The Million Dollar Replicator Review

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Welcome to The Million Dollar Replicator Review.

I knew right away that this one was going to be an easy one to expose just from the name.

Anyone time you see the word “Replicator” in the product name you can be sure it’s not a legit program.

But hey, let’s have some fun and prove it, this way you get to experience identifying these crooks.

Congrats by the way for taking the action in researching before jumping into the water. This is a great way to avoid scams while searching for a legit way to make money online.

And, you can be sure that I am not associated with this program in any way so you know this is my honest opinion on the product.

I would recommend for you to absorb this entire article so you can gain more knowledge on the subject.

In this program, I will reveal what it’s about, why I don’t recommend it and the chances of you making money with it if you do decide to go for it.

Let’s jump right in…

Million Dollar Replicator Review

Product Name: Million Dollar Replicator

Owner:   Michael Sachs

Product:   Affiliate Marketing Platform

Price:  $37 plus $750 for upsells

Best For:   No One

Summary: This Million Dollar Replicator is supposed to be about learning to become an affiliate marketer however it fails to do that in several areas of importance. They don’t provide any information on the creator of the program. They don’t provide any information on their products and all their testimonials are fake which I will prove.

Recommended:   No Way

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What Is Million Dollar Replicator About?

The very first thing I noticed was that on the home page, there was no information that I could see describing the product or the system they are offering.

This is a huge Red Flag to me because when this happens it indicates that they don’t actually have anything good to offer. In place of it, they will use words to lure you in feeding off your emotions.

You will also notice a statement that this page will disappear by midnight and the count-down timer to confirm it. All the scams will use this technique and in most cases, the page does not disappear.

Yes, it is true that some legit programs will also use this technique however most legit programs do not use it because it’s simply not true.

I have only come across one program where it was a legit program and they said it was a time frame to join or it’s gone and won’t be available again next year, and indeed it was no longer available which was good to see.

Million Dollar Replicator Video Pitch

You are greeted with a video sales pitch instead of the landing page. Scams use this technique because they can get into your head a lot easier this way with no interruptions.

The host is supposed to be the creator which goes by the name Michael Sachs.

He goes on to say that he promises that you will reach your riches quickly with his program even without doing any real work. Now, if you believe that, I am telling you do not spend a dime on any program until you have read my article on How To Know A Scam.

If you do you are in for big trouble, trust me on that.

You will not find a program that will deliver riches to you without putting in your own hard work. That is the truth of the matter.

From ClickBank

This product was from ClickBank but it does seem that it’s no longer available on ClickBank. This could be that they were removed by ClickBank which they should have never added in the first place, or that they went with another company to promote their shady product.

What do ya know, after a few searches I discovered it on another site called ClickbetterLet me tell you this about Clickbetter. First I can’t stand this site and for good reason…

… In hundreds of products they promote on their site, a good 95% or more are SCAMS, just pure garbage. I mean all they are about is scammers promoting scammers.

This Clickbetter site is considered by the good affiliates as the “Reject Shop For Affiliates”. This is the place where all the scammers display their Fake Programs.

That is enough said about that site.

There was a time ago when all you would find on ClickBank was quality products, today I am afraid that is no longer the case. In fact, I even found one of ClickBank’s products that they produced to be a bit on the iffy side which you can read about here.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of good quality products you will find on ClickBank, just be sure to truly check them out before rushing out to spend your hard-earned money.

Stepping Inside Million Dollar Replicator

When I went inside to check it out I quickly discovered my theory of the product was correct for what I found was the typical get rich quick scheme you will find with any scam out there.

If you read my article How To Know A Scam you will quickly spot those tell-tail signs within this program.

Once you go on the inside all you get is this guy that supposes to be the creator or owner (Michael Sachs) which tells you he knows of a system that allowed him to earn millions of dollars with no work involved.

His story is like the typical scammer, who lost his job, couldn’t make ends meet and then he discovered this amazing system.

Once he checked it out and made it work he decided to share it with you. And of course, you are one of the few he chooses to share this secret to so you better take action now for in x number hours it will be gone for even.

That is when you will see the clock ticking down to make you believe it will be gone forever. Of course, if you wait, he surprising gives you another chance after another chance to get it.

However, if you try to leave you will get a popup and offer you it for now at only $17, lucky you right?

May The Real Michael Sachs Stand Up

When I tried to research this fellow called Michael Sachs, I quickly discovered that the real Michael Sachs is a musician, here is his home page.

At a first glance, they even look somewhat alike but they are not the same person. So who was this guy? I know it’s not the real owner because most scams will not reveal their real identity to avoid a lawsuit.

After a little more researching it wasn’t hard to find who this face of a person really was.

He is a random guy you can find on stock photo. Here take a look for yourself…

You also have to ask yourself, why would you hide behind some stock photo if you discovered a million-dollar machine?

The answer is, he didn’t and he is an unknown person that is out to steal your hard-earned cash.

Million Dollar Replicator program

For the program side of things, well you can expect the same BS as is the owner, fake.

Even most of the fake programs out there would have some kind of cheap version of a program to make it look legit.

No sir, not this one…

…there is nothing inside of the training area. Nothing even about affiliate marketing.

I mean what were they thinking, this is the laziest scam I have ever seen. All they did was put on the front to get you in and wham, take your money.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is stuff there like testimonials of people making it rich using this system.

There is no proof of that of course and those testimonials always turn out to be just fake ones.

Million Dollar Replicator Paid Actors

Those students in the video claiming that they made all this money are not students at all.

They are paid actors who perform for you by saying anything you want them to say.

They are getting paid to act which they don’t care what they do for an acting job as long as they get paid for it.

Here’s a side by side photo of both their images:

Once you find one lie inside a program, it doesn’t take long before you will find another and another with these fake programs.

They will never be able to show their face for fear of a lawsuit and they will never find real testimonials for no one can make money with it.

What Million Dollar Replicator Costs To Join

To join it will cost $37 and then you will be introduced to the upsells with no delay.

The upsells will cost hundreds of dollars depending on how many you buy before giving up because there is no money to be made with it.

Even the upsells do not give any information about their product so it’s just a continuous cycle of buying into an unknown product based on what they say you will make.

Who Can Benefit From Million Dollar Replicator?

No one can benefit from this scam.

Sadly to say Million Dollar Replicator is not designed to make you money but to take your money.

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What I Don’t Like About Million Dollar Replicator

I don’t like everything about it from:

  • Fake owner
  • Fake earning claims
  • The upsells
  • There is no product
  • Countdown timer
  • Limited slots available
  • Fake testimonials
  • No information on the upsells
  • Fake refund policy
  • and everything else in between

It is nothing but a Get Rich Quick Scheme

How I Make A Living Online

I hope The Million Dollar Replicator Review opened your eyes to what you are dealing with when it comes to finding a program to make money online with.

After 4 years now I can tell you that this is not the only BS program out there waiting for the unknown or unweary to come along so they can lure you in like a trap.

After struggling for some time to find a legit program I decided to create a website to inform and educate others of these scams and help to point others in the right direction or program that will work for them.

Not all programs will work for everyone however the first thing you need to learn is the basics of affiliate marketing.

From there you can start making money and then branch out to other areas if you feel like it or just stay where you are and keep growing.

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6 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Replicator Review”

  1. It seems like the Million Dollar Replicator program is another program I should stay far away from. Thanks for the heads up, Richard! Your reviews have been very good. I love that you go in-depth and find how many of these programs are using paid actors and fake identities. I agree that using fake identities and paid actors are often major red flags.

    • Good day Kevin, thanks for leaving your comment today. For sure I would recommend staying clear of this one.

      The first thing I check for is to see if the owner is real or not. Sometimes they won’t even put the full name there which is a sure sign that this will be a scam. But yeah, after that I will confirm it by proving the testimonials are all fake as well.

      I am glad you find value in my reviews Kevin.

      What I recommend to beginners is to check out my Top Recommended Program here. This one has all the information you will need and the training is laid out in a perfect step-by-step sequence you can’t go wrong.
      Just follow through with all the steps and you will have a full-function online website before long.

      The above link will also get you a 59% discount on the first month so be sure to use it. You can still enjoy their free membership for 7 days before the link will expire.

      I wish you all the best
      Take care

  2. Thanks for your review and exposing these guys.  Wow that is so shady to just get a stock photo of a fake founder.
    I am glad it has been pulled off ClickBank – this is already a low reputation marketplace for all the low quality products on offer there.

    I wonder is the Million Dollar Replicator even for sale anymore?  Clickbetter you mentioned…This sounds really dodgy, thanks for the warning and we had better not waste time on that marketplace.

    What a complete scam, the people behind this use fake everything just to take your money.  Thank you for exposing the truth about this system/scam so that hopefully more people will read your review and save their hard earned money.

    • Hi John, thanks for dropping by. I agree, Clickbank is putting out some nasty products lately. One has to be very careful about what they are going to promote because there is a lot there that can ruin your reputation very quickly.

      You may be right, it may have been taken down by now but there are pages still floating around about it and when I searched for the google words they are still getting searched. The big thing is to learn the tricks that these crooks are using to catch us. Once we know their scheme we can dodge the bullet and stay clear.

      You are very welcome John, yes they use everything fake. Perhaps their own mother is fake too.

      Well, I am hoping to get the word out but I know I won’t reach everyone in time.

      Thanks for your comment John

      Take care now

  3. Hi Richard. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Replicator platform but looking on your review its clearly a scum. There are so many legit opportunities online (like wealthy affiliate) that there is no reason to waste money and time for this one. Thank you for warning!

    • So glad you could drop by and leave a comment Cogito, I appreciate it. Congratulations in getting started with your own online business, there will be lots of learning curves so remember to take everything as a learning lesson.

      I am pleased to see you gave Wealthy Affiliate a try, if you are serious about making money online than be sure to sign up and tape into the rest of the lessons. 

      This will be the only program you will have to use to get making money online. Don’t fall for any other shiny object because none of the others are as good or as easy to making money online as Wealthy Affiliate.

      The above link will get you the first month for only $19 which is a 59% discount.

      You are very welcome my friend,

      I wish you all the best on your new journey.

      P.S. Remember, stick with it and you will make it.


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