Easter Time New Beginnings

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The arrival of Easter and spring is a very significant event therefore we will explore “Easter Time New Beginnings“. What is the significance and how it can mean different things to many people?

Here in Canada, I find that Easter arriving in early spring if very significant and to me, it clearly symbolizes new beginnings.

But what does Easter mean to others?

Let’s take a look but first…

What is Easter?

Easter Time New Beginnings - communion
Holy Communion

As described by Wikipedia, “Easter is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in The New Testament as having occurred on the third day after his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Cavalry.

Today it is celebrated by attending a church service and receiving communion (bread wafers and wine) that is to represent the body and blood of Christ.

Families Typically gather for a celebratory feast and some families colour eggs in beautiful designs.

Some cultures celebrate with Easter parades and a visit from the Easter Bunny to bring treats to children.


Since Easter originated from a spiritual perspective and the fact that it occurs in early spring it seems to be a fitting time for reflection.

As the winter comes to an end, nature is awakening all around us with rebirth.

Easter Time New Beginnings - Flower
Flower emerging from the snow

New leaves budding, grass beginning to grow, flowers beginning to poke through the soil, birds returning from their winter migration and animals give birth to their young are all reminders of the many blessings we have to celebrate.

It seems only fitting then, to take some time for turning our thoughts inward and determining if we are truly where we want to be in life.

Self-reflection allows us to analyze our self so we can grow as an individual.

It is by understanding who we are now and who we’d like to become, that we can identify the steps necessary to achieve that goal.

It is by reflecting on our thoughts and actions in response to world events around us every day that allows us to see what we need to work on.

For example, perhaps you were short and irritable with a work colleague or your spouse or child.

By looking back on that, you may realize that this is not how you would want to be treated, therefore not how you would want to treat others moving forward.

You can then take actions to correct that behaviour such as apologizing to the individual which can go a long way to improving that relationship in the future as long as you actively try to correct that behaviour in the future.

As you can see Self-reflection is a very useful tool we can use to determine the traits or qualities we wish to improve about ourselves.


Out With the Old

Easter Time New Beginnings - Fresh Water
Fresh Water

The promise a new beginning with the arrival of spring and Easter creates the desire to do some major house-cleaning, both literally and figuratively.

Just as the spring rains cleanse the earth, we tend to get busy cleaning out closets, drawers and every little nook and cranny of our homes.

Opening windows on the warmer days to air out the house and replace that dusty old air with fresh air making the whole house seem rejuvenated.

It is also the perfect time for that self-reflection discussed earlier.

Time to re-evaluate our goals and determine if that is still what is important to us or do we need to choose a new path.

Spend some time in personal reflection and carefully take stock of the things we are doing, determine if they still align with who we want to become.

If not then it may be the perfect time to make those adjustments and change our course to be more in alignment with our ultimate goals.

This year the timing couldn’t be better, with the world locked down because of CoVID-19 it is the perfect time to clean both house and mind.


New Beginnings

So now we have taken stock of our life and determined we want to make some changes, what’s next.

Take some time to seriously think about what you want your life to look like once we are no longer in lockdown mode.

Do you want to go back to that job or do you want to start working towards one day not requiring that job?

If that is the case I would suggest creating a plan to start achieving your new goals.

Check out this article called “how to make extra money at home” it just may spark some ideas on how you can transition away from that job if that is something you want or put that little extra in your hands to do the things you always wanted to do but just couldn’t afford it.

  • Get informed of all the possibilities and make a plan.
  • Layout exactly the path you will take in order to achieve your new goals.
  • Write them down and keep them in front of you at all times.
  • Place them by your mirror so you can quickly read them while you are getting ready for the day or preparing for bed at night.
  • Place them on the refrigerator door so can read them frequently throughout the day.
  • Keep them on your desk so you can read them throughout the day and they will help you stay on track thus working more efficiently towards your goals.

Once you have your plan it is time to get busy executing that plan daily.


Staying on Track

Easter Time New Beginnings - Schedule
Easter Time New Beginnings – Schedule

Take little steps daily towards achieving your goals.

Remember it isn’t a sprint – it’s a marathon.

Small steady steps on a consistent basis are what will get you to the finish line.

By keeping a written copy of your goals and your plan of achieving them in front of you will help keep you on track.

If you wander and get side-tracked don’t berate yourself, just get back on track once you realize you have drifted.

Stay positive and believe in your abilities. I firmly believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it Just go after it.

Nobody said it would be easy but it will be worth it.




It seems to me that Easter and spring is the perfect time for some serious housekeeping, both our homes and minds.

By taking careful stock of:

  • what we have
  • what we are doing
  • and what we want to do

will ultimately assist us in achieving our long term goals.

Today is Easter Monday and I will be taking some time to reflect on my own life and creating my plan for the direction my business and my life will take in the coming months and year.

I recommend you do the same.

As the world eventually comes out of lockdown from this virus, I encourage you to take stock of what you want your life to look like moving forward.

Make your plan and read that plan often, it will help keep you on track as you steadily work towards accomplishing your goals.

I wish you every success, my friend. Thanks for dropping by and please leave your comments and questions below, I will respond.

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