to them and they fall for it.

Once a scam wears off they just create another and another, this is how the scammers make money.


Autopilot Profits Training

Is Autopilot Profits A Scam - Autopilot Profits TrainingSo you pay the $37 upfront to take advantage of the money machine.

Now you are supposed to take 5 minutes to get set up and in 24 hours later you will have all this money coming in.

Well, on the inside you will find a course that claims you can make thousands of dollars online by becoming an affiliate marketer and hosting a website of your choice.

I was surprised to see even a course however I was also shocked how simple of information they are sharing. This is just very generic information that you can find on the internet for free.

The 59-page ebook is something he just hired someone to through together and you may even find it on any of those PLR supplier sites.

It also contains 20 training videos on becoming an affiliate marketer and shows how to set up a WordPress website.

Ok, so how does that come into play as only taking 5 minutes to set up and get all this money coming in within 24 hrs?

This guy will lie to his mother to get a dollar. Don’t trust anything from this dude, he has never put out a good product yet and I don’t expect he ever will.


Maybe the training is worth the money?

No, it’s not!

All the training videos are just basic information you can find on the internet for free. It’s just not enough material to get making money online. Each video is only something like 8 minutes long at best.

If you are looking for a high-quality training program then check out my #1 recommendation for anyone interested in making money online.

This Autopilot Profits was never designed or created for anyone to make money with in my opinion.

Is Autopilot Profits A Scam - Autopilot Profits Income Machine

Here’s what you get on the inside

Main Program:

  • Introduction – Nothing of value in here
  • System Step 1 – Just basic information to help build you up
  • System Step 2 – More basic information to build you up and get you excited
  • System Step 3 – This one goes into more of the same and is just not worth to even watch
  • Top Bonuses – Ok now this one really is trying to build you up by getting you excited. Still just crap.
  • Secret Coaching – The secret Coaching is just Ewen’s pile of scams he is trying to sell. He will try and sell you many of his other products that have the same pitch and empty promises that Autopilot Profits has. Why would you buy another product from the same guy that just failed to come through with his first promise of making $3400 in 24 hours and you have to do nothing? Yet here we are with an upsell of the same garbage.
  • $1k A Day Biz – another one of his empty promises upsell product
  • Copy Paste Cash – and another one of his empty promise upsell product

So, there is nothing in the main program worth even spend your time on. Let’s move on to his resources, shall we?


  • Mega Traffic
  • Traffic Secret
  • Social Profits
  • Site Software
  • Traffic Software
  • Done For You!
Is Autopilot Profits A Scam - Autopilot Profits DVD

All these so-called resources are all products of Ewen which he has created since 1998 making most of them very old and out of date.

Each one of the above products starts out the same way with promising you the world at your fingertips and then dropping the ball just when you get in the door.

All his products carry the same over-hyped promise and follow up with the same lies.

And when you try and leave a page from any of the products he doesn’t let you. You are forced to view his next product after the next until all his products are viewed. You just get recycled through everything over and over until you close the window at the bottom in the tray of your screen. Why is this guy still around I don’t know.

Once you go through all of the popups it will stop but only after you have visited every one of his crapy products.


So to answer the question Is Autopilot Profits A Scam? YES, it is.

Not only is it a scam but it’s many scams into one in my opinion.

He may have a product to offer but it’s a very low valued product and not worth the money. This goes the same for all his products.

Ewen draws newbies into his scammy programs by promising to offer what they are looking for, that is money but not only money, FAST MONEY. Once inside they are pitched with upsells, not one but ALL OF HIS CRAPY PRODUCTS.

For these reasons alone I DO NOT Recommend Autopilot Profits or any other product from Ewen Chia.

Here are the problems I have with Autopilot Profits:

  1. The training is clearly not what it’s advertised to be
  2. Outrageous make money claims
  3. Training videos too short to be of use.
  4. The videos contain basic information you can find online for free.
  5. And all the training videos he does have are outdated
  6. You get bombarded with all of his other products
  7. His products have very little value

It seems very clear to me that he threw this basic training package together to make a quick buck for himself with no intention of really helping others.

To my surprise while researching this product I also discovered that he was also involved in MLM companies. It turns out he is a Diamond Consultant with MOBE, that is before the Government shut MOBE down for running a pyramid scheme.

Ewen has been offering shady products since 1997 and is still at it today. The truth is he will do whatever to make a buck with no concern for others.

If you were scammed by this guy we would love to hear it from you, please share it below.

For the above reasons, I DO NOT Recommend the Autopilot Profits training program.

If you’re looking to make money online
then check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business the right way. There is a special going on right now where you can get 60% off.

This is the program that works very well for me and you can even try it out yourself for FREE.

Don’t fall for the fake programs out there, it is sometimes very hard to tell the bad ones from the few good ones when you’re just starting out.

Is Autopilot Profits A Scam - Stop Struggling To Make Money Online

Autopilot Profits






Overall quality



  • There is nothing good about it


  • Not what it's advertised to be
  • False money claims
  • Training is outdated and only basic

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4 thoughts on “Is Autopilot Profits A Scam? – Here’s Why”

  1. Hey Rick. Cheers for the heads up on this scammer.

    I have been around the block and its sad but true that scammers like this guy are everywhere.

    I read your recommendation on making money online legitimately and I’m very intrigued by the sounds of it.

    Is there any free trials or discounts going on the pro version?

    Thanks again.


    • Hi, Martin thanks for dropping by. Right now you can give Wealthy Affiliate a try for FREE. You won’t even have to take your credit card out, just sign up and you’re on your way to building a website before you know it. They will also give you 10 Free lessons and full access to the whole program, nothing is hidden, you can check everything out before you purchase it. This is the only program I know of that offers so much high-value content for no payment and the content is legit. With the free lessons, they will also give you, not one but 2 free domain names to use while you build your website up. By the end of the lessons, you will have a full operating webpage and indexed in Google. From there you just keep adding to your webpage each week and before long you will start making money.

      If you grab the link I provided you will also get a 59% discount on the first-month payment when you go premium if it’s activated within 7 days.
      You can read my full review here to get more information on it.

      I will be on the inside to steer and help you out when needed.
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Hey Richard, the amount of crap on the internet is an absolute joke and the only people who are doing anything about them are people like yourself, so I have to thank you for exposing these people who give affiliate marketing a bad name.

    They prey on newcomers who believe this stuff and know no better, but I think we have all been scammed in the past like this so maybe it’s just something we all have to go through.

    If it sounds too good to be true and they all do, then leave well alone.

    Once again thanks for exposing these crooks.

    • Hi Mick, thanks for dropping by to share your thoughts with us. The majority of them are scams no doubt however there are some really good programs out there but finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack. I myself have spent thousands on programs just to find the one that works because I knew people were making money online. And the best way to riches from the internet is by following someone else that succeeded. Which kinda leaves us with what you said Mick, “it’s something we all have to go through”.

      The only difference would be is if you came across one of my articles and spent the time to learn from me. This will quickly lead you to a program that works, allowing you to learn faster and at the lowest cost.
      And today things have not changed, I still recommend my Top Recommended Program here for the above reasons.

      You can check it out and even give it a try for free. If you have any questions I will happy to answer them for you.
      Thanks for your comment Mick, I appreciate it.
      All the best to you.


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