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What is a Dream Life - swimming poolIt seems we are constantly bombarded with experts telling us to live our dreams. I don’t know about you but I need to know what is a dream life?

Seriously though, we are all different and enjoy different things. It stands to reason that a Dream Life would look very different for each of us.

I am fortunate in that my husband and I enjoy many of the same activities which work out well for us but there are a few things we each tend to do on our own.

For instance, we both love to travel and experience many adventures together. We love hiking, bicycling, sailing and rock climbing to name a few.

However, he loves scuba diving and I would prefer to read a good book. So he either dives solo or goes with a friend while I use that time to read.

He enjoys playing with his tools and toys in the garage while I love spending time in my vegetable gardens.

My point is how do we know what our dream life is?


Spend some Time Dreaming

When is the last time you dreamed?

No, I don’t mean the dreams we dream at night when we sleep. We don’t have much control over those dreams.

What is a Dream Life - sailing into sunset

I’m talking about daydreams.

When you are frustrated or bored at work what are you dreaming of doing instead? I am also not referring to the many things that got to get done at home either.

What comes to your mind as an enjoyable thing you would enjoy doing? It can be with someone else or not.

When you think about your future, what does that look like?

When I asked myself, that question I realized it had been quite some time since I allowed myself the freedom to just dream.

Why not take some time and just let your mind wander, exploring life’s vast possibilities?

What if you won the lottery, and money was no longer a struggle, ask yourself these questions:

  • where would you live
  • what would you do
  • would you travel
  • for how long
  • who would you spend your time with
  • how would you earn your living
  • is there something you love doing now that maybe you could do on a much larger scale


The reality is the only limit to what you can achieve or pursue is your own imagination.

I grew up being told I could do/be anything I wanted. I think most of us have been told that at some time in our lives.

So why do some of us limit ourselves to narrow thinking or small dreams?

It has been proven that for anything to happen, it has to be a vision first and then a dream of having it.

The simple truth is that the greatest accomplishments began with a dream.

Think about that for a moment.

As humans, we drive cars because Henry Ford dreamed of transportation that was faster than a horse. And then he dreamed that everyone should be able to afford to have a car.

We can fly in airplanes because someone dreamed of flying.

We put a man on the moon because someone had a dream.

Don’t limit yourself to what is, dream about what can be.


Take a Baby Step

What is a Dream Life - baby step

Once you know what you want your life to look like you have two choices.

  1. You can leave it as a dream or
  2. you can take that first baby step to achieve it

Write down those dreams, everything you want to do in your life, everywhere you want to go, and write it all down on paper.

Don’t you find dreaming gets you so motivated you just need to do something, anything just so long as it is propelling you forward? I do.

Just start by taking a close look at that dream

… find one thing you could action right now and get started doing it no matter how small it may be.

Simply choosing the easiest or simplest task on that list will propel you in the right direction.

The thing about baby steps is that they motivate you to take the next step and the next, building momentum and that is where the power of dreams lies.

Here’s a little secret

… Do not procrastinate on that little thing no matter how difficult or how easy it may seem to be.


Seek Advice

It can be pretty challenging and even scary at times to learn to live our dreams. Seek out other people who are living their dreams and ask them for advice.

If someone is doing something you want to do ask them how they got started.

I am quite certain they would love to give you helpful tips.

If you need help, ask for it.

You have the power to make your life incredible. Don’t leave your dream un-lived


Embrace Your Fears

Feeling afraid is human nature. We all experience fear when facing the prospect of something new. We lack the confidence to get started.

You already know people are living their dreams that have discovered ways of overcoming their fears.

Their fears were likely very similar to the very fears that are preventing you from living your dream.

These individuals have learned how to embrace fear rather than letting fear control them.

Learn what fears are holding you back and talk with a successful dream-living friend. Tell them your fears and listen to their response and follow their advice.

Once we push past our greatest fears we will experience our greatest successes.

I can remember when learning rock climbing I had some pretty big fears let me tell you because I was afraid of heights.

There was a test for qualifying as a lead climber in which we had to climb to the top of the wall then jump off the wall and trust our equipment and the person belaying us.

For me, this was a huge challenge and I ended up grasping the other rope that was used for top-rope climbing rather than allowing myself to free-fall a few feet which resulted in having to redo the test.

Once I pushed through my fear I was able to go on to many successful climbs both indoors and outdoors.

What I’m saying is don’t let fear stop you. Instead, let it be the guide to ensure you properly prepare for the task at hand.


Travel the World

What is a Dream Life - travel the world

People from all walks of life, regardless of whether they are single, married, have children or are childless, find ways to travel to different countries.

Seeing other countries and learning about other cultures offers a very different perspective than just staying put.

There will always be people who warn against traveling because of dangerous areas.

Yet many people do travel the world and if traveling is part of your dream start planning your trip.

I realize travel is not possible right now in the middle of a global pandemic but you can certainly plan where you would like to go:

  • What local food or drinks would you love to try?
  • What activities would you do?
  • Are there historical sites or museums you want to visit?
  • maybe art galleries of famous landmarks?


I have discovered that a big part of the fun of traveling is the planning of the trip. It seems I can plan a very different itinerary every time I think of a trip to a certain destination.

This is cool because it means I can go back to that place someday and have a different experience.


What is a dream life is very subjective in that it means different things to different people.

We tend to get so caught up in this business of making a living or doing what is expected of us that we tend to squash our dreams. The truth is we are not supposed to be living for a job, we are supposed to be living our lives.

We all had dreams once, so what happened?

Don’t you think it is time to dust off those dreams and take some time to cherish them again?

During this time of isolation, it was great to take stock and re-evaluate my dreams.

I realized that I am living my dreams every day.

Naturally, some parts had to be put on hold until the world opens up again but that is OK.

I know I will travel again, I will spend time with family and friends doing all the things we love.

In the meantime, I get the fun of checking out places online and deciding where I will go and for how long.

The beauty of my life is that as a full-time blogger, I can work from anywhere there is the internet so when I travel I am not limited by time constraints as to when I had a traditional job.

This means that when my husband and I decide we want to live aboard our sailboat for a while we can, we just need to head into port for some WiFi service and then head out on adventures again.

If the blogging lifestyle appeals to you, check out Wealthy Affiliate here.

Let me know what your dream life looks like in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “What Is A Dream Life”

  1. Hello – what a great reminder to dream in these times. I love that you have reminded me to actually start writing in my journal, it’s such a great way to work out what is troubling me, or to plan my next adventure. Experts in business are always saying to write down your goals, this weeks, this months, today’s goals. This is a great reminder that we all should be making goals and taking baby steps to reach them. Like you said talk to a expert, your friends or family for help with what you want to achieve. I’ll be in my journal dreaming of my next adventure, thank you for your really good reminder.

    • You are very welcome Nancy, I am pleased you found my article helpful. Yes, it seems people don’t dream these days which is the biggest cause of getting stuck in a rut with no way out. Our dreams are the gateway to the road ahead and for that reason alone we should be writing them down so we can keep them fresh in our minds. What’s in our minds is what becomes our reality.

      Thank you Nancy for dropping by,
      All the best


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