What Is Brain Power?

What Is Brain Power? - The Brain

So what is brain power? I grew up hearing things like “Use your brainpower”, or “Stop watching so much tv, you’ll never improve your brainpower that way”. What did they mean? Are there really things we can do to improve our brainpower? Does our brainpower change as we age? As an avid blogger, I needed … Read more

Why Good Mental Health Is Important

Why Good Mental Health Is Important - girl stretching

Globally, we have been battling this COVID pandemic with lockdowns and Social Isolation for way too long and we need to understand why good mental health is important during this time. As humans, we are very social creatures and this isolation is adding many health issues. Many are finding it hard to cope with it … Read more

How Does Exercise Improve Brain Function

How Does Exercise Improve Brain Function - Mom and toddler exercising

Most of us know exercise enhances physical fitness and overall health but how does exercise improve brain function? Throughout the last 100 years or so we have had some incredible advances in technology. Where We Come From We went from getting around either by walking or on horseback or horse-pulled carriages to driving in automobiles, … Read more