The Cash Money Sites Review – Another Scam!

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Here’s another program advertising you can make a lot of money by doing nothing. Here is The Cash Money Sites Review detailing what to expect from this program.

First, I want you to know that I am not associated with Cash Money Sites in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program then keep reading as I expose the truth.

You are about to learn some of the nasty tricks these scammers are using today to grab your hard-earned cash.

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product prior to purchasing it. This is a great step in avoiding scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

In this review, I will be going over what to expect from Cash Money Sites and the chances of you making money with it.

OK, here we go…

Cash Money Sites Program

The Cash Money Sites - elder man making money from laptop

Owner: Josh or Jason Jordan or Mark Adams

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Cost: $37 plus upsells


The Cash Money Site states they will provide you with a Cash Website that will generate a flow of $1000 a day. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything to receive it.

Just to be clear so there’s no confusion, the Cash Money Sites is not the same as Cash Money Loan sites like

Cash Money Sites claim everything is already done for you and all you have to do is sign up today to start receiving an income. And the cost to join this passive income stream is only $37.

I don’t know about you but this sounds great to me, now if it was only true…

Wouldn’t we all love a wonderful income stream without lifting a finger to earn it?

As soon as I went to learn a little about the creator I ran into a wall.

I couldn’t find a damn thing about who the real creator was and the only names I have come across associated with this program are Josh, Jason Jordan or Mark Adams. And I am pretty sure none of these names are even close to the original creator of this program which of course… you got it,  raises a red flag immediately.

Before I could even discover the value of the product and what they had for me I already felt like it was a scam because of the high income for doing nothing and no real person claiming this program.


What Is Cash Money Sites Really About?

When you first watch their video by Jason and Mark (may not be their real names) it comes across as one of those videos that talk a lot about nothing. Seriously, they go on and on but don’t tell you anything.

They talk a lot about this autopilot program that is going to bring in all this money to you but don’t explain anything about it except that it’s affiliate marketing and claim it will provide you with a huge profit on autopilot that even acquires it’s own traffic.

The video is meant to keep you in suspense and play on your emotions to make you buy.

I feel I need to clear something up here first before moving on…

Affiliate Marketing is very real and a lot of people are making a lot of legit money with it ok. Done right you can easily make $2000 – $5000 a month just with affiliate marketing which a lot of people are doing it and are very successful with customers that come back every week to view their content.

Don’t let these scammers make you think that all affiliate marketers are doing what these jokers are trying to do, because they are not.

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product for them. If it sells then you get a commission on the sale. Commissions can vary between a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars per sale.

It’s promoting the product that becomes the difficult part. I say difficult because you have to learn how to advertise the product to a lot of people at a low cost so it doesn’t eat up all your profits.

OK, Let’s keep going…

To me, Cash Money Sites are making huge money claims that are not possible in the affiliate world. There is no magic program where you sign up and all the money just comes flowing in. This is another red flag to me.

The Cash Money Sites - Affiliate Dashboard

A legit training program takes time to learn and apply the skills you have learned.

When they claim that my website that I don’t own yet just made $135 and is waiting for me to take over is BS. This was just another huge RED FLAG.

I say to them, “If my account already has $135 in it then use that to pay for the scam.”

This is not the first site that is so bold in their claims. There are several other sites that sound and look similar to this one.

Cash Money Sites TrainingThe Cash Money Sites - Cash Money Sites Training

If everything is already done for you then I would guess there would be no or very little training involved, right?

Once you pay the $47 you are given access to your website and all the content that you will need. The content is everything that you will need to cover every possible niche you can think of. Landing pages, newsletters and ads. You are also given some themes and affiliate links to use.

Ok, sounds great however it turns out that the content they give you to use is PLR. They are providing PLR or private label rights content which is the same stuff that anyone can use for whatever they choose. PLR’s are never a good choice to use when promoting products.

The BIG question is… will it work?

I mean, after all, that’s what we all what to know right?

Does Cash Money Sites Work?

No! Cash Money Sites does not work, or at least the way they claim it to work.

First: Any new website does not have any traffic on it and therefore will not make any sales for some time. Where is all this traffic suppose to come from is beyond me because a new site does not generate any traffic for some time. It takes time to build up traffic on your website.

Second: A new site is not ranked in Google so Google doesn’t share the site with others to get the traffic and in order to get traffic, you have to get your site ranked in Google first.

Third: The content they give you is duplicated across many sites. Not only from this program but many other programs. Google and search engines don’t like duplicate content and will treat your site accordingly.

Forth reason that it won’t work is that it’s not your own website. The site they give you is a subdomain website which doesn’t get much traffic because of it

And adding affiliate links they provide you to a webpage that has no traffic is pointless.

Soooo, their claim that you will get making money right away is BS.

And of course, if the program shuts down your website and all its content is gone as well.

Website Platform and Hosting

They do give you a platform and hosting website however it’s just a subdomain and therefore is not the correct way to run a website business. You need to have your own domain.

A subdomain website doesn’t get the attention of Google search engines as a regular domain. And therefore won’t get ranked the same either.

Cash Money Sites Paid Actors

Even the testimonials they have on their site are all fake.

This is nothing new, all the scams have paid actors claiming that the program is working great for them.

They are just doing what they enjoy doing and that is acting. They don’t know anything about this program.

Here is a guy claiming how well it’s working for him.The Cash Money Sites Review - cash money sites testimonials

The guy is from Fiverr where anyone can hire him for a few bucks to act out a scene for you. They are given a script to follow, they act it out.

Here is the same guy I found on Fiverr that anyone could hire.

The Cash Money Sites Review - cash money sites hired testimonials from Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular place to go when you want a recording done. It is very professionally done in HD and I have to say they do an excellent job in making it look legit.

If one is fake, guess what, they are all fake so I am not going to bother covering the rest of the actors in this program. In fact, this actor is the same actor that was used in another scam product I did a review on just a few months ago.


Who Can Benefit From Cash Money Sites

I don’t believe anyone will benefit from Cash Money Sites in any way. The only ones going to gain are the creators.

If you are looking to make money online then check out my #1 Review I recommend for anyone getting started. It contains everything to build a real website to make money and even walks you through the steps with very easy and simple terms to follow and it’s FREE to try.

Here’s What I Don’t Like About Cash Money Sites

There are several problems I have with this product:

  1. Outrageous money claims
  2. Unknown creators, they are hiding from their own product
  3. False testimonials from paid actors
  4. The website is hosted on a subdomain
  5. The owners are unknown


Conclusion of Cash Money Sites

The Cash Money Sites Review as you can see clearly exposes the truth about this program.

The program has nothing but Red Flags all over it especially if you compare it to my article on ‘How To Know A Scam‘.

Whoever put this together is not the name in the program because why would they put their real name on a fake product.

I don’t trust anyone that puts false claims on their advertising. If they are dishonest upfront then what do you expect to find inside their program? That’s right dishonesty.

For the above reasons, I DO NOT Recommend Cash Money Sites for anyone.

Are you tired of all the scams out there? Then check out my #1 recommendation for building an online business the right way.

This is the program that works very well for me and you can even try it out for FREE yourself.

Cash Money Sites






Overall quality



  • You do get a product to use
  • Low cost to get started


  • Outrageous Money Claims
  • Fake Owners & Testimonials
  • Just a copy & past program

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4 thoughts on “The Cash Money Sites Review – Another Scam!”

  1. Huh, I can0t remember the exact name of the scam I fell into before but one thing I know, it’s an exact copy of Cash Money Sites. The one that I fell for is probably removed and is now rebranded to Cash Money Sites.

    All in all, the same old same old scam!

    Now that I’m much wiser and know a lot more about affiliate marketing and how it really works, I can see that everything you wrote here about this scam is true. Unfortunatelly, there are a lot of newbies out there who are going to fall for it…

    Your recommendation is indeed the best way to learn about affiliate marketing, start your own affiliate business, and take the road toward a full-time income online! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ivan, much appreciated. More and likely it was the same one with a different name, that’s what they do. When the program runs for a while they may or may not take it down right away and put it up again with a different name. This way when it gets too many complaints they take it down to avoid fines and possible lawsuit. Just changing the name gives them another run for at least a couple of years.

      Yes, as of today, my recommendation is STILL the best training package on the market to learn affiliate marketing and at the lowest cost which has been around for 15 years now and has trained over a million affiliates to become successful.

      They also have a lot of pluses inside that other programs don’t even think of doing. For instance when you make 300 sales you get to fly on their expenses (not like those fake win a trip garbage). They cover your flight and hotel expenses and all you pay for is your meals.
      No other company does this not even the ones that charge you 20 grand to take their course.

      No doubt this is the best training for anyone beginner or experienced, click here to learn more about it.

      Thanks Ivan for dropping by today,
      All the best

      • I completely understand what you’ve said about this scam. I’ve seen it happen too many times so far to know better. Thanks a lot, Rick!

        Wow! The trip and everything you’ve just said about the company sounds fantastic! Who knows, maybe I meet you there one day. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my comment. Much appreciated!

        • Just don’t expect things to happen overnight. It takes time to build trust with Google which is the hardest thing with building a Blog Site. The power comes when Google really starts to deliver your material out. You can always add Google’s Ads on your site as well for some extra income.
          Yes, I will see you there, it may not be this year but it will be if you keep at it and follow the steps outlined.
          You are very welcome, take care.


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