What Is Perpetual Income 365 About? Scam or legit?

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Welcome to my review on What Is Perpetual Income 365 About? Is it a scam or what? That’s what I want to know and I am sure you do too.

Someone had mentioned in one of my past articles if I ever heard of Perpetual Income 365 and I had to honestly say that I did not at the time.

So I set out to find out what I could about this program and decided to do a review on it. Today I can say I do know something about PI 365 and you would be surprised at what I found out…

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it. This is a great step in avoiding scams while searching for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on “How To Know A Scam” here, this will help you spot most of the scams out there. There are plenty of other articles on my site you may find helpful in learning about online marketing.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from Perpetual Income 365 and the chances of you making money with it.

Let’s get started…

Perpetual Income 365 Program

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - logo on a computer screen

Owner: Shawn Josiah

Product: Affiliate Marketing

Cost: $47 plus upsells

This is a program that teaches you to make money online using an email marketing system with everything done for you. It was created by Shawn Josiah which is no newbie when it comes to making money online.

Just like some of the other products I have reviewed in the past with email marketing it relies on paid traffic advertising:

  1. Solo Ads or
  2. Cost Per Click (CPC)
What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - CB award to Shawn Josiah

However, his system focuses on the recurring income concept.

It appears that Shawn has done his research into the affiliate marketing world and has come up with a very unique system. He spent his time learning the algorithm used by other companies like Netflix and applied it to his own.

He promised that if you use his concept correctly as his training teaches, you can increase your profit by over 200 percent. According to many of his students, they are seeing the results before they even finished the course.

I was very impressed with his results, to say the least. According to Clickbank, he is nailing it as one of the top sellers of affiliate products with them leaving no question to the value of his product.

What’s Under The Hood

At first glance with Perpetual Income 365, I took it as another one of those get rich quick schemes and though it wasn’t going to take long to figure this one out.

Boy was I wrong…

I signed up for more info which takes you to the landing page.

When I got to the landing page I was faced with the typical landing page ad on how you can make X amount of money but it doesn’t say anything on how fast you will make it. This was good to see because most scams will say something like, you will make money in 2 days, or tonight etc which is all fake of course.

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - secret algorithm

Of course, it has the rush to purchase statement at the top, ‘expires on such a date‘. I don’t like these tricks but they are more annoying than anything else and it’s quite normal to see it.

The landing page was clean in that there was no statement stating, “you will make X amount of money in Y time“. These types of statements scream RUN as fast as you can but like I said this one does not have it and I didn’t see anything wrong with the program up to now. Yes, this did surprise me.

Now on to the video…

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - servers

When you first watch the video of a slideshow it comes across as a very cheesy comic book. I found it to be very annoying and had a hard time watching it… maybe it was just me.

Thank goodness it only lasted a couple of minutes.

Then the slide show continued to talk about how much he made on click bank. When I checked out his stats on ClickBank to confirm, it did turn out to be correct, he made over $500 in one year as an affiliate on Clickbank. Very impressive I must say.

Then he continues to talk about the loophole within the servers. Here is a snapshot of the video showing the servers to the right>>.

The promotional video on the landing page claims that you will learn how to tap into the science behind Netflix’s recurring business model and use it to make a recurring monthly income for yourself.

He continues to explain how Netflix has a certain way of marketing to users that work to get them to sign up for recurring payments.

No doubt recurring payments are where the money is at.

The video only lasted 10 minutes and covered some very interesting points about affiliate marketing in a slightly twisted way.

Perpetual Income Training

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - Perpetual Income 365 trainingPerpetual Income is a Done For You email marketing training program to become an affiliate marketer. You sign up for products on product suppliers like ClickBank (for free) to promote using email via an email marketing software like Getresponse.

The emails are already done for you and you just put them into the autoresponder of your choice which will automatically send them out on the correct day and time for you.

The training videos are well put together and very easy to follow along. I can say one thing for sure about his training…

… it does not leave you hanging, everything is covered well and in a logical order. You will never be left wondering what it’s about or where to go next like many training programs out there.

Done For You

The done for you is where they have 30 days of campaigns set up for you. All the landing pages are done for you and once set up it just keeps running. The same with the emails already created for you. You just plug them into your autoresponder and the system does the rest.

They do have upsells which in this case is not a bad thing because you can sign up to try it out for the very low cost and see if it works out for you. This will only get you 2 out of the 7 available landing page styles to choose from but that is plenty when starting.

For the startup price that is a very good deal.

Once the money starts to flow in you can decide to go for the upgrade and have access to the other 5 landing pages. You only need one landing page to make it big so with 7 you can have a lot of fun with this.

Where’s The Traffic?

The 365 Traffic Crusher is the section that teaches you to generate traffic for your landing page. Without the traffic, a landing page is of no use.

The 3 training videos which lasted about an hour explain everything you need to know about solo and paid ads. Of course, these types of ads do cost money to buy however if done right they can also mean faster profits.

At the same time, you will have to budget for paid advertising at least until you start the money machine rolling which will take a minimum of 2 months.

I would suggest budgeting for 6 months of no profit coming in just to be on the safe side which is a standard in any business.

Cost To Get Started with Perpetual Income 365?

To get started you sign up on the landing page and click on the signup button.

Once you signed up there will be a monthly fee of $47.

The part that they don’t mention is that you also need to purchase other software to use with this training and to run your business. It’s software that helps with building your landing page and handling the email which you have to purchase from another source.

  • Autoresponder
  • Solo Ad Traffic

The good news is GetResponse (autoresponder) has a 30 day free trial with only a $12 monthly fee thereafter.

Solo Ad Traffic can cost anywhere from $50 and up depending on how big of a list and how fast you want to build your business. You can always start small and buy a bigger list when the money starts to flow.

You can also use Facebook advertising or any free advertising if you already have a website established.

So the minimum cost to get started with Perpetual Income 365 would be $100 a month. Once you start the money flowing into your bank account you can quickly offset this cost and upscale from there by buying a bigger list.

About the Perpetual Income Upsells

The landing page mentions the upsells they have which you can purchase at an extra cost to enhance your experience.

  1. Perpetual Asset ($127) This upgrade will give you 5 more landing pages which you can try perhaps once some money starts to flow in.
  2. 5 Clicks Profit Activator ($197) This upgrade will give you the ability to make your landing pages stand out from the competition. It allows you to customize the pages with:
    1. banners
    2. visitors country flags
    3. visitor tracking
    4. ‘x number of spots available’ message
  3. Email ATM ($297) This upgrade will allow you to automatically re-write email swipes with content Fountain. You will also have a Spambox Filter to cloak your links so your email messages don’t go into the spam folder.

The Community

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - Perpetual Income Community

The training has a good support team. First, you contact support with a 48 hour response time. It’s not as good as the higher quality training programs however you will get support.

They also have a Facebook group where you can talk to other members and request help or even help others when you gain the experience. The group seems to be in good spirits with about 60 percent needing help. This is a great place where like-minded entrepreneurs can share ideas and help each other to grow.

To me having a community is vital to the success of the members and you should get involved in the group.

Who Can Benefit From Perpetual Income 365?

This training program is designed with the beginner in mind and to give them an edge in the online business by teaching them to make money with the least amount of training and involvement.

No doubt if you already have a website or knowledge in affiliate marketing then you would fly through this program very fast and will more and likely start to see profits before long.

What Is Perpetual Income 365 About - Perpetual Income 365 Guarantee


They do have a 60-day money-back guarantee which is a straightforward refund. There are not too many programs out there that have such a quality refund of your money and it’s even for 60 days. How can you go wrong with this one?

What I don’t like about Perpetual Income 365

This is already done for you so you don’t get to learn how to do it. It’s great for anyone just starting because it will give them the potential to earn faster however they won’t learn how to do it so more and likely they would have to take another course to brush up on those skills.

The already done for you will also create a lot of ads that are the same which the search engines don’t like and end up not getting the exposure you’re looking for.

Another big turn off for me is that they talk about the algorithm they are using. Sorry but there is no algorithm and never will be. Their methods are simple and nothing new to it. You will be doing the same thing all other affiliates will be doing is just that this one is done for you.

Another one that bothers me is the Fake Testimonials they are using which are just hired, actors that you can hire for very cheap off places like Fiverr. I covered the Fake Testimonials in a lot of other articles so I won’t repeat it here.

What I do like about Perpetual Income 365

I love the free email swipes, especially with 31 days of them. This saves a lot of time writing emails, trust me I have written hundreds of emails and having 31 to start your business off with is good.

Another great time-saver is the already done for your Landing pages. Again, this is another area where you could spend days just getting one landing page setup.

I also like the low cost of the program which makes it very affordable for anyone to get started and make money sooner. This is the biggest downfall for many newbies, they get started and if they don’t make any money in the first 6 to 8 months they quit. With this program, they can make money sooner which will help them to stick with it.


Let’s recap What Is Perpetual Income 365 About?

First, they do actually have a training program they offer for your money.

They also have good support along with a Facebook Group if you run into any problems. A community group is essential to the success of anyone starting out because it’s a great place where everyone can share their experiences and get help. The group is not the best however there are some very knowledgeable people in the group.

They also have good Guarantees.

For these reasons, I would say that Perpetual Income 365 is not a scam and in fact, is a good program for those that are looking for everything done for them.

You can learn to make money with it in a very short time frame however don’t expect the full meal deal here. You will eventually want to learn more and will no doubt have to search for other training packages to fill in the gap where this one leaves out.

This is not the program I would recommend for the beginner that is looking to learn everything they can about online marketing.

If you are looking for a legit training program for the newbie that doesn’t cost a fortune then go check out my review on #1 recommendation for building an online business the right way.

This one is worth checking out if you are serious about becoming an online marketer. This is the one I have and still am using to build my websites. They truly do cover everything you need and at an affordable price.

Perpetual Income 365






Overall quality



  • Low Startup Cost
  • Easy To Learn
  • Already Done For You


  • Have Upsells
  • Will Need More Training
  • Saturation With Landing Pages

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4 thoughts on “What Is Perpetual Income 365 About? Scam or legit?”

  1. Perpetual income 365 certainly sounds like a good program, especially as you get ready made landing pages and emails. I agree, it could save time as creating them is time consuming. However, I also agree that it’s not the best program for newbies or those on a tight budget. Solo ads can be very expensive and there’s no guarantee they’ll convert into sales. Your recommendation offers comprehensive training covering every area of affiliate marketing. This I feel is a far better option for those starting out. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thank you for leaving a comment Kathy I appreciate it. Yes, it does sound like a good program until you dig deeper and compare it to Wealthy Affiliate which as you stated is much more comprehensive with a much higher success rate. They do cover a large area putting most of the training in building your webpage up over time. Nothing happens overnight and it takes time for a site to start getting the FREE Traffic but it will come. They don’t just up and leave you either, they stick with you all the way to completion and continue to give you advice and training as you become better. In other words, they fully commit to your business. However, they don’t cover FaceBook advertising or solo ads because they don’t believe that is the best path to making money online.

      Thank you for dropping by Kathy
      Take care

  2. A good article Richard – thanks for sharing.

    I also took a look at their site but in truth as soon as I saw that bright orange ‘secret algorithm’ sign with arrows I simply clicked off the site. They could really do a bit of work on their lead page as it looks a little tacky to me.

    There are a whole bunch of email and related marketing campaigns and offers out there so sifting through the mud to find the gems can be very challenging. The fact that this one only really partly walks you down the aisle with a need to do further training would probably put me off I think.

    You have shared some good info though and another one researched for us all – thanks.

    • Thanks for dropping by Jason. Yes, I would have to agree with you. As I mentioned it is more suited towards those that are looking for a program that they have to do very little with it. If you are serious about learning how to become an affiliate marketer then you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. They cover everything you need to know and you can also get to try it out for Free. As an added bonus if you click on the supplied link you will also get 60% off in the first month when you do decide to join.

      I am pleased you enjoyed my article and found it useful. I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment Jason,
      Thank you


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