What Is Cash Sniper About?

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As promised from my last review, here is my review on What Is Cash Sniper About.

While researching my last review on ShareCash I had come across Cash Sniper which I knew I just had to do a review on it as well because just with the name I can tell it was not going to be a product people should be getting involved in.

Just so you know this is an honest review I am not associated with Cash Sniper in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this program then keep reading as I reveal the truth about this program.

Hi, I’m Richard, after getting burned too many times from scams online I decided to take action and fight back by researching the make money programs online and to share with you the truth about them and whether they are legit or not.

In fact, in the next few minutes, you’re about to learn some nasty tricks that these scammers are using to steal money from people.

Congrats by the way for taking the action to research the product before purchasing it.

This is a great step in avoiding getting burned by the many scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on How To Know A Scam, this will help you spot most of the scams out there with ease.

So, in this review I will go over:

  • what to expect from ShareCash
  • the chances of anyone making money with it
  • the pros as well as the cons

OK, let’s get started…

Cash Sniper Program

Owner: Ray Pickard(real owner unknown)What Is Cash Sniper About? - cash sniper logo

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Cost: $9 with upsells


Cash Sniper claims you can make thousands of dollars using their specially formulated system.

If you read my article on How To Know a Scam you would immediately see a Red Flag here.

Of course, we have to prove it right? So let’s just do that.

The owner or creator’s name appears very vaguely in the product and when you research the name it doesn’t come up anywhere else. This is another huge Red Flag to me and should be to you as well because those that hide their name indicate SCAM all over it.

Throughout the pitch, he mentions he is a millionaire and a bunch of other things however because it’s not his real name it doesn’t mean anything. Besides anyone can claim those things if you enjoy lying to people.

Another big Red Flag you see in this product is that:

  1. it’s all about pumping you up with fictitious facts about him, how much money he has or made
  2. his proof of how much money is not proven in any way. anyone can create a fake check.

At this point, I think it’s pretty clear that…

you will NOT make any money with this program.

Let’s just continue to uncover the full truth about this shady program and I will also share with you a legit training program that you can actually make money with for real.

So how does Cash Sniper Work?

That’s a good question…

After watching their video’s I couldn’t get what it is that is supposed to make us all rich.

Even the testimonials were vague and seemed to be reading from a script handed to them like an actor.

So, as you can see they don’t even reveal what it is you are supposed to do to make money except it’s their special system.

Special systems don’t make you money, there must be a product to sell. And from all the reviews I have done that were scams, most of them just get you to sell the product for them as in the last review I did on the ShareCash scheme.

If you don’t know how you are supposed to make money with the program then why get involved in it? Because they pump you up on the emotion of making all that money without explaining how it’s supposed to work.

They sell you on your emotion.

How Does Cash Sniper Work

I am glad you asked.

First, let’s get this straight…

…Cash Sniper is nothing but a SCAM that the creators put together to steal your hard-earned cash to make them rich, not you. You will not make the money they claim you will with this program.

They get you in the door by offering you a huge way to make money for just $9 bucks however once you are in you are then upsell another product that costs more and then another and another until you buy or finally give up.

No, you don’t get your money back either, that’s another part of the whole scam thing.

After you pay the $9 bucks you are taken to a landing page that looks like this…

What Is Cash Sniper About? - landing page

On the left side of the screen you will see four menu items:

  1. Cash Sniper Main Guide
  2. Cash Sniper Secret Method
  3. Cash Sniper X
  4. Cash Sniper Profits Booster

The biggest disappointment you get is when you click on the menu items to access the training. All that happens is you are given a link to download a 24 pg PDF explaining the basics of how affiliate marketing works and that’s all. No magic secret sauce, no secret software to bring in all that money they promised and not even a formula.

All you get is the same information you can find online for free. In fact, save your money, go read some of my articles and you will gain more from my articles than you would from this special program that supposes to make you rich overnight.

Why not start with ‘How To Know A Scam‘.

That is if you got to view it because the very first thing they do is offer you the first upsell to a system called ‘Internet Jetset System’ that was created by John Crestani.

As you would expect it has its own monthly membership and even its own upsells. Yeah, I bet you didn’t expect that, did you?

All these scams do is offer you the world and deliver basic information for the money. They then offer you someone else’s products that cost’s even more if you purchase the upsells this guy will get a cut from that program as well. And the cycle continues…

Some of the upsells can go into the hundreds or even thousands so be careful of what you get into.

Hey, good thing you came across my article.

What about all those TestimonialsWhat Is Cash Sniper About? - testimonal

I hate to be the one to share the bad news but all those testimonials are fake.

The photos are just stock photos from Shutterstock or another place like that where you can buy photos.

And the video testimonials are paid actors as I have mentioned in previous reviews. The actors are from Fiverr which you can hire to do a video for you for a sum of money. All you have to do is give them what you want to say called a script and they will do it.

One of the testimonials photo you see on the right here>>>

If you go to Fiverr you will find his photo there offering his services.

All the fake or scam programs use Fiverr for their testimonials, most people don’t even know Fiverr even exists.

They do a good job and convinces people that it’s real, sad to say it’s not.

The real sad thing is that making money online is real and these shady programs are making affiliate marketing look bad.

Hey, I am doing my part by exposing as many as I can get my hands on.

Just keep in mind there are real programs to learn from however there are a lot more scams than the legit ones out there.

Who Can Benefit From Cash Sniper

I think it’s pretty clear that the only ones who benefit from Cash Sniper is the creators themselves.

ShareCash is a scam and should be avoided.

If you sign up for this you are just throwing your money away.


I believe my review on What Is Cash Sniper About is pretty clear would you say?

Based on everything I have mentioned in this review…

… Cash Sniper is just another one of those typical SCAMS you will find that promise the world and deliver nothing.

The Pros of Cash Sniper:

  • It only costs you $9 bucks to find out the truth.
  • Other than that there is no Pro’s to this program

The Cons of Cash Sniper:

  • the first thing is the unrealistic claims to lure people into it
  • fake testimonials from paid actors
  • fake contact information
  • fake proofs
  • unknown owners which are typical of scams

I don’t know about you but I don’t trust anyone that puts false claims on their advertising. If they are dishonest upfront then what do you expect to find inside their program? That’s right dishonesty.

Are you tired of all the scams out there? then check out my #1 recommendation for building a legit online business the right way.

This is the program that works very well for me and you can even try it out for FREE yourself. You will quickly realize the difference between scams and real legit money making online training program for the beginner.

Don’t fall for the fake programs, sometimes it’s very hard to tell the bad ones from the few good ones when you’re just starting.

There are plenty of articles on my website that can be very informative while learning the ropes of online marketing. It will be worth your time to check some of them out.

I would love to know if you found my review helpful and informative, please leave your comments or questions below.

Cash Sniper






Overall quality



  • Very low price


  • Unrealistic claims
  • Unknown creator
  • Everything is fake

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2 thoughts on “What Is Cash Sniper About?”

  1. I purchased Cash Sniper a few months ago out of curiosity. I wanted to see what it is inside that is supposed to make us all filthy rich. And surprise surprise, there was nothing, absolutely nothing. All I got were a few PDF scripts that talk about affiliate marketing. But as you pointed out, I recognized the face of John Crestani. In my opinion, someone is tricking people with Cash Sniper to register for Crestani’s webinar where he promotes Super Affiliate System, which is a legit training course, by the way. But Cash Sniper is a class A scam. The only good thing about it is that I got my refund with no hickups. Unlike those bastards from WarriorPlus, ClickBetter and ClickBank scams at least respect the refund policy. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Those of you reading this review, stay away from Cash Sniper and other ClickBetter products. Save you time and money and go for Rick’s recommendation.

    • Sorry I didn’t’ write my review sooner for you to read before you got scammed. It’s pretty easy to fall for a scam because they simply have no respect in others and lie about everything to get your money and then walk away from you.
      Yes, there are a lot of them that don’t refund even though they say they would. And with ClickBank, I am very surprised they have so many scams in their system now when they first started out they would research the products themselves to avoid scams in their system but today, well, even their own products are shady as I pointed out in another review on their training CB University.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment Ivan I appreciate it.
      All the best


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