What Is the Meaning Of Forgiveness?

  We hear it all the time we should forgive someone but what is the meaning of forgiveness? I remember in Sunday school as a child learning that we need to forgive others. But what does it really mean when they say to forgive someone that has hurt you? And most importantly, how do we forgive … Read more

What Is The Intention Point

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Understanding what is the intention point when trying to utilize the Law of Attraction can mean the difference between successfully manifesting your desires and not. Basically, your intention point is the place where your heart and your mind meet or come together. When you activate your intention point you can begin to manifest from a … Read more

Easter Time New Beginnings

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The arrival of Easter and spring is a very significant event therefore we will explore “Easter Time New Beginnings“. What is the significance and how it can mean different things to many people? Here in Canada, I find that Easter arriving in early spring if very significant and to me, it clearly symbolizes new beginnings. … Read more

What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important?

What Is A Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important?

Welcome to What Is a Positive Attitude and Why Is It Important? Growing up I constantly heard the adults around me saying “You need to have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE“. At the time I remember thinking “what does that even mean”? Now… years later in the business world – it’s all around me again and for good … Read more