Why it’s important to be happy

Why it's important to be happy - beautiful girl dancing on the trail

Do you know why it’s important to be happy? Sure, we know we prefer to be happy right? Or do we? As a child, I sometimes heard about people leaving jobs or relationships because they “weren’t happy.” What did they mean? It’s just a job so why not just keep doing it? Don’t you need … Read more

Thankful vs Grateful

Thankful vs Grateful - Thankful

Thankful vs grateful, is there a difference? We often use these words when expressing the benefits we receive in life but I believe many don’t fully understand the difference between the two. We are fast approaching our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and it really got me thinking how thankful I am for a lot of people … Read more

What Is The Intention Point

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Understanding what is the intention point when trying to utilize the Law of Attraction can mean the difference between successfully manifesting your desires and not. Basically, your intention point is the place where your heart and your mind meet or come together. When you activate your intention point you can begin to manifest from a … Read more

What Is A Dream Life

What is a Dream Life - dreaming

It seems we are constantly bombarded with experts telling us to live our dreams. I don’t know about you but I need to know what is a dream life? Seriously though, we are all different and enjoy different things. It stands to reason that a Dream Life would look very different for each of us. … Read more