What Is The Profit Shortcut About?

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Welcome to What Is ‘The Profits Shortcut’ About, my personal review.

Well, I can tell you that it’s not about profits and I will explain why that is so below.

This product tries to make it sound like they have found some shortcut to making money online without having to do anything.

There is no “shortcut” to making money online and this is the biggest RED FLAG about this product.

I will go through The Profit Shortcut program to show you why you will never make money with it.

But first, I want you to know I am not associated with The Profit Shortcut in any way. If you are looking for an honest opinion on this training program then keep reading as I reveal the truth.

Congrats by the way for taking the time to research the product before purchasing it. This is a great step in avoiding scams while you search for a legit program to make money online.

You can read my article on “How To Know A Scam” here, this will help you in recognizing most of the scams out there.

So, in this review, I will go over what to expect from The Profit Shortcut and the chances of you making money with it.

Ok, let’s get started…

What Is The Profit Shortcut About? - Discover the secret to $500 per day

The Profit Shortcut

Owner:   unknown   (big Red Flag)

Product:   Affiliate Marketing

Cost:     $37 plus upsells

Best For:    This is not beneficial for anyone


Quick Summary: This product is supposed to be a program that you can use to make money. The problem (as you will see below) it does not contain any useful information in it to make money with. All this program does is steers you towards other products for you to buy. Even the disclaimer at the bottom of their main ad page states that you will not make any money with this product. That’s because The Profit Shortcut is not a product but just a gateway to other products.

I do not recommend this product to anyone.

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What Is The Profit Shortcut?

So we know what it’s not and we also know a little of what it does.

Let’s dive a little deeper inside just to see what kinda games they are playing with us.

They start off by claiming that you can make a lot of profits quickly by using their secret shortcut.

They also claim you don’t need any prior experience with online marketing. Ok, so it should be good for beginners then!

When you watch their sales video a beginner would think that this is the real thing because they even provide a ‘done-for-you’ system that will put the whole thing in automation.

Then they talk as if you don’t have to do anything to make money online using this program.

I am here my friend to tell you that this is not true. In fact, it’s far from the truth.

There is no quick secret or shortcut available that will make you money and especially without doing anything.

What it does take to make money online is a little hard work and consistency.

The 3 reasons why people online

There are 3 reasons why folks fail in online marketing:

  1. They get involved with the wrong program
  2. They expect to get rich without putting the work into it
  3. They don’t see any profit right away and give up way too soon

But the biggest reason of them all is:

They chase the money instead of the dream…

…which leads to the top 3 reasons they fail.

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The Profit Shortcut Truth

The truth is that The Profit Shortcut is nothing but a gateway to other products.

When you pay your money you are actually buying into their Super Affiliate Network which is not a product to make money with as you expected.

You may be thinking, “How can this be true, They wouldn’t be able to get away with lying like?”

Sorry, but there is no one out there to stop them.

By the time the Government catches up to them, they would have already made a million or more and then they just take the same program and slap a new name on it and relaunch it.

Have a look… this is there landing page of the Super Affiliate Network.

Do Not search for it, it will only support their product and we don’t want to do that.

What Is The Profit Shortcut About? - 3 weeks to freedom

This ‘super affiliate network’ is the network they created to have people join.

The purpose of this network is to get others to promote their product for them.


The whole goal of the network is to get more leads into their funnel for them.

In other words…

… instead of waiting for people to click on the ad to join their funnel so they can make more money and then offer other shady products to you.

They then get those new people to find others to join for a small profit.

Of course, they do not pay you very much for finding customers for them and is not worth it.

They have a person called Sarah claiming that she has done very well with it but of course she is just a paid actor and never actually made any money with it.

The Profit Shortcut True Cost

So far it’s bad but it gets worse, a lot worse.

This spokesperson Sarah claims that it only costs $37 to join their network.

Once you pay the $37 you are offered several upsells that come to around $1000.

Then later on you are forced to pay another membership fee of $47 and they recommend that you go premium for more benefits that come to a cost of $2000.

And finally, you will get hit with the Maui Intensive Membership that costs… get ready for this…

$12,000 big ones. Yes, you read that right.

They claim that you will make much bigger commissions on all of these upgrades. In fact, they make it look like it’s cheaper to pay more than less because of the commissions you will make by being a higher member.

These are not commissions that you will make. The best you can call it is potential commissions, you have to promote the product to get the commissions.

And of course, you don’t get any commissions until you pay your money upfront.

These are big-time crooks so don’t fall for any of the garbage they claim.

In fact, in their disclaimer, as I already pointed out, it’s very, very unlikely that you will make any money with it.

Remember… they said it was only going to cost $37.

As you can see they lied from the beginning. Here is another banner of there’s, read it carefully. There is no truth about that statement.

What Is The Profit Shortcut About? - most valuable cash producing secret

Can You Make Money With The Profit Shortcut?

Let’s look at it this way…

… they don’t have a real product to sell, and the only way to make money with it is to sell their scam to others. Trust me, not only do you not want to sell it but you will have to pay in so much money just to get to sell their scam.

On top of that, most people will see through their lies and won’t buy into them.

It acts more like a pyramid scheme if you ask me.

So that is definitely not a good thing.

But what about the training?

Their training does not cover anything on becoming an affiliate marketer as they claim at first. It’s just instructions on how to join their system.

And get this…

… the only systems out there that use this kind of training are those that promote a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid Schemes:

  • get you to join by paying a membership
  • get you to sell their system for a commission

In fact, this program looks to be a copy of two other pyramid schemes that were shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. They were:

  • The Digital Altitude
  • My Own Business Education (MOBE)

I don’t have proof of this however but it goes like this, “one of these things looks like the other…”

Paid Actors

Even the testimonials they have on their site are all fake.

They have members claiming how they are so successful but in reality, they are all just paid actors.

They even claim in their disclosure statement that it is very unlikely to make money with this program and that it’s just for informational purposes.

Because they put that in the disclosure statement it helps to protect them from any lawsuit.

Who Can Benefit From The Profit Shortcut

I don’t believe anyone can benefit from this system.

Even if you did make some money with it, it will be short-lived because:

  1. for one, there is no product
  2. and two, I believe they will get shut down before long.

And if they do then whatever money the people have already paid will be lost.

These crooks don’t mind getting shut down, it’s more of an inconvenience to them but nothing more.

If you sign up for this program In my opinion you are throwing your money away.

If you are looking for a legit program to get started online with then click here now.

You won’t be disappointed with this one

The Pro’s


Ok, there is one thing I like about it…

I like the fact that they mention in their disclosure statement that, “It is just for informational purposes and is very unlikely that anyone will make money with it.”

But of course, this is just to protect them from lawsuits.

The Con’s

  • The creator is unknown
  • Has very expensive upsells
  • Not liked by the FTC
  • Fake training program
  • Just a funnel to other programs
  • Very unlikely for anyone to make money with it
  • resembles a pyramid scheme
  • Fake testimonials


What Is The Profit Shortcut About? Well, I said, it’s not about making money.

Is it a SCAM?

I believe that any program that is designed to lure you in to make money with the knowledge that they know you won’t be able to should be considered a SCAM.

However because they do offer a small training package, albeit it’s only used to show you how to use their system, then this would be considered not to be a SCAM in some eyes.

You be the judge.

  • They claim in the disclosure it’s unlikely that anyone will make money with it.
  • Huge upsells to be a part of the network to make huge commissions that don’t exist.
  • It has the same footprint as a pyramid scheme

That should be enough to make anyone run the other way.

For the above reasons, I DO NOT Recommend The Profit Shortcut program.

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Overall Quality



  • They say it's fake in Policy Disclaimer


  • Owner unknown & Fake Testimonials
  • Very expensive to join
  • VERY LOW chance to make money

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Profit Shortcut About?”

  1. Hi and thanks for exposing this. I can only most sincerely hope that anyone reads this article or similar articles before signing up for this – opportunity – I think the euphemistic term is. I know we are all sadly susceptible to scams. Somehow there is something almost irresistible about the charm of the snake oil salesperson. We just want to believe it. It is also incredible how these schemes are structured. At each step of the way, you are asked to pay an even bigger sum than you already have in the vain hope that it will all come good and you will get your money back. But in reality, they are just dragging you in deeper and deeper. Thanks again for sharing this.
    Best regards

    • Hi Andy, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject with us today. I believe that because most of us are honest and have learned to respect each other by not lying, we don’t’ expect anyone especially in business to actually lie to us. And then when the higher prices pop up they still give them the benefit of the doubt another time. True, we also want to believe it’s true as well. All we can do is let others know of these scams and direct them to an honest program like the one I recommend here.

      Thanks for dropping by Andy

  2. Richard,

    That’s one thing that I can’t stand about most of the “money making” secrets out there for sale. They get you in with this low dollar amount, and then as soon as you’ve paid that, they want you to pay more and more to learn what you need. Almost every program out there is the same. They all want extravagant amounts of money.

    What gets me, is that almost every person buying into these “Education” programs are either out of work, or just trying to find another way to make money at home since they can’t count on their jobs. Even in Alaska, we’ve seen over half the businesses shut down this year because of COVID, and the unemployment up here isn’t enough to sustain a lifestyle. Alaska is one of the highest markets to live, alongside Hawaii and Cali and the lowest unemployment.

    It’s just sad that so many people are getting taken advantage of, when they’re just trying to find a means.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll know to stay far away.


    • Good day to you Katrina, all the way from Alaska. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts with us today. Yes, they bring you in with their low low price and once in they pump you up and then through another payment at you. Which of course the program doesn’t work without the upgrade so you are forced to buy.

      The truth is that the majority of those fake programs don’t work anyway but the newbie does not know that which is the problem. Hopefully like your self many will find my reviews and learn about the ‘snake oil’ as a reader below called it.

      The other thing is that these people don’t give a hoot about anyone but themselves. They are crooks and will say and do anything to get your hard-earned cash. If you lose your home or your baby is starving to death they just don’t care.
      Well, I am trying to do something about it and you are another person that is now in the know of this fake product.

      If you are looking to make money online Katrina, go here and sign up for a free account to the Best Money Making program on the internet.
      This is the program that works well for me and thousands of others.

      I wish you all the best my dear
      Take care now


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